Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Leeds Bradford

Movement credits: Scott S, Dave E, Matt B, Mark B, Nigel Berry

N369AL SR20 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
G-OLNT AS365 n/s
N203CD SR20 n/s
G-XAVB C510 d1855 GMA240 to Jersey
G-CALL PA27 a1430 d150
G-LEOG AS350 a1615 d1640
G-RCAV CL604 a1730 GMA915

ZF317 Tucao ILS 1550 LOP41
ZF145 Tucano ILS 1625 LOP28

Other Based A/C
G-HNPN E55P d1216 FLJ51 to Birmingham
G-IFIT PA31 a1456 from Lasham
N425ST C550 d1640 to Warsaw

G-JZBJ B738 a1045 Delivery flight from Seattle (First Visit) In Multiflight hanger
G-LSAN positioned in from ACE a2113
G-LSAG performed a test flight d1203 d1312 EXS051B

By MattyB146
G-JZBJ by Nigel Berry
Scheduled Departures
Scheduled Arrivals