Sunday, 17 June 2018

Leeds Bradford

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Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Stewart R, Jeff H

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
EC-MUB B738 a1038 d1207 LAV6907/8 fm/to Palma de Mallorca
D-CFAF LJ60 a1312 d1432 IFA2369/96 fm Sofia
C-GGSU DC-3 a1320 fm Bari 
N264DB PA46 d1345
D-IJLJ C525 d1412
G-KLNW C510 SXN51E a1730 d1758
9H-VCM CL35 VJT457 a1851 from Girona
SP-ATT BE4X SAH48P a1235 from Luton

G-CGSU DC3 Basler by Johhny F Pants

G-CGSU DC3 Basler by Jeff H

G-CGSU DC3 Basler by Danny Jones

D-IJLJ C525 by Jeff H

D-CFAF by Stewart Robertshaw


Other Based G/A
G-ORTH BE9L APX6G a0740 from Newcastle
2-GOLF C525 a1600 from Jersey

G-CELY B733 EXS051B d0747 a0932 Airtest
G-GDFG B733 a1702 EXS42A fm Newcastle
G-GDFE swapped with G-CELX at Ibiza (G-GDFE now based)
G-JZHG swapped with G-GDFW at Heraklion (G-JZHG now based - arr 18/06)

G-JZHX B738 a2227 EXS035E fm Stansted

G-TCDV A321 by Danny Jones

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