Monday, 7 June 2021

 This weeks offerings:

Sunday 13th June

CS-CHE CL35 N/S d0837 NJE693R to Nice

G-BSVP PA27 a1145 d1638 Elstree/ First Visit

D-ISLT C525 a1326 d1419 AWU913K Bologna/

G-NJAC C56X a1346 NJE755Y from Leeds East

**G-LCYN E190 ETA1915 ETD1950 CFE4473/4472**

Saturday 12th June

G-PHKA PC12 a1233 from Jersey

CS-CHE CL35 a1414 N/S NJE509W from Dublin

D-IKBO C525 a1707 d1749 Lille/Santiago

2-NAOM EA50 a1806 from Nice

Friday 11th June

CS-LAU C68A a0724 d0914 NJE670U/372D Manchester/Palma

G-SMMB F406 a1202 WDG65 from Inverness 

G-WCCP BE20 VOR hold 1414 Doncaster/Doncaster

G-AZUM  C172 A1515 from Fowlmere

2-NAOM EA50 a1605 d1736  Guernsey/Farnborough 

Thursday 10th June

G-MAJT J41 a1704 EZE041P from Aberdeen

G-MAJB J41 d1751 EZE042P to Humberside

G-HNPN E55P a1901 N/S CLF450S from Palma

Wednesday 9th June

D-IHKW C525 a1006 d1111 Munster/Aalborg First Visit

G-PCOP BE20 a1610 from Fairoaks

ZM333 E50P G/A2230 CWL50 Cranwell/Cranwell

Tuesday 8th June

N774MW SR22 a0909 d1118 Leicester/Leeds East First Visit

G-HNPN E55P a1033 d1217 CLF783/908 Oxford/

G-SMMB F406 d1138 WDG65

G-NIAA BE20 a1217 CWY05F from Belfast

Monday 7th June

OH-JFC PC12 a0944 d1046 San Sebastian/Trieste First Visit

D-IHUB C525 a1020 d1057 AWU507E from Nice First Visit

G-BALG DR40 a1454 d1640 Woodlands/Woodlands First Visit

Saturday, 5 June 2021

 This weeks offerings:

Sunday 6th June

G-TWOP C525 N/S d0700 CLF017 to Palma

2-BELL B505 N/S d1158 a1612 Lake District/Lake District

G-FLXI PC12 a1340 d1400 Elstree/Fairoaks

CS-DXO C56X a1708 d18285 NJE534K/040A Faro/Ibiza

OE-GJW LJ75 a1719 d1800 AOJ1JW Castellet/Palermo First Visit

Saturday 5th June

G-GAAL C56X a0748 d1619 LNX05AL Luton/Luton

N499MS P28A a1110 d1206 Jersey/Jersey First Visit

D-BJMS FA5X a1424 d1530 Faro/Brussels First Visit

G-TWOP C525 a1554 N/S CLF017 from Bristol

Friday 4th June

D-IAKN C525 a1454 d1552 STQ111 Dortmund/Palma

Thursday 3rd June

G-RANN BE20 a1042 d1406 LJC6 Bournemouth/Bournemouth

Wednesday 2nd June

D-CMXM E55P N/S d0902 AHO128H to Faro

G-KARE PC12 a0758 d0842 Fairoaks/Hillfield

G-OFLX E145 a0906 d1518 BAE32/33 Farnborough/Farnborough Second visit

M-GZOO GALX d1013 a1424 Teeside/Newcastle

N950M C750 N/S d1410 to Orlando International via Bangor

M-GZOO GALX d1540 to Cologne

G-HARG E550 a1540 d1641 CLF676 Malaga/Southend

G-MAFA F406 a1545 WDG71 From Cranfield

Tuesday 1st June

G-SMMB F406 a1217 N/S WDG65 from Inverness

N624CS SR22 a1252 d1421 Blackbushe/Blackbushe

D-CMXM E55P a1535 N/S AHO128H from Dusseldorf First Visit

Monday 31st May

SP-TAT BE40 a0845 d0955 SAH26P Hamburg/Palma

2-CLRK EA50 a0852 d0951 Bournemouth/Guernsey First Visit

G-REXA BE20 a1300 d1347 REV992P/992 Newcastle/Southampton