Friday, 2 February 2018

Leeds Bradford

Movement credits: Scott S, Dave E

EI-GJL AS365 n/s
G-FIFA C404 n/s
N220AD SR22 n/s
G-ISAR C421 d0855
D-CNOC C560 a1430 d1505 ATL1C
G-CBFJ R44 a1520 d1555
G-YOAA EC145 ILS 1525 HLE99
9A-DWA C525 a1540 d1730
G-ISLF ATR42 a1600 BCI501 fm Cardiff
G-JBLZ C550 d1725 JTR2B

G-CGKW G115 a1155 d1440 CWL90
ZF489 Tucano ILS 1335 LOP41

Other Based G/A

EI-FTV positioned in from MAN a0834 RYR21
G-CELE performed a test flight d1636 a1732 EXS051B
G-LSAG positioned out to BHX d0938 EXS031C and back in a1558 EXS048A

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals