Friday, 5 June 2020


Credits for all movements and photos that are supplied on the blog pages go to each of our kind members on the YS email group.

Until things improve it is our intention to summarise the week in a basic bullet point format owing to the low level of activity at the airport, we still appreciate every input from our members and this will be added to this page as the week unfolds. Thank you as ever for your continued support. Stay safe Mark & Danny

Monthly review in motion 2020 selected highlights only

Friday 5th -An earlyarrival was AS353 EI-GJL from a private site just outside Dublin, it remained here until 1550 when it departed for Biggin Hill. Both the 525 Citation jets departed as M-OLLY returned to Memminghan at 0850 and G-TWOP made a short hop over to Manchester. Augusta 109 G-EMHJ made an ILS approach at 1330 before making its way to Leeds East and PA28 G-THKE left us at 1420 for Eshott. Jet2 made a swap  when B738 G-GDFV EXS055B left Leeds at 1115 on an air test before touching down in Belfast. Whilst in the opposite direction we recieved B733 G-GDFG EXS053B landing at 1520.

Saturday 6th - Nil

Sunday 7th - Nil

Monday 8th - Nil at Leeds. Jet2 announced a further 2 week delay until the 15th of July before it intends to re-commence commercial operations again. B752 G-LSAH made its final journey to the scrap yard today as it left Manchester for Kemble. This is the third 757 in the fleet to be retired following G-LSAD (Mar 2020)  and G-LSAG (Nov 2019).

Tuesday 9th - G-SCIP TB20 arrived at 0855 and left at 1300 from and back to Welshpool. AS365 G-NHAC arrived from Teeside at 1000. Finally Cessna 182 G-CCYS arrived at 1015 from Cardiff and departed from whence it came at 1515.

Wednesday 10th - Islander G-SICB departed North to Aberdeen as DCT02 and from Wombleton Multiflight gained Cessna 206 Stationair G-NIME for maintenance as it arrived at 1255.

Thursday 11th - Polish SR22 SP-NCG arrived from Rotterdam this morning at 1130. Jet2 had a bit of a swop shop today as first away from Leeds was  B738 G-JZHJ leaving for Newcastle at 1015 as EXS053B and this afternoon B738 G-JZBD came from the opposite direction as EXS051B touching down at 1323.

Jet2 Status at Leeds Arrival date recorded
G-DRTZ   07/12/19   not in service
G-GDFB  15/03/20
G-GDFN  16/03/20
G-GDFO  17/03/20
G-GDFK  19/03/20
G-GDFM  21/03/20
G-JZHJ    21/03/20  Dep 11/06/20
G-JZHT   21/03/20
G-DRTC  21/03/20
G-GDFT  21/03/20
G-JZHK  23/03/20
G-JZHC  23/03/20
G-LSAJ  21/03/20
G-GDFL 26/05/20
G-JZHV  03/06/20
G-GDFR 03/06/20
G-GDFU 04/06/20
G-JZBD  11/06/20