Saturday, 18 March 2017

Leeds Bradford 

CS-DKE  G550  a0925  d1115  NJE952F Out
CS-PHF  E55P  a1020  d1135   NJE146P / 010T
CS-DUB  H750  a1455  d1613  NJE037H  in
9H-VFB  CL65  a1655  VFB952
CS-DXM  C560  a2150  NJE933R

9V-VFB  CL65  arriving By Mark D

Other based G/A
G-HNPN  E55P  d0755  FLJ51

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair

Scheduled / Charters - not based
G-EZNC A319  a1426  d1519  GVA
G-RJXA  E145  a1909  d2143  BMR9852 / 8988 B&HA Fc to Gatwick

G-JZHW  a0656 from Seattle this is the 13th new delivery and the details
are c/n 63153  Hex 4070EA
G-ZBAU d1129 positioning back to Birmingham

G-JZHW arriving on 32 By Neil

G-JZHW on the apron to the right of the B757 By PC
G-JZHM  new resident at Leeds By Mark D

Movement credits  MarkB, DaveE