Monday, 23 July 2018

Leeds Bradford

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Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Graham P

G-ZINC C182 n/s
LY-CCP YAK18 n/s
G-KALS CL30 d0928 RHK28A to Faro
LX-JAG E35L d1100 SVW49AG
F-HREX H25X a1120 d1732 VLJ547G to/fm Paris
G-HARG E550 a1140 d1320 CLF813 From Bristol to Faro
CS-DQB C560 d1142 NJE356P to Newquay
D-CSCB C560 a1308 d1714 SCR187 fm Cologne to Southend
G-BBNJ C150 a1420 d1515
G-RORA E550 a1450 d1716 CLF797 fm Palma to Stansted First Visit

XW216 Puma ILS 0935 SHF230

Other Based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d1730 APX5GP to Belfast

EC-LTM B738 a1513 d1645 AEA217 fm/to Palma

Scheduled Arrivals

Scheduled Departures