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LZ-BHG by Stewart Robertshaw
The most popular spot when runway 14 is in use, you are very close to the end of the runway and images of aircraft lining up and on final approach can be obtained. You can stand on the main parking area but in the summer months the bushes may be obstructive for aircraft lining up. There is a good amount of parking space available however on a warm summer day the area will be overflowing with families watching the aircraft come and go. If you cant get parked here you could park at Yeadon Tarn (spot 9) and walk back a couple of minutes.


This spot is not as good as it once was, you could stand on a stone bench and take photos above the fence. Alas, with a much higher fence installed and the bench replaced with a smaller less effective one the only possibility for photos now is shooting through the fence wire (the small square type!) It is a nice spot to sit and monitor the goings on however if photography is not your aim. No car parking available, you would have to park in Multiflight (spot 3) or further down the road and walk up.

This area is a large car parking area along the fence line leading into Multiflight. There is a cafe bar at the end before the road continues through a security gate to the main hangers. Car parking is no longer free however, you get 20 minutes free but after that it is £2 per hour. It is a good spot for viewing the whole terminal area and Multiflight West, with some views of the Multiflight East apron where visiting biz jets park. Photography from here is through the wire fence.

Popular spot for views overlooking the whole airfield (with some obstruction from the Multiflight hangers). You can no longer drive up here but are still able to walk. You get views like the picture shown. If you park up here and walk down to the fence line you can take images through the wire fence of movements on runway 14/32 and also of aircraft parked on Multiflight East. This is also the best place to park if you are visiting spots 5,6 and 7.

Similar to spot 4, just this is an airfield crash gate. Views are better here of aircraft parked on Multiflight East but generally the same views of the runway all the way along the fence line. As this is a crash gate parking is not permitted but further down the lane there is a small lay-by with room for approx 3 cars, otherwise parking as described in spot 4 is your best option.

Click HERE for some photos of the area (rather than aircraft)

From the crash gate (spot 5) walk along the fence line, it will eventually take you to the end of runway 32. Beware this is notoriously boggy! you will need boots/wellies! after a few minutes walk you will reach the touch down zone, there is also a wind sock here for reference. Views of aircraft approaching 32 and touching down can be had as well as aircraft taxiing out to runway 32 down taxiway Delta. If runway 14 is in use then rotation shots can also be obtained from here.

EI-ENB by Stewart Robertshaw
Similar to spot 6, just a longer walk! From the touch down zone the fence line curves away from the runway and follows "The Pan"- a large circular tarmac area where the airport park the snow clearing vehicles. Keep following the fence line around the pan and it comes back in towards the runway. When you get back alongside the runway you can get images of aircraft on final approach for runway 32, aircraft taxiing out and lining up and you have a view of the airport ramp. Multiflight can't be seen from here however. Warning: It can be quite muddy down here so would advise some wellingtons when walking down.

Views from the terminal are now limited to passengers only once through security. The departure lounge has a cafe with windows looking out onto the ramp offering a limited view

G-GDFW by Stewart Robertshaw
Yeadon Tarn (also known locally as Yeadon Dam) is a nature spot that happens to have views of aircraft arriving and departing. A very popular recreational area for dog walking, fishing, walking, jogging, sailing etc. Only a portion of the runway is visible, when runway 14 is in use aircraft can be seen on final approach and taxiing out to take off. When runway 32 is in use aircraft can be seen rocketing away and appear suddenly from behind trees. Often aircraft landing on runway 32 will vacate the runway before they become visible from here. There are 2 car parks here, one to the North and one to the West. Parking in the North car park is also good for walking back to spot 1.

Thanks to Stewart Robertshaw and Graham Perkin for the help with photos!

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