Monday, 14 June 2021

 This weeks offerings:

Sunday 20th June

D-IAKN C525 N/S d1157 STQ111 to Dortmund

CS-PHI E55P N/S d1312 NJE223L to Farnborough

G-NJAA C56X a1308 d NJU069Y/022Y Farnborough/Exeter First Visit

Saturday 19th June

D-IAKN C525 d1633 N/S from Dortmund 

CS-PHI E55P a1906 N/S NJE427K from Nice

Friday 18th June

D-ANCE ERJ135 a1530 d1635 AHO886T Malaga/Zurich First Visit

N700CS TBM8 a1651 N/S from Bournemouth

Thursday 17th June

2-NGUS DA42 a1014 d1517 Newcastle/Teeside First Visit

F-HANE P180 a1407 d 1515 Rennes/Rennes First Visit

M-OLLY C525 a1837 d1909 Augsburg/Preswick

Wednesday 16th June

CS-DXU C56X N/S d1102 NJE729B to Farnborough

D-IOVA C525 a0956 d1606 Reus/Reus First Visit

ZM321 G12T a1231 d1551 CWL90 Cranwell/Cranwell 

ZM314 G12T a1235 d1544 CWL68 Cranwell/Cranwell 

G-VALK BE20 a1905 d2007 Londonderry/ First Visit

Credit David Wooler

Tuesday 15th June

D-CHIC E55P a0758 d1908 AHO228Q Geneva/

G-LCYN E190 a1014 d1127 CFE4473/4472 Belfast/Belfast

2-TABS EA50 a1237 d1402 Jersey/Gloucester

ZM316 G12T a1242 d1246 CWL68 Cranwell/Cranwell

ZM321 G12T a1248 d1310 CWL59 Cranwell/Cranwell First Visit

CS-DXU C56X a1843 N/S NJE729B from Newquay

Monday 14th June

G-NJAC C56X N/S d0952 NJU780G to Newquay

G-LCYN E190 a1020 d1118 CFE4473/2 Belfast/Belfast

ZM308 G12T a1150 d1357 CWL87 Cranwell/Cranwell

ZM311 G12T a1155 d1355 CWL59 Cranwell/Cranwell

2-NAOM EA50 d1314 to North Weald

D-CDCM C56X a1357 d1511 AHO323K/385L Faro/Birmingham First Visit

CS-LTF C68A a1530 d1616 NJE539E/949T Palma/Biggin Hill

ZJ781 and ZJ783 called in for some fuel this afternoon - no times noted.

Credit David Wooler