Sunday, 8 October 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-MAIE P32R a1103 d1450
CS-LTD C680 a1300 d1430 NJE890C/743A
G-FBKG C510 a1538 BKK7G


Other based G/A

Repatriation flights for stranded Monarch passengers.

Blue Panorama
EI-FSJ ZT7509 LCA a0235/AWC212P AGP d0821/ZT1213 AGP a1508/AWC236P ALC d1706/AWC1237 ALC a2305

EI-FSJ by Brian Flavell

TC-FBV FH1265 DLM a0014/FH1264 DLM d0125

G-LSAC swapped with G-LSAB at ACE (G-LSAC gone to MAN) 
G-JZHG positioned in from EDI a0120 EXS046A
G-CELK swapped with G-GDFK at LBA (G-CELK gone to PUY/EDI)
G-LSAA swapped with G-LSAG at AGP (G-LSAA gone to MAN)
G-CERY positioned out to HUY d1712 EZE15W
EI-EFO swapped with EI-EMJ at DUB (EI-EFO stayed at DUB)
G-CELG performed a test flight d1859 a1959 EXS057B

Monarch - all outbound flights due to Company going into Administration

Eastern - T34719 SOU d1650
Eastern - T34718 SOU a1955
Eastern - T34718 ABZ d2020

G-ZBAP by Brian Flavell

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ian Sutton, Alan W, Brian Flavell, Ian Sutton, Dave E