Friday, 12 June 2020


Credits for all movements and photos that are supplied on the blog pages go to each of our kind members on the YS email group.

Until things improve it is our intention to summarise the week in a basic bullet point format owing to the low level of activity at the airport, we still appreciate every input from our members and this will be added to this page as the week unfolds. Thank you as ever for your continued support. Stay safe Mark & Danny

Monthly review in motion 2020 selected highlights only

Friday 12th - The Polish SR22 SP-NCG departed at 1235 back to Poznan. AS365 G-NHAC laft us at 1305 as HLE63C up to Teeside and Islander G-HEBS made its return from Oban landing at 1410. More Jet2 swaps as B738 G-JZHC EXS051B headed for Newcastle at 1025 and in a repeat of yesterday B738 G-DRTB  EXS053B arrived from Newcastle at 1345.

Saturday 13th -Nil

Sunday 14th -Nil

Monday 15th -Nil

Tuesday 16th -The pace picked up slightly today as a few visitors made thier way to Leeds. First up was Cessna 406 G-MAFA from Cranfield arriving at 1110 as DCT03. Next up was Islander G-SICA ( picture below) on a first visit arriving as DCT02 from Aberdeen at 1350. Last up from Biggin Hill was PA28 G-TKHE landing at 1425. Jet2 had a couple of shakedown flights as G-JZHV made a flight over the Peak district laeving shortly before 1100 returning at 1130 G-GDFU left for East Midlands and this afternoon G-GDFR made a quick circuit in the Leeds zone from 1330-1345. Arriving from East Midlands at 1355 was B738 G-JZHE as EXS054B. And making an appearance from the depths of the Multiflight complex was the next B738 G-DRTZ.
BN2 Islander G-SICA By Dan G

Getting some fresh air, B738 G-DRTZ now with engines By Dan G

Wednesday 17th - Nearing lunch we saw the first visitor land as C550 G-SPRE c/s SYG2 arrived from Oxford. At around the same time RAF Phenom ZM337 CWL36 joined overhead for one hold before making an ILS approach at 1120 and then headed back to Cranwell. Next to arrive from Liege was Netjets Phenom CS-PHM c/s NJE066U landing at 1130. The earlier visitor G-SPRE departed for Le Bourget at 1225. One of the many Britten Norman  Islanders to have recently visited us departed back to Oban when G-HEBS left at 1325. SR22 N222ED returned to Sherburn at 1430 after arriving in early March. Finaly CS-PHM left as NJE809B to Stockholm Bromma at 1530.
Citation 550 G-SPRE By Ian s

Netjet Phenom CS-PHM by Ian S

Islander G-HEBS By Ian S

Islander G-SICA and a pair os Cessna 406's G-SMMB & G-MAFA at Multiflight By Ian S

Thursday 18th - Jet2 PA31 G-IFIT departed around 0825 this morning to Belfast and returned around 1345. C406 G-SMMB departed back to Inverness as MB1692 this afternoon at 1525.

Jet2 Status at Leeds Arrival date recorded
G-DRTZ   07/12/19   not in service
G-GDFB  15/03/20
G-GDFN  16/03/20
G-GDFO  17/03/20
G-GDFK  19/03/20
G-GDFM  21/03/20
G-JZHT   21/03/20
G-DRTC  21/03/20
G-GDFT  21/03/20
G-JZHK  23/03/20
G-JZHC  23/03/20 dep 12/06/20
G-LSAJ  21/03/20
G-GDFL 26/05/20
G-JZHV  03/06/20
G-GDFR 03/06/20
G-GDFU 04/06/20 Dep 16/06/20
G-JZBD  11/06/20
G-DRTB  12/06/20
G-JZHE   16/06/20