Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Leeds Bradford 

N721EE E550 n/s
9H-ILY CRJ2 n/s
M-OLLY C525 a0840 d1825
OO-SKY C525 a0940 AAB756
CS-CHE CL35 d0955 NJE645M
G-EGAG TB20 a1000
D-CFOR LJ35 a1545 d1815 AYY117
OO-FPE C525 a1555 d1655 FYG11R/12R

Other based G/A

G-CELF positioned out to NCE d0709 EXS049A
G-GDFK positioned out to EDI
G-CELK positioned in from MRS a1646 EXS041A
G-DRTA positioned out to NCL d0009 EXS074W
G-LSAD positioned in from Manchester a2148 EXS74W

Eastern - T34701 ABZ d1015
Eastern - T34704 SOU d1400
Eastern - T34703 SOU a1300
Eastern - T34706 ABZ a1530

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAV EI3394 DUB a1807/EI3395 DUB d1843
EI-FAW EI3390 DUB a0820/EI3391 DUB d0900

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUOA BA1340 LHR a0841/BA1341 LHR d0935/BA1344 LHR a1824/BA1345 LHR d1913
G-EUOI BA1342 LHR a1333/BA1343 LHR d1431

G-CERZ T34702 ABZ a0945/T34702 SOU d1027/T34705 SOU a1700/T34705 ABZ d1736
G-MAJJ T34711 ABZ d0656
G-MAJK T37416 ABZ a2125
G-MAJT T34700 SOU d0652/T34701 SOU a0923/T34706 SOU d1725/T34707 SOU a1951

G-KKEV BE737 BHD a1950/BE738 BHD d2015
G-LGNK BE6980 GLA a0748/BE6981 GLA d0852
G-LGNT BE6984 GLA a1817/BE6985 GLA d1857
G-PRPB BE729 BHD a0728/BE730 BHD d0815
G-PRPH BE731 BHD a1040/BE732 BHD d1117/BE733 BHD a1339/BE734 BHD d1435/BE735 BHD a1637/BE736 BHD d1728

Jet2 (G-JZHD awaiting return from diversion)
EC-IDT LS228 PMI a1705/LS227 PMI d1804
G-CELF LS175 JER d1343/LS176 JER a1618/LS205 AMS d1711/LS206 AMS a1956
G-CELG LS297 REU d0758/LS298 REU a1323/LS207 MJV d1521/LS208 MJV a2154
G-CELH LS367 PSA d0739/LS368 PSA a1319/LS245 SPU d1420/LS246 SPU a2050
G-CELY LS265 AGP d1636/LS266 AGP a2323
G-GDFD LS422 RHO a0053/LS185 AGP d0751/LS186 AGP a1405 (Swapped from G-JZHF at RHO)
G-GDFH LS261 SKG d0705/LS262 SKG a1449
G-GDFS LS257 PMI d0719/LS258 PMI a1312/LS223 TFS d1444
G-GDFX LS228 PMI a0046/LS197 IBZ d0712/LS198 IBZ a1328/LS477 LPA d1452
G-LSAA LS214 AYT a0059/LS251 FAO d0812/LS252 FAO a1523/LS249 FUE d1633
G-LSAC LS271 ALC d0807/LS272 ALC a1428/LS217 ACE d1553
G-LSAH LS476 DLM a0051/LS375 MAH d0823/LS376 MAH a1355/LS355 KGS d1536
G-LSAJ LS443 HER d0904/LS444 HER a1809

PH-EXA KL1541 AMS a0947/KL1542 AMS d1030
PH-EXB KL1549 AMS a1641/KL1550 AMS d1734
PH-EXM KL1540 AMS d0612
PH-EXN KL1551 AMS a2207 (night stop)

G-OZBW ZB7502 TFS d0625/ZB7503 TFS a1610/ZB7516 PMI d1722/ZB7517 PMI a2348
G-ZBAT ZB1242 FAO d0716/ZB1242 FAO a1411/ZB1236 ALC d1512/ZB1237 ALC a2135

EI-DCL FR153 DUB d0641/FR152 DUB a0847/FR2326 PMI d0929/FR2327 PMI a1548/FR9079 ALC d1731/FR9078 ALC a2329
EI-DLR FR2480 AGP a1050/FR2781 AGP d1136
EI-EBC FR2476 CHQ d0659/FR2477 CHQ a1532/FR2446 AGP d1703/FR2447 AGP a2334
EI-EFN FR2333 KRK a1915/FR2332 KRK d2022
EI-EMK FR2047 ACE a1114/FR2048 ACE d1200
EI-EMM FR156 DUB a1652/FR157 DUB d1750
EI-EVY FR2484 TSF d0742/FR2485 TSF a1214/FR1503 GDN d1738/FR1504 GDN a2212

C-FEAK TOM3250 PMI d0829/TOM3251 PMI a2158

G-LGNK by Michael Brand

Movement Credits: Scott S, Michael Brand, Dave E