Saturday, 9 June 2018

Leeds Bradford

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Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Neil, Richard M, John H

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
G-BWLF C404 n/s
D-IAAT E50P a0926 d1105 AZE757F/C
G-LUKA BE58 a1245 d1320 Isle of Man
D-CTWO LJ35 a1450 d1735 AYY108
D-CTIL LJ35 a1506 d1718 AYY111 fm/to Guernsey 
CS-DQA C560 NJE685M d1625 to Cork

D-CTIL By Danny Jones

D-CTWO By Danny Jones

CS-DQA by Danny Jones
D-CTWO by Richard Maud


Other Based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L APX5G d0815 to East Midlands
G-CFGB C680 a1250 from Federico Fellini (Italy)
G-NBCA PC12 d1345 to Goodwood

G-GDFF B738 d1150 a1314 EXS051B (Test Flight)
G-CDKA SB20 a1749 EZE962P fm Manchester
G-POWS B734 d1738 EXS038E to Stansted

G-CDKA by John Hyland

G-POWS By Danny Jones

LZ-BHI By Danny Jones
G-POWS by Richard Maud

Scheduled Departures 

Scheduled Arrivals