Sunday, 18 February 2018

Leeds Bradford

Movement credits: Scott S, Dave E, Danny Jones, Stewart Robertshaw

N369AL SR20 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
G-OLNT AS365 n/s
CS-LAS C68A NJE960L d0830 to Rome Ciampino
G-ZVIP B200 EGL8 d1205 to Exeter
G-JACK C421 d1245 a1415 d1725 a1755 Test flight
G-FBKK C510 BKK11K a1505 From Bern
OE-HUB C750 d1510 to Oslo
M-ICRC CJ2 EZE08B/08C a1832 d1850 Isle of Man/Gamston

OE-HUB by Stewart Robertshaw


Other Based G/A
G-CFGB C680 d0745 a1252 to/from Innsbruck
N347DC S22T a1335 from  Le Touquet
N89NB S22T a1756 From Denham

G-JZHE positioned in from EMA a2025 EXS032E
G-GDFP positioned out to EMA d0822 EXS031E
G-CERY positioned out to LCY d1914 EZE072P

Scheduled Departures
Scheduled Arrivals