Monday, 6 August 2018

Leeds Bradford

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Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Mark D

N203CD SR20 a0930 d1650 fm/to Liverpool
EC-LYR B738 a1405 d1558 AEA217/218 fm/to Palma de Mallorca
G-NOAH A319 a1507 CRV1 fm Cork
G-XAVB C510 a1606 d1705 GMA757 fm Jersey

G-NOAH by Mark Dobson

G-NOAH by Mark Dobson

XW216 Puma ILS 1000 Vortex230

Other Based G/A

G-CFLU SB20 d0949 EZE012P to Isle of Man
G-CIEC SB20 a1247 EZE013P fm Isle of Man
G-JZHT B738 d1641 EXE045A to Manchester
G-LSAI B752 a2215 EXS036E fm Manchester 

Scheduled Arrivals

Scheduled Departures