Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-BOKA P28B n/s
D-IOHL C525 n/s
N89NB SR22 d0750 to High Wycombe
D-CAST C25B d0925 AHO957S
D-ICMS C25A a0950 ECA717
G-RVRE P68 a1025 d1420 RVR7RE
M-SAIL PC12 d1050
G-CGKB G115 a1240 d1510 CWL98
G-CBFJ R44 a1415 d1500
G-HPIN B429 a1530 a1615
G-SONE C525 a1650 CLF226
G-LEAC C510 d1800 BKK24X
G-SOVB LJ45 a1810 d1835 BZE02B/02C
G-HPIN B429 a1820 d1825
LX-LOE HA4T d1900 FYL22E

Other based G/A



G-LSAE postioned to MAN d0809 EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAX EI3390 DUB a0821/EI3391 DUB d0933
EI-FCY EI3394 DUB a1813/EI3395 DUB d1914

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1307/GR665 GCI d1357

British Airways
G-EUOC BA1340 LHR a0845/BA1341 LHR d0940
G-EUPB BA1344 LHR a1825/BA1345 LHR d1912
G-EUPX BA1342 LHR a1335/BA1343 LHR d1432

G-MAJJ T34711 ABZ d0650
G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0720/T34701 SOU a0954/T34702 SOU d1039/T34705 SOU a1640/T34705 ABZ d1745/T34716 ABZ a2020
G-MAJL T34706 ABZ a1630/T34706 SOU d1732/T34707 SOU a1945

G-ECOC BE737 BHD a1936/BE738 BHD d2015
G-ECOH BE731 BHD a1039/BE732 BHD d1112
G-ECOO BE733 BHD a1302/BE753 NQY d1348/BE754 NQY a1622/BE736 BHD d1754
G-JECE BE729 BHD a0728/BE730 BHD d0815
G-LGND BE6980 GLA a0807/BE6981 GLA d0854
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1820/BE6985 GLA d1908

G-CELF LS269 LEI d0818/LS270 LEI a1500/LS205 AMS d1705/LS206 AMS a1954
G-CELG n/s
G-CELY n/s
G-GDFB n/s
G-GDFD LS224 TFS a0014/LS253 EFL d0730/LS254 EFL a1525
G-GDFE LS251 FAO d0812/LS252 FAO a1514/LS347 DUS d1738/LS348 DUS a2106
G-GDFL LS185 AGP d0705/LS185 AGP a1408/LS461 VRN d1530/LS462 VRN a2037
G-GDFN LS226 PUY a1335/LS225 PUY d1556
G-GDFU LS218 ACE a0051/LS257 PMI d0646/LS258 PMI a1311/LS213 AYT d1426
G-GDFZ LS478 LPA a0035/LS271 ALC d0916/LS272 ALC a1542
G-LSAA n/s
G-LSAB LS405 PFO d0928/LS406 PFO a2002
G-LSAC LS465 LCA d0958/LS466 LCA a2033
G-LSAE LS356 KOS a0106
G-LSAI LS447 ZTH d1121/LS448 ZTH a1950
G-LSAK LS250 FUE a0211

PH-EXC KL1540 AMS d0657
PH-EZC KL1551 AMS a2156 (night stop)
PH-EZN KL1541 AMS a1002/KL1542 AMS d1100
PH-EZW KL1549 AMS a1654/KL1550 AMS d1757

G-ZBAP ZB1260 DLM d0622/ZB1261 DLM a1537/ZB1242 FAO d1709/ZB1243 FAO a2343
G-ZBAR ZB1212 AGP d0715/ZB1213 AGP a1359/ZB7508 LCA d1517

EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0640/FR2493 TFS a1603/FR1503 GDN d1742/FR1504 GDN a2211
EI-EBA FR2496 CFU d0759/FR2497 CFU a1531/FR2482 RIX d1634/FR2483 RIX a2201
EI-EBN FR2504 FAO a1938/FR2503 FAO d2044
EI-EPF FR153 DUB d0637/FR152 DUB a0907/FR2326 PMI d1003/FR2327 PMI a1558/FR2446 AGP d1700/FR2447 AGP a2317
EI-ESN FR1504 GDN a0023/FR1600 ORK d0828
EI-ESY FR2502 PSA a1905/FR2501 PSA d2006
EI-EVJ FR9078 ALC a0837/FR9079 ALC d0931
EI-FZT FR156 DUB a1658/FR157 DUB d1751

C-FEAK TOM3316 PMI d0743/TOM3317 PMI a1403/TOM3338 PFO d1616

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Chris Ellington