Thursday, 27 May 2021

This weeks offerings:

Sunday 30th May

G-MSFX E550 N/S d0925 FLJ51S to Manchester

Saturday 29th May

G-SMHA FA7X a0925 d1004 JCO7X Biggin Hill/Lisbon

D-CDOC LJ45 a0953 d1454 JCL2 Cologne/

EJ-ROXY CL60 a1053 d1202 SON002 Stansted/Faro  First Visit

CS-PHH E55P a1136 NJE802C from St Gallen

G-MSFX E550 a1434 N/S FLJ51S from Faro

Friday 28th May

G-IPAX C56X a0919 d1030 EDC584 Luton/Malaga

2-FIFI BE20 a1053 d1530 ORT29H Exeter/Exeter

D-IAKN C525 a1539 d1608 STQ111 Dortmund/Dortmund

G-NJAC C56X a1640 d1749 NJU422G/751A Newquay/Farnborough

PH-SVX PAY1 a1652 N/S from Nantes First Visit

Thursday 27th May

D-IJOA C525 N/S d0938 ECA8C to Palma

G-TWOP C525 a0906 d0951 CLF142 Bristol/Rodez

G-CMTO C525 a1143 d1257 EDC663 Billund/Keflavik

D-CGER C525 N/S d1506 to Bournemouth

Wednesday 26th May

CS-DXF C56X N/S d1000 JME512F to Tarragona

G-NJAB C56X N/S d1005 NJU588P to Newquay

D-IJOA C525 a1707 N/S ECA8C from Memmingen

Tuesday 25th May

G-NJAB C56X a1453 N/S NJU981U from Biggin Hill

G-EJRS P28A a1502 d1530 Carlisle/Carlisle First Visit

G-MDSI PC12 1512/1654 Leeds East/Liverpool Training First Visit

CS-DXF C56X a1603 N/S JME512F from Valencia

Monday 24th May

SP-TTA BE40 a0933 d1017 SAH59P Biggin Hill/Alicante

I-WLFX F2TH N/S d0934 TJD23 to Milan Linate

CS-PHH E55P a1156 d1351 NJE996G/164Y Amsterdam/St Gallen

2-NAOM EA50 a1057 d1255 Jersey/Oxford First Visit