Thursday, 29 March 2018

Leeds Bradford

Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Danny J, Matty B

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
G-BMUZ PA28 n/s
N210AD C210 a1125
9H-VJQ GLEX VJT801 d1144 to Luton
CS-PHF E55P NJE973N/775E a1228 d1242 Amsterdam/Cannes
CS-LTC C68A NJE006G/620F a1340 d1655
CS-TFO LJ40 OAV303 a1620 from Faro

ZF171 Tucano ILS 1350 LOP41

Other Based G/A

G-JZHN B738 EXS033E d1753 to Manchester

Scheduled Departure

Scheduled Arrivals