Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Leeds Bradford

Any photos or information to be included please email scottspencer2014@gmail.com

Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Jamie K, Graham P, Nick P, Ross B, Matt B, Steven J, Mark D, Ade H

G-JETX B206 n/s
G-MFLT AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
CS-PHK E55P a0858 d1058 NJE636C/446E from London City
G-GILB C510 d0953 a1840 d1945 VCG1LB/3LB/4LB to/from Belfast to East Midlands
G-OOMA PA28 a1005 d1930 
N272NR E55P a1330 d1625 CRX8B/8C from Belfast
9H-ELI C750 d1405 LWG901 
D-CTRI LJ35 a1615 d1700 AYY112 from Exeter
LX-LOE HA4T a1620 d1655 FYL33E/34E to Antwerp
D-COBI C560 d1700 HTM19 to Farnborough
D-CHIP C525 d1706 EFD3P to Dusseldorf]
LX-RSQ LJ45 a1805 DUK5AMB from Brussels
G-SPUR C550 a2330 LNX60PU


Other Based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d1125 a1555 APX5G to/from Newcastle


Scheduled Arrivals

Scheduled Departures