Monday, 18 June 2018

Leeds Bradford

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Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
9H-VCM CL35 n/s
D-CCWM E55P a0730 d0840 MHV55W fm Munster
C-GGSU DC-3 d0905 to Reykjavik
G-LUKA BE58 a0925 d1040
N715BC BE36 a0950 d1520
CS-LAS C68A a1043 d1206 NJE151T/4882F fm London City to Bern
EC-MKL B738 a1437 d1600 AEA217/218 fm/to Palma de Mallorca
SP-ATT BE4X d1510 SAH48P
CS-PHF E55P a1547 NJE635E fm Farnborough
G-RSXP C560 a1754 d1830 VCG1XP/2XP fm Luton


Other Based G/A

G-GDFH B733 a0010 EXS031E fm Newcastle
G-GDFO B733 d0118 EXS to Newcastle
G-JZHC B738 a1154 d1906 EXS041A/042A fm/to Manchester
G-LSAI swapped with G-LSAD at Ibiza (G-LSAI now based)
G-JZBA swapped with G-JZBK at Faro (G-JZBA now based)

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals