Monday, 12 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
G-FBKH C510 a1240 d1340 BKK8H
G-FRYL PRM1 a1320 BOO176 fm Verona
G-SCCA C510 a1545 d1640 GMA110

ZJ125 Merlin "Junglie446" 1640 Low Level Pass

Other based G/A
N89NB SR22 a1052 fm High Wycombe
G-MOSJ BE9L a1759 APX5G fm Edinburgh
2-GOLF C525 d1610 to Palma de Mallorca

G-JZHN positioned to MAN d0042 EXS031E

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAV EI3394 DUB a2014/EI3395 DUB d2056
EI-FSK EI3390 DUB a0815/EI3391 DUB d0907

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1315/GR665 GCI d1408

British Airways
G-EUOH BA1340 LHR a0853/BA1341 LHR d0956
G-EUPW BA1342 LHR a1344/BA1343 LHR d1429
G-EUPY BA1344 LHR a1847/BA1345 LHR d1931

G-CFLU T34711 ABZ d0658/T34702 ABZ a0928/T34702 SOU d1025/T34705 SOU a1659/T34705 ABZ d1750
G-MAJB T34700 SOU d0717/T34701 SOU a0949/T34701 ABZ d1031/T34706 ABZ a1635/T34706 SOU d1735/T34707 SOU a1952
G-MAJZ T34716 ABZ a2007

G-ECOR BE733 BHD a1253/BE753 NQY d1337/BE754 BHD a1618/BE736 BHD d1740?
G-JECE BE731 BHD a1055/BE732 BHD d1135
G-JEDV BE737 BHD a1942/BE738 BHD d2019
G-LGND BE6980 GLA a0802/BE6981 GLA d0840
G-LGNG BE6984 GLA a1824/BE6985 GLA d1909
G-PRPA BE729 BHD a0721/BE730 BHD d0804

G-CELA LS255 GRO d0655
G-CELE LS231 BCN d0851/LS232 BCN a1459/LS431 BUD d1552/LS432 BUD a2206
G-CELF n/s
G-CELO LS256 GRO a1231/LS215 CDG d1356/LS216 CDG a1715/LS347 DUS d1803/LS348 DUS a2126
G-CELY LS271 ALC d0728/LS272 ALC a1359/LS273 ALC d1558/LS274 ALC a2215
G-GDFE LS276 ALC a0946/LS275 ALC d1052
G-GDFF LS389 FNC d0820/LS390 FNC a1648/LS227 PMI d1807/LS228 PMI a2357
G-GDFM LS265 AGP d1637/LS266 AGP a2300
G-GDFB LS201 AMS d0711/LS202 AMS a0954/LS241 NCE d1047/LS242 NCE a1604/LS471 SXF d1706/LS472 SXF a2141
G-GDFX LS478 LPA a0046/LS375 MAH d0759/LS376 MAH a1351/LS213 AYT d1522
G-GDFZ LS224 TFS a0117/LS343 VCE d0714/LS344 VCE a1238/LS223 TFS d1405/LS224 TFS a2341
G-LSAA LS251 FAO d0825/LS252 FAO a1459
G-LSAE LS406 PFO a0053/LS197 IBZ d0703/LS198 IBZ a1327/LS421 RHO d1505
G-LSAH LS247 FAO d1631/LS248 FAO a2307
G-LSAI LS218 ACE a0120/LS257 PMI d0650/LS258 PMI a1258/LS259 CFU d1432/LS260 CFU a2200
G-LSAK LS466 LCA a0122/LS185 AGP d0724/LS186 AGP a1402/LS475 DLM d1527

PH-EZP KL1550 AMS d0645
PH-EZG KL1551 AMS a2211 (night stop)
PH-EXC KL1549 AMS a1639/KL1550 AMS d1731
PH-EXW KL1541 AMS a1010/KL1542 AMS d1107

G-ZBAP ZB1260 DLM d0625/ZB1261 DLM a1539/ZB7584 MAH d1710/ZB7585 MAH a2247
G-ZBAT ZB1276 NAP d0747/ZB1277 NAP a1416/ZB1254 BCN d1626/ZB1255 BCN a2158

EI-DAL FR156 DUB a1702/FR157 DUB d1756
EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0706/FR152 DUB a0914/FR2326 PMI d1013/FR2327 PMI a1605/FR9079 ALC d1738/FR9078 ALC a2359
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0639/FR2493 TFS a1550/FR2322 MJB d1651/FR2323 MJV a2243
EI-DYL FR2449 MLA a0903/FR2448 MLA d1008
EI-EBA FR2487 IBZ a2347/FR1584 FUE d0642/FR1585 FUE a1554/FR5041 BTS d1718/FR5042 BTS a2209
EI-EGA FR2504 FAO a1045/FR2503 FAO d1143
EI-EKK FR2502 PSA a1253/FR2501 PSA d1335
EI-EPE FR2447 AGP a1907/FR2446 AGP d2010
EI-EVX FR5044 VNO a0845/FR5043 VNO d0935
EI-FTH FR2324 GRO a1310/FR2323 GRO d1411

C-GNCH TOM3711 PMI a0049/TOM3172 IBZ d0611/TOM3713 IBZ a1945

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E