Thursday, 23 February 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-CNOC  C560  n/s from 22nd

Citation D-CNOC on Multifligh By Ade H

Other based G/A
N425ST  C550  a2000

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EMD  B738  a1119  d 1209 LPA
EI-EMC  B738  a1724  d1822  ALC
Scheduled / Charters - not based

G-JZHV the 12th new B738 for Jet2 arrived  Manchester at 0230 this

B737 G-GDFM arriving at a windy Leeds By Ade H
G-JZHU on the new stands awaiting final paint By Ade H

Diversions to Leeds
G-CDEB  SB2K  a1045 LCY-IOM  d1422  CFE3282 / CFE761M
PH-BCB  B738  a1107  AMS-MAN  d1409 KLM98S / KLM986S
EI-EFF  B738  a1140 WRO-LPL  d1328  RYR92KF / RYR96
G-EZFN  A319  a1252  SXF-MAN  d1524  EZY83JY / EZY9008
EI-FRP  B738  a1325  WMI-MAN  d1554  RYR20DM  / RYR26
G-JECX  DH8D  a1335  ABZ-MAN  d1521  BEE1JR  / BEE046J

Easyjet A319 G-EZFN By Ade H
G-EZFN Manchester Diversion due high winds By Ade H
KLM B737-8 PH-BCB diverted from Manchester By Ade H

EI-EFF another diversion sits alongside EI-ESZ By Ade H
EI-FRP another Manchester Diversion By Ade H

Movement credits Mark B, Ade H, Dave Lowe, Ross Bailey