Saturday, 7 April 2018

Leeds Bradford

Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark Butler, Jamie Kitson

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
G-BMUZ PA28 n/s
CS-LTB C68A d1100 NJE953N
D-IAAT E50P d0745 AZA521F
CS-LTD C68A a1317 NJE371D fm Nice
G-FLYW BE200 a1345 d1820 PYN01
G-ZNTH LJ75 a1644 BZE07A fm Stanstead
G-CERY SB20 a2055 EZE9611 fm Biggin Hill


Other Based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d1456 a1805 APX5G to/fm Stanstead

G-GDFD positioned in from MAN d0903 EXS041A
G-CERY positioned out to ABZ d2144 EZE062P
G-MAJK positioned out to LTN d1155 EZE962P and back in from LTN a2215 EZE963P
G-GDFR positioned in from BFS a2254 EXS048A

Scheduled Departure

Scheduled Arrivals