Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Leeds Bradford

Any photos or information to be included please email scottspencer2014@gmail.com

Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
G-BWLF C404 n/s
G-USAR C441 n/s
CS-DQB C56X d0620 NJE238A
M-OLLY C525 a0845 fm Memmingen
G-JBLZ C550 a1030 d1135 JTR2E
CS-CHE CL35 a1305 d1620 NJE371F/181A
N182K C182 a1400 d1450
PH-EXK E175 d1700 d2015 KLM63Y/1489 fm/to Amsterdam (HUY Divert)



Other Based G/A
G-IFIT PA31 d0821 a1115

G-GDFC B738 a1657 EXS031E fm Belfast
G-GDFE B733 a0029 EXS042A fm Newcastle
G-GDFZ B738 d2154 EXS031R to Manchester

EI-DYX swapped with EI-ESX at Dublin (EI-DYX now based)

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals