Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-BOKA P28B n/s
D-IOHL C525 n/s
N89NB SR22 d0750 to High Wycombe
D-CAST C25B d0925 AHO957S
D-ICMS C25A a0950 ECA717
G-RVRE P68 a1025 d1420 RVR7RE
M-SAIL PC12 d1050
G-CGKB G115 a1240 d1510 CWL98
G-CBFJ R44 a1415 d1500
G-HPIN B429 a1530 a1615
G-SONE C525 a1650 CLF226
G-LEAC C510 d1800 BKK24X
G-SOVB LJ45 a1810 d1835 BZE02B/02C
G-HPIN B429 a1820 d1825
LX-LOE HA4T d1900 FYL22E

Other based G/A



G-LSAE postioned to MAN d0809 EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAX EI3390 DUB a0821/EI3391 DUB d0933
EI-FCY EI3394 DUB a1813/EI3395 DUB d1914

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1307/GR665 GCI d1357

British Airways
G-EUOC BA1340 LHR a0845/BA1341 LHR d0940
G-EUPB BA1344 LHR a1825/BA1345 LHR d1912
G-EUPX BA1342 LHR a1335/BA1343 LHR d1432

G-MAJJ T34711 ABZ d0650
G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0720/T34701 SOU a0954/T34702 SOU d1039/T34705 SOU a1640/T34705 ABZ d1745/T34716 ABZ a2020
G-MAJL T34706 ABZ a1630/T34706 SOU d1732/T34707 SOU a1945

G-ECOC BE737 BHD a1936/BE738 BHD d2015
G-ECOH BE731 BHD a1039/BE732 BHD d1112
G-ECOO BE733 BHD a1302/BE753 NQY d1348/BE754 NQY a1622/BE736 BHD d1754
G-JECE BE729 BHD a0728/BE730 BHD d0815
G-LGND BE6980 GLA a0807/BE6981 GLA d0854
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1820/BE6985 GLA d1908

G-CELF LS269 LEI d0818/LS270 LEI a1500/LS205 AMS d1705/LS206 AMS a1954
G-CELG n/s
G-CELY n/s
G-GDFB n/s
G-GDFD LS224 TFS a0014/LS253 EFL d0730/LS254 EFL a1525
G-GDFE LS251 FAO d0812/LS252 FAO a1514/LS347 DUS d1738/LS348 DUS a2106
G-GDFL LS185 AGP d0705/LS185 AGP a1408/LS461 VRN d1530/LS462 VRN a2037
G-GDFN LS226 PUY a1335/LS225 PUY d1556
G-GDFU LS218 ACE a0051/LS257 PMI d0646/LS258 PMI a1311/LS213 AYT d1426
G-GDFZ LS478 LPA a0035/LS271 ALC d0916/LS272 ALC a1542
G-LSAA n/s
G-LSAB LS405 PFO d0928/LS406 PFO a2002
G-LSAC LS465 LCA d0958/LS466 LCA a2033
G-LSAE LS356 KOS a0106
G-LSAI LS447 ZTH d1121/LS448 ZTH a1950
G-LSAK LS250 FUE a0211

PH-EXC KL1540 AMS d0657
PH-EZC KL1551 AMS a2156 (night stop)
PH-EZN KL1541 AMS a1002/KL1542 AMS d1100
PH-EZW KL1549 AMS a1654/KL1550 AMS d1757

G-ZBAP ZB1260 DLM d0622/ZB1261 DLM a1537/ZB1242 FAO d1709/ZB1243 FAO a2343
G-ZBAR ZB1212 AGP d0715/ZB1213 AGP a1359/ZB7508 LCA d1517

EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0640/FR2493 TFS a1603/FR1503 GDN d1742/FR1504 GDN a2211
EI-EBA FR2496 CFU d0759/FR2497 CFU a1531/FR2482 RIX d1634/FR2483 RIX a2201
EI-EBN FR2504 FAO a1938/FR2503 FAO d2044
EI-EPF FR153 DUB d0637/FR152 DUB a0907/FR2326 PMI d1003/FR2327 PMI a1558/FR2446 AGP d1700/FR2447 AGP a2317
EI-ESN FR1504 GDN a0023/FR1600 ORK d0828
EI-ESY FR2502 PSA a1905/FR2501 PSA d2006
EI-EVJ FR9078 ALC a0837/FR9079 ALC d0931
EI-FZT FR156 DUB a1658/FR157 DUB d1751

C-FEAK TOM3316 PMI d0743/TOM3317 PMI a1403/TOM3338 PFO d1616

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Chris Ellington

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-CAST C25B d0800 a1724 AHO144F
G-CGKC G115 a1020 d1215 CWL90
M-ABJA LJ45 a1158 d1234 fm Stanstead to Weeze
G-BOKA P28B a1211 fm Kemble
G-FBKF C510 d1250 BKK6F
D-IOHL C525 a1540 ECA333
LX-LOE HA4T a1645 FYL21E
G-OLCP AS355 a1700 d1710 KNM03
M-SAIL PC12 n/s
N89NB SR22 n/s

Other based G/A

G-HNPN E55P d0925 FLJ53


G-GDFD Positioning move EXS079W BHX to LBA a0301
G-GDFZ Positioning move EXS071W BHX to LBA a0355
G-LSAB Positioning move EXS072W EMA to LBA a1048
EI-EBA Positioning move FR22 MAN to LBA a1414
G-LSAE postioned from MAN a1530 EXS041A
G-LSAI postioned from MAN a0253 EXS032E

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3390 DUB a0812/EI3391 DUB d0901
EI-FCZ EI3394 DUB a1805/EI3395 DUB d1843

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUPA BA1340 LHR a0856/BA1341 LHR d0947
G-EUPL BA1342 LHR a1343/BA1343 LHR d1439
G-EUPZ BA1344 LHR a1904/BA1345 LHR d1951

G-MAJJ T34706 ABZ a1655/T34705 ABZ d1744/T34716 ABZ a2009
G-MAJK T34711 ABZ d0708/T34702 ABZ a0930/T34702 SOU d1035/T34703 SOU a1258/T34704 SOU d1409/T34707 SOU a1943
G-MAJZ T34700 SOU d0718/T34701 SOU a1002/T34701 ABZ d1042

G-ECOJ BE731 BHD a1031/BE732 BHD d1122/BE733 BHD a1336/BE734 BHD d1416/BE735 BHD a1629/BE736 BHD d1720
G-JECE BE737 BHD a1940/BE738 BHA d2017
G-LGNH BE6980 GLA a0821/BE6981 GLA d0905
G-PRPI BE729 BHD a0645/BE730 BHD d0805

G-CELF LS175 JER d1252/LS176 JER a1616/LS205 AMS d1712/LS206 AMS a1958
G-CELG n/s
G-CELY LS297 REU d0733/LS298 REU a1322/LS207 MJV d1530/LS208 MJV a2150
G-GDFB LS261 SKG d0729/LS262 SKG a1513/LS347 DUS d1751/LS348 DUS a2112
G-GDFD LS224 TFS (Div to BHX)/LS257 PMI d0700/LS258 PMI a1302/LS223 TFS d1436
G-GDFE n/s
G-GDFL LS367 PSA d0749/LS368 PSA a1332/LS245 SPU d1431/LS246 SPU a2051
G-GDFU LS214 AYT a0111/LS185 AGP d0715/LS186 AGP a1358/LS217 ACE d1534
G-GDFZ LS228 PMI (Div to BHX)/LS197 IBZ d0722/LS198 IBZ a1328/LS477 LPA d1445
G-LSAA n/s
G-LSAB LS443 HER d1202/LS444 HER a2118
G-LSAC LS422 RHO a0049/LS271 ALC d0743/LS272 ALC a1448
G-LSAE LS355 KGS d1626
G-LSAI n/s
G-LSAK LS476 DLM a0114/LS251 FAO d0825/LS252 FAO a1517/LS249 FUE d1651

PH-EXA KL1540 AMS d0630
PH-EXC KL1551 AMS a2201 (night stop)
PH-EZA KL1549 AMS a1639/KL1550 AMS d1748
PH-EZU KL1541 AMS a0959/KL1542 AMS d1116

G-ZBAP ZB1242 FAO d0724/ZB1243 FAO a1401/ZB1236 ALC d1515/ZB1237 ALC a2114
G-ZBAR ZB7502 TFS d0624/ZB7503 TFS a1622/ZB7516 PMI d1740/ZB7517 PMI a2329

EI-DCW FR2480 AGP a1038/FR2781 AGP d1132
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0647/FR152 DUB a0854 (Looks to have gone Tech)
EI-EBA FR2446 AGP d1658/FR2447 AGP a2322
EI-EFG FR2047 ACE a1113/FR2048 ACE d1159
EI-EPF FR2476 CHQ d0735/FR2477 CHQ a1613/FR9079 ALC d1732/FR9078 ALC a2328
EI-ESN FR2323 MJV a0041/FR2484 TSF d0745/FR2485 TSF a1231/FR2326 PMI d1310/FR2327 PMI a1859/FR1503 GDN d1954
EI-FTR FR2333 KRK a2142/FR2332 KRK d2229
EI-FZL FR156 DUB a1649/FR157 DUB d1801

C-FEAK TOM3250 PMI d0816/TOM3251 PMI a2137

Movement Credits: Scott S, Del B, Dave E

Monday, 29 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-LEAC C510 a1615 BKK24X
F-HBIR C510 d0955 BKK9I
OE-FWD C510 d1117 STC912A
M-SAIL PC12 a1508
D-CAST C25B a1800 AHO144F fm Geneva
N89NB SR22 a1832 fm Luton
G-FBKF C510 2145 BKK6F

Other based G/A

G-GZOO a1620 APX1CP fm Nice (via Birmingham)
G-CGMF C56X a1742 APX4CP fm St Athan


G-CELA postioned to NCL d0907 EXS041A
G-CELH postioned in from NCL a1159 EXS043A
G-GDFF postioned to MAN d2053 EXS044A
C-FFPH has swapped with C-FEAK at Ibiza
G-CELH positioned to NCL d2301 EXS045A
G-LSAG postioned to MAN d2251 EXS031E

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3394 DUB a1936/EI3395 DUB d2109
EI-FCY EI3390 DUB a0848/EI3391 DUB d0936

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1306/GR665 GCI d1401

British Airways
G-EUPM BA1340 LHR a0922/BA1341 LHR d1028/BA1344 LHR a1850/BA1345 LHR d1950

G-MAJK T34704 SOU d1413/T34705 SOU a1639/T34705 ABZ d1742/T34716 ABZ a2020
G-MAJZ T34711 ABZ d0658/T37402 ABZ (Diverted to HUY)/EZE72Y HUY a1130/T34702 SOU d1200/T34703 SOU a1353

G-ECOC BE733 BHD a1302/BE753 NQY d1355/BE754 NQY a1628/BE736 BHD d1738
G-ECOH BE731 BHD a1054/BE732 BHD d1138
G-PRPK BE737 BHD a1949/BE738 BHD d2038

G-CELF LS201 AMS d0740/LS202 AMS a1041/LS241 NCE d1143/LS242 NCE a1705/LS471 SXF d1805/LS472 SXF a2222
G-CELG LS343 VCE d0735/LS344 VCE a1421/LS265 AGP d1630/LS266 AGP a2310
G-CELH LS315 CDG d1359/LS316 CDG a1722/LS347 DUS d1814/LS347 DUS a2128
G-CELY LS247 FAO d1649/LS248 FAO a2329
G-GDFB LS2510 FAO d1252/LS2520 FAO a1938
G-GDFD LS255 GRO d0753/LS256 GRO a1312/LS223 TFS d1418
G-GDFE LS271 ALC d0828/LS272 ALC a1427/LS273 ALC d1543/LS274 ALC a2232
G-GDFF LS251 FAO d1257/.EXS25W FAO a1925
G-GDFL LS432 BUD a2228
G-GDFM LS231 BCN d0933/LS232 BCN a1439/LS431 BUD d1555
G-GDFU LS478 LPA a0135/LS375 MAH d0818/LS376 MAH a1415/LS213 AYT d1528
G-GDFZ LS224 TFS a0150/LS389 FNC d0855/LS390 FNC a1708/LS227 PMI d1839
G-JZHC LS276 ALC a1019/LS275 ALC d1132
G-LSAA LS259 CFU d1432/LS260 CFU a2205
G-LSAB LS218 ACE a0120/LS197 IBZ d0720/LS198 IBZ a1349/LS2470 FAO d1643/LS2480 FAO (Div to EMA)
G-LSAC LS406 PFO a0051/LS257 PMI d0707/LS258 PMI a1332/LS421 RHO d1504
G-LSAK LS466 LCA a0105/LS185 AGP d0744/LS186 AGP a1453/LS475 DLM d1606

PH-EZD KL1549 AMS a1645/KL1550 AMS d1732
PH-EXA KL1551 AMS a2216 (night stop)
PH-EZF KL1540 AMS d0714

G-ZBAP ZB1276 NAP d0800/ZB1277 NAP a1424/ZB1254 BCN d1610/ZB1255 BCN a2202
G-ZBAR ZB1260 DLM d0615/ZB1261 DLM a1621/ZB7584 MAH d1736/ZB7585 MAH a2334

EI-DAF FR2447 AGP a1826/FR2446 AGP d1931
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0645/FR2493 TFS a1558/FR5041 BTS d1710/FR5042 BTS a2158
EI-DYD FR2324 GRO a1255/FR2325 GRO d1347
EI-EKC FR2504 FAO a1045/FR2503 FAO d1145
EI-ENN FR2502 PSA a1247/FR2501 PSA d1351
EI-ENW FR2449 MLA a0917/FR2448 MLA d1012
EI-EPF FR153 DUB d0652/FR152 DUB a0926/FR2326 PMI d1024/FR2327 PMI a1617/FR9079 ALC d1724/FR9078 ALC a2325
EI-ESN FR2487 IBZ a0005/FR1584 FUE d0633/FR1585 FUE a1534/FR2322 MJV d1634
EI-EVX FR5044 VNO a0810/FR5043 VNO d0940
EI-FZV FR156 DUB a1720/FR157 DUB d1808

C-FEAK TOM3173 IBZ a1944
C-FFPH TOM3711 PMI a0056/TOM3172 IBZ d0600 (swapped at Ibiza)

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ade Hairsine

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

OY-RJC CRJ2 a0803 d0949 PAV4905 fm Hannover to Leipzig
N89NB SR22 d0854 to Luton
G-SOVB LJ45 a0955 d1100 BZE02A/02B
G-LEAC C510 a1420 BKK24X
F-HBIR C510 a1627 BKK9I fm Dublin
OE-FWD C510 a1700 STC912A

Other based G/A



G-LSAI postioned to Manchester d0221 EXS042A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAW EI3394 DUB a2014/EI3395 DUB d2051
EI-FAX EI3392 DUB a1516/EI3393 DUB d1602

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1257/GR665 GCI d1351

British Airways
BA1344/BA1345 LHR (Cancelled)
G-EUOI BA1340 LHR a1049/BA1341 LHR d1154
G-EUPF BA1342 LHR a1429/BA1343 LHR d1533

G-CDEA T34719 ABZ a1615/T34719 SOU d1704/T34718 SOU a1928/T34718 ABZ d2016
G-MAJK n/s
G-MAJZ n/s

BE735 BHD/BE736 BHD (Cancelled)
G-ECOD BE731 BHD a1000/BE732 BHD d1026
G-ECOT BE754 NQY a1329/BE755 NQY d1434
G-JEDP BE737 BHD a1950/BE738 BHD d2037

EC-IDT LS228 PMI a1705/LS227 PMI d1809
G-CELA n/s
G-CELF LS375 MAH d0641/LS376 MAH a1240/LS315 CDG d1401/LS316 CDG a1711/LS347 DUS d1812/LS348 DUS a2124
G-CELG LS208 MJV a2231
G-CELY LS2510 FAO d0915/LS2520 FAO a1520/LS2730 ALC d1720/LS2740 ALC a2325
G-CELX LS231 BCN d0912/LS232 BCN a1517/LS207 MJV d1612
G-GDFB LS251 FAO d0830/LS252 FAO a1525/LS273 ALC d1655/LS274 ALC a2315
G-GDFD LS331 FCO d0847/LS332 FCO a1511/LS265 AGP d1634/LS266 AGP a2335
G-GDFE LS225 PUY d0659/LS226 PUY a1232/LS205 AMS d1340/LS206 AMS a1633/LS195 PRG d1806/LS196 PRG a2244
G-GDFM LS269 LEI d0817/LS270 LEI a1447/LS247 FAO d1700/LS248 FAO a2335
G-GDFU LS478 LPA a0120/LS271 ALC d0743/LS272 ALC a1422/LS477 LPA d1530
G-GDFZ LS406 PFO a0304/LS439 DBV d0731/LS440 DBV a1405/LS223 TFS d1537
G-LSAA LS184 AGP d0747/LS185 AGP a1415
G-LSAB LS218 ACE a0035/LS197 IBZ d0654/LS198 IBZ a1330/LS217 ACE d2000
G-LSAC LS405 PFO d1441
G-LSAG EXS044A AGP a1802
G-LSAI LS224 TFS a0045
G-LSAK LS444 HER a0059/LS257 PMI d0638/LS258 PMI a1244/LS465 LCA d1438

PH-EZF KL1551 AMS a2229 (night stop)
PH-EZV KL1540 AMS d0634
PH-EZY KL1541 AMS a0950/KL1542 AMS d1023
PH-EZX KL1549 AMS a1649/KL1550 AMS d1739

G-ZBAP ZB1265 DLM a0045/ZB1242 FAO d0900/ZB1243 FAO a1529/ZB1254 BCN d1707/ZB1255 BCN a2250
G-ZBAR ZB7509 LCA a0259/ZB1212 AGO d0823/ZB1213 AGP a1507/ZB1236 ALC d1652/ZB1237 ALC a2315

EI-DYB FR153 DUB a0644/FR152 DUB a0855/FR2326 PMI d0952/FR2327 PMI a1535/FR2203 WMI d1647/FR2204 WMI a2144
EI-EKY FR2635 LPA a1115/FR2536 LPA d1139
EI-EPE FR2447 AGP a1816/FR2446 AGP d1933
EI-EPF FR9079 ALC d0757/FR9078 ALC a1435/FR2328 LIG d1546/FR2329 LIG a1918/FR157 DUB d1958/FR156 DUB a2201
EI-ESN FR2482 RIX d0651/FR2483 RIX a1229/FR2486 IBZ d1416
EI-FOM FR2504 FAO a1849/FR2503 FAO d1950
EI-FTR FR2333 KRK a1950/FR2332 KRK d2033

C-FFPH TOM7BE TFS d0715/TOM18E TFS a1639/TOM84A PMI d1851

Movement Credits: Scott S, Danny Jones

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-RABB PC12 a0919 Fm Biggin Hill d1044 to Dublin
G-KRBN E55P d1115 VCG487 to Palma
D-AAIJ CRJ2 d1336  JTI737 to Malaga
G-XJET L45 a1400 d???? EGL999

G-XJET arriving by Richard Wilkinson

G-KRBN E55P by Lee Collings

G-KRBN E55P by Lee Collings

G-KRBN By Mark Dobson

G-RABB PC12 by Lee Collings

Other based G/A

G-CFGB C680 d1005 
N928SK SR22 a1150

G-CFGB C680 by Lee Collings


G-JZHS postioned back to Manchester d0851 EXS031E
G-LSAI postioned to Leeds from Manchester EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FSK EI3390 DUB a0730/EI3391 DUB d0835

G-HUET GR662 GCI a0915/GR663 GCR d1017

BH Air
LZ-BHH 8H5569 BOJ a1647/8H5570 BOJ d1808

British Airways
G-EUPO BA1340 LHR a0845/BA1341 LHR d1131

G-MAJK n/s
G-MAJZ n/s

G-PRPI BE735 BHD a1636/BE736 BHD d1722
G-PRPK BE754 NQY a1003/BE755 NQY d1108
G-PRPN BE729 BHD a0739/BE730 BHD d0826

G-CELA LS252 FAO a1530/LS251 FAO d0810/LS252 FAO a1515/LS227 PMI d1705/LS228 PMI a2331
G-CELF LS368 PSA a1337/LS367 PSA d0744/LS245 SPU d1507/FR246 SPU a2116
G-CELY LS2519 FAO d0833/LS2520 FAO a1525/LS2270 PMI d1659/LS2280 PMI a2333
G-GDFB LS365 NAP d0818/LS366 NAP a1458/LS297 REU d1632/LS298 REU a2142
G-GDFD LS476 DLM a0043/LS239 MLA d0640/LS240 MLA a1428/LS265 AGO d1636/LS266 AGO a2254
G-GDFE LS235 EGC d0721/LS236 EGC a1143/LS175 JER d1238/LS176 JER a1558/LS247 FAO d1707/LS248 FAO a2357
G-GDFM LS241 NCE d0703/LS242 NCE a1210/LS447 ZTH d1332/LS447 ZTH a2148
G-GDFU LS185 AGP d0726/LS186 AGP a1443/LS477 LPA d1611
G-GDFZ LS422 RHO a0038/LS375 MAH d0820/LS376 MAH a1402/LS405 PFO d1701
G-JZHC LS274 ALC a1715/LS273 ALC d1828
G-JZHS LS466 LCA a0047 (postioned back to MAN)
G-LSAA LS224 TFS a0055
G-LSAB LS257 PMI d0644/LS258 PMI a1251/LS217 ACE d1501
G-LSAC LS250 FUE a0014/LS271 ALC d0849/LS272 ALC a1520
G-LSAI LS223 TFS d1445 (postioned in from MAN)
G-LSAK LS197 IBZ d0714/LS198 IBZ a1415/LS443 HER d1549

PH-EXD KL1540 AMS d0637
PH-EZF KL1549 AMS a1643/KL1550 AMS d1736
PH-EZL KL1541 AMS a0937/KL1542 AMS d1107
PH-EZV KL1551 AMS a2200 (night stop)

G-ZBAP ZB1243 FAO a1352/ZB1242 FAO d0733/ZB1264 DLM d1521
G-ZBAR ZB7505 TFS a0115/ZB7512 PMI d0824/ZB7513 PMI a1513/ZB7508 LCA d1711

EI-DYB FR2447 AGP a0003/FR153 DUB d0647/FR152 DUB a0857/FR2326 PMI d1001/FR2327 PMI a1659/FR2446 AGP d1726/FR2447 AGP a2302
EI-EFG FR2047 ACE a1052/FR2048 ACE d1157
EI-EKH FR2439 TFS a0959/FR2492 TFS d1117
EI-EPF FR2484 TSF d0705/FR2485 TSF a1150/FR9079 ALC d1258/FR9078 ALC a1926/FR157 DUB d1947/FR156 DUB a2153
EI-ESN FR2476 CHQ d0709/FR2477 CHQ a1551/FR1503 GDN d1750/FR1504 GDN a2209
EI-FTR FR2333 KRK a1924/FR2332 KRK d2013

C-FFPH BY3507 MAH a0109/TOM3618 PMI d0808/TOM3619 PMI a1458/BY3646 RHO d1646

Movement Credits: Scott S, Richard Wilkinson, Lee Collings, Mark Dobson

Friday, 26 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

CS-LTA C680 d1041  NJE418H to Ibiza
D-BEAR C750 d0904 to Munster
N353CE AS350 a1155 d1410
N35YY AS350 a1155 d1320
N263CP EC120 a1205 d1320
G-SUEJ  E550  a1228  d1435  SXN50J  Fm Venice Treviso  To  Northolt
CS-DXK C560 d1317 NJE801L to La Mole-Saint-Tropez
G-RVNP P68 a1345 d1555 RVR7NP 
CS-PHE E55P a1620 d1755 NJE893F/763N to Cannes
D-AAIJ CRJ2 a2003 JTI727 Fm Heraklion
G-KRBN  E55P   a2034  VCG419 Fm Farnborough

ZF287 Tucano ILS 14.10 LOP18

Other based G/A
N928SK SR22 d1513

G-JZHS  B737  EXS41A Positioned across from Manchester a1300

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3390 DUB a0732/EI3391 DUB d0834
EI-FCY EI3394 DUB a2059/EI3395 DUB d2138

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1304/GR665 GCI d1403

British Airways
G-EUOG BA1340 LHR a0846/BA1341 LHR d0939
G-EUPN BA1344 LHR a1835/BA1345 LHR d1924
G-EUPW BA1342 LHR a1341/BA1343 LHR d1446

G-MAJC T34711 ABZ d0701/T34702 ABZ a1030/T34704 SOU d1440/T34705 SOU a1710/T34705 ABZ d1814
G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0712/T34703 SOU a1256/T34703 ABZ d1401/T34706 ABZ a1647/T34706 SOU d1757/T34707 SOU a2022
G-MAJZ T34716 ABZ a2146

G-JECR BE733 BHD a1256/BE753 NQY d1350/BE754 NQY a1634/BE736 BHD d1749
G-JEDP BE731 BHD a1043/BE732 BHD d1123
G-LGNR BE6927 GLA a????/BE6985 GLA d1906
G-PRPI BE729 BHD a0734/BE730 BHD d0823
G-PRPK BE737 BHD a2003/BE738 BHD d2043

G-CELA LS231 BCN d0858/LS232 BCN a1453/LS265 AGP d1555/LS266 AGP a2243
G-CELF LS255 GRO d0705/LS256 GRO a1302/LS315 CDG d1356/LS316 CDG a1708/LS347 DUS d1822/LS348 DUS a2128
G-CELK LS471 SXF d0911/LS472 SXF a1406/LS273 ALC d1652
G-CELY LS343 VCE d0716/LS344 VCE a1244/LS431 BUD d1432/LS432 BUD a2037
G-GDFB LS274 ALC a2329
G-GDFD LS375 MAH d0800/LS376 MAH a1336/LS475 DLM d1533
G-GDFE LS201 AMS d0651/LS202 AMS a0941/LS241 NCE d1052/LS242 NCE a1558/LS247 FAO d1716/LS248 FAO a2333
G-GDFU LS216 BJV a0137/LS197 IBZ d0737/LS198 IBZ a1341/LS2730 ALC d1702/LS2740 ALC a2314
G-GDFZ LS478 LPA a0153/LS185 AGP d0756/LS186 AGP a1436/LS421 RHO d1547
G-JZHS LS465 LCA d1408
G-LSAA LS257 PMI d0707/LS258 PMI a1333/LS223 TFS d1450
G-LSAB LS251 FAO d0819/LS252 FAO a1527/LS227 PMI d1706/LS228 PMI a2258
G-LSAC LS249 FUE d1443
G-LSAK LS218 ACE a0047/LS271 ALC d0732/LS272 ALC a1420

PH-EZK KL1549 AMS a1654/KL1550 AMS d1804
PH-EZS KL1540 AMS d0644
PH-EXD KL1551 AMS a2223 (night stop)
PH-EZX KL1541 AMS a0956/KL1542 AMS d1047

G-ZBAP ZB7582 MAH d0914/ZB7583 MAH a1506/ZB1254 BCN d1615/ZB1255 BCN a2159
G-ZBAR ZB1276 NAP d0728/ZB1277 NAP a1416/ZB7504 TFS d1540

EI-DHF FR156 DUB a1659/FR157 DUB d1745
EI-DWK FR2502 PSA a1429/FR2501 PSA d1536
EI-DWW FR2324 GRO a0748/FR2325 GRO d0839
EI-DYB FR1584 FUE d0626/FR1585 FUE a1532/FR2446 AGP d1700
EI-EGB FR5044 VNO a0745/FR5043 VNO d0842
EI-ENW FR2449 MLA a0907/FR2448 MLA d1003
EI-EPF FR153 DUB d0639/FR152 DUB a0854/FR9079 ALC d0946/FR9078 ALC a1549/FR2322 MJV d1714/FR2323 MJV a2323
EI-ESN FR5041 BTS d0658/FR5042 BTS a1201/FR2503 FAO d1553/FR2504 FAO a2212

C-FFPH BY3506 MAH d1930

Movement credits: Scott S, Ollie C, Mark B, Dave E

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-BEAR  C750  n/s
EI-PRO AS365 a1035
G-CGKC G115 a1130 d1310 CWL97
D-IJOA  C525  a1140  d1250 ECA888
G-IPAX  C560  a1143  d1225 EDC477
G-LUKA BE58 d1435
CS-DXF  C560 NJE652U a1455 /NJE166B d1610 to LCY
G-ZNTH  LJ75 a1603 d1650 BZE07A/07B
CS-DXK C560 a1640 NJE731P
CS-LTA C680 a1700 NJE122A

ZH883  C130  ILS 21.05+21.20   Omen1
ZH875  C130  ILS 21.10  Omen2

Omen 1 and 2 by Paul Rainford

Omen 1 and 2 by Paul Rainford

Omen 1 and 2 by Paul Rainford

Omen 1 and 2 by Andrew Easby

Omen 1 and 2 by Andrew Easby

Omen 1 and 2 by Andrew Easby

Other based G/A
G-CGMF  C560  d0905 APX4CP
G-IFIT  PA31  d1250 to Cambridge
G-HNPN E55P a1900 FLJ54
N928SK d1145 a1519

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3390 DUB a0900/EI3391 DUB d0935
EI-FAX EI3394 DUB a2031/EI3395 DUB d2123

British Airways
G-EUOB BA1340 LHR a0848/BA1341 LHR d0944
G-EUOC BA9273 LHR d1241 (following yesterdays cancellation)
G-EUPD BA1342 LHR a1337/BA1343 LHR d1430
G-EUPR BA1344 LHR a1829/BA1345 LHR d1918

G-MAJC T34706 ABZ a1706/T34706 SOU d1747/T34707 SOU a2010
G-MAJK T34711 ABZ d0708/T34702 ABZ a0934/T34702 SOU d1021/T34703 SOU a1256/T34704 SOU d1410/T34705 SOU a1644/T34705 ABZ d1735/T34716 ABZ a2000
G-MAJL T34700 SOU d0704/T34701 SOU a0950/T34701 ABZ d1033

G-JEDP BE731 BHD a1053/BE732 BHD d1131/BE733 BHD a1349/BE734 BHD d1433/BE735 BHD a1648/BE736 BHD d1739
G-LGNH BE6984 GLA a1827/BE6985 GLA d1904
G-LGNZ BE6980 GLA a0757/BE6981 GLA d0846
G-PRPI BE729 BHD a0730/BE730 BHD d0819
G-PRPK BE737 BHD a2004/BE738 BHD d2043

G-CELA LS195 PRG d0747/LS196 PRG a1226/LS205 AMS d1647/LS206 AMS a1950
G-CELF LS298 REU a1219/LS315 CDG d1407/LS316 CDG a1717/LS347 DUS d1810/LS348 DUS a2122
G-CELY LS331 FCO d0751/LS332 FCO a1413/LS227 PMI d1632/LS228 PMI a2237
G-CELX LS207 MJV d0841/LS208 MJV a1500
G-GDFD LS197 IBZ d0727/LS198 IBZ a1346/LS439 DBV d1546/LS440 DBV a2221
G-GDFE LS231 BCN d0905/LS232 BCN a1503/LS265 AGP d1635/LS266 AGP a2306
G-GDFU LS251 FAO d0814/LS252 FAO a1508/LS215 BJV d1640
G-GDFZ LS185 AGP d0730/LS186 AGP a1431/LS477 LPA d1559
G-JZHC LS274 ALC a0938/LS273 ALC d1102
G-LSAA LS271 ALC d0801/LS272 ALC a1428
G-LSAB LS223 TFS d0941/LS224 TFS a1920
G-LSAC LS443 HER d1442/LS444 HER a2350
G-LSAK LS258 PMI a1305/LS217 ACE d1506

PH-EXE KL1549 AMS a1714/KL1550 AMS d1805
PH-EZF KL1541 AMS a1029/KL1542 AMS d1142
PH-EZS KL1551 AMS a2157 (night stop)
PH-EZX KL1540 AMS d0625

G-ZBAP ZB7509 LCA a0139/ZB1212 AGP d0826/ZB1213 AGP a1457/ZB7516 PMI d1627/ZB7517 PMI a2303
G-ZBAR ZB1242 FAO d0734/ZB1243 FAO a1429/ZB1236 ALC d1536/ZB1237 ALC a2126

EI-DCP FR156 DUB a1705/FR157 DUB d1751
EI-DCW FR2447 AGP a1824/FR2446 AGP d1925
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0648/FR152 DUB a0930/FR2326 PMI d1014/FR2327 PMI a1609/FR2203 WMI d1701/FR2204 WMI a2202
EI-EBH FR2047 ACE a1059/FR2048 ACE d1159
EI-EKC FR2504 FAO a1900/FR2503 FAO d1953
EI-EPF FR2328 LIG d0632/FR2329 LIG a1009/FR1503 GDN d1137/FR1504 GDN a1619/FR9079 ALC d1724/FR9078 ALC a2325
EI-ESN FR2332 KRK d0659/FR2333 KRK a1204/FR2486 IBZ d1348/FR2487 IBZ a2353
EI-FEF FR2535 LPA a1056/FR2536 LPA d1205

C-FFPH BY3339 PFO a0235/BY3432 PMI d0641/TOM65B PMI a1253/BY3446 FAO d1456/BY3447 FAO a2131

Movement credits: Mark B, Scott S, Dave E, Paul Rainford, Andrew Easby

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-CSLT  LJ60  d1000  IFA1348
G-FBKF  C510  a1140  d1244  BKK6F
D-BEAR  C750  a1617
G-XXEC  A109  a1435  d1730  KRH1R
Z????     BN2 a0930 RRR7963
G-IPAX C56X d1200 EDC477

Other based G/A
G-SIRO  F900  d0750
G-HNPN  E55P  d0925
G-MOSJ  BE90  d1421  a1940

G-LSAI made a test flight from Manchester post repairs after the tail strike in Alicante.
The aircraft flew for approximately 2 Hrs 30 mins.

Scheduled / Charter Movemets

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3390 DUB a0805/EI3391 DUB d0856
EI-FAW EI3394 DUB a1811/EU3395 DUB d1912

G-HUET AUR66V GCI a1305/GR665 GCI d1402

British Airways
G-EUOC BA1342 LHR a1341/BA1343 LHR CANC
G-EUOE BA1340 LHR a0845/BA1341 LHR d0936
G-EUPW BA1344 LHR a1849/BA1345 LHR d1958

G-MAJL T34700 SOU d0657/T34701 SOU a0947/T34701 ABZ d1025/T34706 ABZ a1625/T34706 SOU d1724/T34707 SOU a1951
G-MAJK T34711 ABZ d0708/T37402 ABZ a0942/T37402 SOU d1017/T34705 SOU a1637/T34705 ABZ d1737/T34716 ABZ a2041

G-JECR BE733 BHD a1253/BE753 NQY d1328/BE754 NQY a1612/BE736 BHD d1743
G-JEDR BE731 BHD a1036/BE732 BHD d1120
G-LGNH BE6984 GLA a1834/BE6985 GLA d1917
G-LGNG BE6980 GLA a0823/BE6981 GLA d0907
G-PRPL BE729 BHD a0740/BE730 BHD d0814
G-PRPK BE737 BHD a1944/BE738 BHD d2027

G-CELX LS185 AGP d0705/LS186 AGP a1404/LS461 VRN d1525/LS462 VRN a2039
G-CELY LS251 FAO d0826/LS252 FAO a1504/LS347 DUS d1741/LS348 DUS a2113
G-GDFD LS253 EFL d0742/LS254 EFL a1542
G-GDFE LS271 ALC d0903/LS272 ALC a1537/LS205 AMS d1705/LS206 AMS a1955
G-GDFU LS213 AYT d1030/LS214 AYT a2024
G-GDFZ LS465 LCA d1011/LS466 LCA a2048
G-LSAK LS405 PFO d0949/LS406 PFO a2034

PH-EZT KL1549 AMS a1704/KL1550 AMS d1753
PH-EZU KL1541 AMS a1019/KL1542 AMS d1111
PH-EZW KL1540 AMS d0644
PH-EZX KL1551 AMS a2207

G-ZBAP ZB1212 AGP d0713/ZB1213 AGP a1347/ZB7508 LCA d1522
G-ZBAR ZB1260 DLM d0621/ZB1261 DLM a1538/ZB1242 FAO d1720/ZB1243 FAO a0012

EI-DAS FR2502 PSA a1908/FR2501 PSA d2010
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0635/FR2493 TFS a1553/FR1503 GDN d1733/FR1504 GDN a2206
EI-EBE FR153 DUB d0647
EI-EBI FR9078 ALC a0833/FR9079 ALC d0923
EI-EKC FR2504 FAO a1910/FR2503 FAO d2003
EI-EPF FR152 DUB a0859/FR2326 PMI d0945/FR2237 PMI a1518/FR2446 AGP d1654/FR2447 AGP a2312
EI-ESN FR2496 CFU d0756/FR2497 CFU a1521/FR2482 RIX d1629/FR2483 RIX a2159
EI-FRF FR156 DUB a1647/FR157 DUB d1746

C-FFPH BY3316 PMI d0746/BY3317 PMI a1400/BY3338 PFO d1621

Movement credits: Mark B, Scott S, Ade Hairsine, Dave E, Ollie C, Ross B

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-ZNTH  LJ75  a0750  D0913  BZE07A / B  Fm Biggin Hill  To Palama
CS-PHB  E55P  a0835  d1140  NJE511W / 822E Fm Luton  To Stockholm
F-HBIR  C510  d1217  BKK91  To Liverpool
G-IPAX  C560  a1240  EDC486  Fm Newquay
N989PR  TB85  a1320  d1525  Fm To Cambridge
G-AYPV  PA28  a1410  d1705
D-CSLT  LJ60  a1620  IFA1345  Fm Antalya
F-HFIT  BN2A  a1633  d1800  Fm Le Touqet To Glasgow

Other based G/A
G-GZOO  G200 d0810
G-SIRO  F900 a1740
G-MOSJ  BE90  d1931  a2205  APX5G

Scheduled / Charter Movemets

Aer Lingus
EI-FCZ EI3390 DUB a0807/EU3391 DUB d0858
EI-FSK EU3394 DUB a1758/EU3395 DUB d1848

British Airways
G-EUPD BA1344 LHR a1835/BA1345 LHR d1911
G-EUPS BA1342 LHR a1325/BA1343 LHR d1425

YR-FZA  F100  a1820  d1923  KRP2689 / 4689  Faro / Amsterdam HTFC 

G-MAJL T34700 SOU d0747/T34701 SOU a1005/T73401 ABZ d1043/T34706 ABZ a1656/T34706 SOU d1753/T34707 SOU a2008
G-MAJK T73411 ABZ d0652/T34702 ABZ a0930/T34702 SOU d1015/T34703 SOU a1235/T34704 SOU d1414/T34705 SOU a1649/T34705 ABZ d1739/T34716 ABZ a2012

G-LGNK BE6980 GLA d0804/BE6981 GLA d0902
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1810/BE6985 GLA d1906
G-JECR BE731 BHD a1034/BE732 BHD d1119/BE733 BHD a1342/BE734 BHD d1422/BE725 BHD a1629/BE736 BHD d1713
G-PRPK BE737 BHD a2001/BE738 BHD d2040

G-CELK LS272 ALC a1559
G-CELY LS298 REU a1339/LS207 MJV d1522/LS208 MJV a2139
G-CELX LS252 FAO a1517/LS205 AMS d1646/LS206 AMS a1944
G-GDFB LS271 ALC d0919
G-GDFD LS249 FUE d1023/LS250 FUE a1941
G-GDFE LS185 AGP d0951/LS186 AGP a1645/LS347 DUS d1747/LS348 DUS a2109
G-GDFU LS217 ACE d1059/LS218 ACE a1950
G-GDFZ LS477 LPA d0958/LS478 LPA a1947
G-LSAB LS355 KGS d1013/LS356 KGS a2158
G-LSAD LS443 HER d0909/LS444 HER a1832
G-LSAK LS223 TFS d0955/LS224 TFS a1956

PH-EZS KL1541 AMS a1007/KL1542 AMS d1105
PH-EZW KL1551 AMS a2206
PH-EZY KL1549 AMS a1640/KL1550 AMS d1735

G-ZBAP ZB7503 TFS a1548/ZB7516 PMI d1730/ZB7517 PMI a2318
G-ZBAR ZB1243 FAO a1359/ZB1236 ALC d1525/ZB1237 ALC a2130

C-FFPH BY3251 PMI a2201

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Scott S, DaveE

Monday, 22 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

F-HBIR  C510  n/s
G-IPLY  C55B a1325  d1420  XJC84Y Fm Palma  To Staverton

Other based G/A
G-HNPN  E55P  d1033  d1635  FLJ51/2

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DYN  FR5044/3 a0741  d0842  VNO
EI-ENW  FR2449/8  a0900 d0959  MLA
EI-FTM  FR2504/3  a1057   d1149  FAO
EI-EI-DWW  FR2324/5 a1303  d1352  GRO
EI-EMI FR2502/1  a1321  d1410  PSA
EI-EKR FR156/7  a1655  d1834  DUB
EI-DCW  FR2446/7 a1837  d1929   AGP

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny,

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

177702   C17A  d1758  Canfor 3679
G-FBKF   C510  a1006  BKK6F Fm Le Bourget  To Lille
F-HBIR  C510  a1323  BKK91  Fm London City
OE-FNP  C525  a1706  d1800  GAC139B  Fm Bergerac To Manchester
D-IEKU  C510  a1712 d1748  ECA222 Fm Wick  To Manchester
Canandain C17 By Roger Oldfield

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0734  a1020  APX5G
G-CFGB  C680  a1403

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI- EKY FR2535/6 a1035  d1138  LPA
EI-DCW  FR2447/6  a1825  d1922  AGP
EI-FOA  FR2504/3  a1902  d1950  FAO
EI-FTC  FR2333/2  a1942  d2030  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based
EC-IDT  B737  a1652  d1806  EXS228/7  PMI


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, James

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

 Two shots of C-FFPH operating for TUI credit to NTG.

177702   C17A  n/s
CS-PHD  E55P  d1055  NJE457Y  To  I.O.M
F-HBIR  C510  a0934  d1035  BKK91  Fm Oxford  To  London City

Other based G/A
G-CFGB  C680  d1408

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DWR  FR2493/2 a1011  d1104  TFS
EI-EKM  FR2047/8  a1115  d1224  ACE
EI-FTC  FR2333/2  a1918  d2015  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based
LZ-BHI  A320  BGH5569/70  a0608  d0735  Bourgas

C-FFPH B737 now based for TUI

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny,

Friday, 19 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-IPLY  C55B  a0805  d0911  XJC84Y  Fm Staverton  To Palma
CS-DXU  C560  a1030  d1720   NJE538N / 689M  Fm To Le Bourget
OE-FZA  C510  a1333  d1410  GAC139A Fm Luton To Bergerac
G-SUEJ  E550  a1914  d1952  SXN50J  Fm Bologna  To Luton
CS-PHD  E55P  a1840  NJE762L  Fm Newquay
177702   C17A a2055  Canforce 3679

The following 5 photos of the Canadian C17' s arrival By Ade Hairsine

The next two kindly supplied by Mark Dobson

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  d0840  a1338  APX5M
N425ST  c550  d0850
G-CFGB  C680  d1144  a1340
2-GOLF  C525 d1734
G-GZOO  G200 a2144  APX1G

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DYN  FR5044/3  a0737 d0826  VNO
EI-DWK FR2324/5  a0745  d0842  GRO
EI-DWL FR2448/9  a0844  d1003  MLA
EI-DPL  FR2502  a1433  d1524  PSA
EI-EKP  FR156/7  a1710  d1802  DUB

Scheduled / Charters - not based

C-FFPH B737 now based for TUI after an aircraft swap in Corfu

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Pete G, DaveE

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

CS-DXN  C560  a0826  d0945  NJE882P/324C Fm Luxembourg  To Exeter
D-IJOA  C525  d1015  ECA888 To Poznan
SE-DJG  E135  a1040  d1115  EUW9261  Fm Farnborough To Manchester
CS-LTA  C68A  a1306  d1720  NJE354G/339F.  Fm To Cork 
G-SUET  B206   a1510   d1545   Fm Scunthorpe To Sherburn

D-IJOA By Ade Hairsine

EMB135 SE-DJG Departs By Ade Hairsine

SE-DJG By Ade Hairsine
CS-DXN climbing away By Ade Hairsine

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0806  a1615  APX5G
G-IFIT  PA31  d1213  a1750

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-FEI  FR2535/6  a1044  d1150  LPA
EI-EKM  FR2047/8  a1055  d1157  ACE
EI-FRZ  FR156/7  a1658  d1751  DUB
EI-ENE  FR2447/6  a1819  d1917  AGP
EI-DCF  FR2504/3  a1852  d1948  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based
YR-FZA  F100 a1029  d1234  KRP4676 / 2676  Fm Lyon To Faro

By Ade Hairsine

By Ade Hairsine

By Ade Hairsine


G-LGNI on Multiflight By Ade Hairsine

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Ade Hairsine, DaveE

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

HB-VPR  E55P  d1740  To Geneva
N762MS  G650  d0703  To Berlin Schonfeld
G-ZNTH  LJ75  a0845  d1000  BZE07B  Fm Biggin Hill To I.O.M
G-SUEJ  E550  d0935  SXN50J To Bologna
9H-VCB  CL35  a1130  d1800  VJT412  Fm To Dublin
D-IJOA  C525  a1411  ECA888 Fm Palma
2-FIFI PA46  a 1627  d1808  Fm To Jersey

E550 G-SUEJ By Ade Hairsine

G-ZNTH LJ75 By Ade Hairsine
Challenger 350 9H-VCB By Ade Hairsine

Other based G/A
2-GOLF  C525  a0736
G-CGMF  C560  a1925

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DLG  FR9078/9  a0838  d  ALC
EI-FEF FR156/7  a1704  d1748  DUB
EI-FIH  FR2502/1  eta1910  d1954  PSA
EI-EBF  FR2504/3  eta1844  d1945  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Ade Hairsine

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

A few shots supplied by Ade, further shots of today's Biz Jet arrivals on the
visitors list.

G-LGNZ By Ade Hairsine

ATR72 EI-FSK By Ade Hairsine
EI-EBH B737 By Ade Hairsine

PH-EZC KLM By Ade Hairsine
Jetstream G-MAJK By Ade Hairsine
 Another supplied by Ade from RAF Linton on Ouse today

N762MS  G650  n/s
D-IWIR  C525  d1203  ECA444  To Northolt
D-ISJP  C525  a0807  d1400   ECA717A / 111 Fm Luxembourg  To Bournemouth
M-TSRI  BE90  a0715  d1531  AAD916A / B  Fm To Hawarden
HB-VPR  E55P  a0900  Fm Geneva
G-SUEJ  E550  a1700  SXN50J  Fm Treviso
G-HPIN  B429  a1715  d1735 Fm To Bagby

C525 D-IWIR By Ade Hairsine

Phenom HB-VPR By Ade Hairsine

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d1205  a1455  APX5G
G-HNPN E55P  a1730  FLJ52

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DWH  FR2480/2781  a1031  d1127  AGP
EI-EBH  FR2047/8  a1112  d1200  ACE
EI-DAE  FR156/7  a1652  d1745  DUB
EI-DAD  FR2333/2  a1928  d2027  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Dann, Ade, DaveE

Monday, 15 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

N762MS  G650  a0646  Fm Rogers Municipal
2-FIFI  PA46  a1105  d1201  Fm Biggin Hill To Jersey
D-IWIR  C525  a1345  ECA444 Fm Palma
D-CEFO  C560  a1645  d1756  AHO998Z / 112M  Fm Ibiza To Luton

Other based G/A
G-HNPN  E55P  d0608
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0805  a1520  APX5G
G-CGMF  C560  d1125  APX4C
2-GOLF  C525  d1315

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-FZK  FR5044/3  a0750  d0839  VNO
EI-EVD  FR2449/8  a0925  d1012  MLA
EI-EFH  FR2504/3  a1056  d1148 FAO
EI-DHD  FR2324/5  a1318 d1407  GRO
EI-ENN  FR2502/1  a1303  d1358  PSA
EI-FRE  FR156/7  a1705  d1756  DUB
EI-FOW  FR2446/7 a1830  d1918  AGP

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Leeds Bradford 

A couple of shots below from today, kindly supplied by Pete Gibson.
G-LGNI on Multiflight

SR22 N89NB

M-WMWM  C525 a1535  d1605  Fm Florence  To Inverness

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0824  a1331  APX5G
G-CGMF  C560  a2120

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-ENL  FR2535/6 a1104 d1150  LPA
EI-DWJ  FR2447/6  a1841  d1933  AGP
EI-FOA  FR2504/3  a1906  d2002  FAO
EI-DAD  FR2333/2 a1951  d2038  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based
EC-IDT  B737  EXS288  a1656  d1812  PMI


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Ian S

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

G-BFDO   PA28  d1440

Other based G/A
G-CGMF  C560  d0724  APX4C

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DWH  FR2493/2 a1006 d1124  TFS
EI-EBH  FR2047/8 a1106  d1159  ACE
EI-FRV  FR2333/2 a1940  d2020  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based

G-PRPN DH8D of Flybe made its first visit to Leeds on the Newquay service
a0949  d1105

Due to a bomb scare and airport evacuation late last night a total of 6 flights
4 x Jet2 , 1 KLM and 1 Rynair diverted away from the airport. All but 1  of the
Jet2 (G-GDFB) returned to Leeds between midnight and 2 am

Diversions away
G-GDFB Manchester
G-GDFM East Midlands
G-GDFD  Newcastle
G-CELE  East Midlands
EI-DYF Liverpool
PH-EZG  East Midlands

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Jamie, PC,Ross, Scott, Ian S

Friday, 12 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

G-ODSA  B429  a0940  d1145  SSP31
ZH869/ZH883 C130  ILS 1035  Omen Formation To Brize Norton
EI-GJL  A365  d1150  To Birmingham
9H-CLG  CL85  d1422  AXY1205  To Amsterdam
G-ODSA  B429  arr 17.10     dep 17.40  SSP31
G-BFDO   PA28  n/s

Other based G/A
2-GOLF  C525  a1820

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EVY  FR5044/3  a0736  d0833  VNO
EI-DAO FR2324/5  a0747  d0840  GRO
EI-EVD FR2448/9  a0854  d1002  MLA
EI-EVK  FR2502  a1434  d1518  PSA
EI-DHB  FR156/7  a1708  d1751  DUB

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, DaveE

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

CS-DXH  C560 d0740  NJE772T  To Northolt
G-OCJZ  C525  a0715  d0805  CLF135  Fm Newcastle  To Cardiff
9H-CLG  CL85  a0910  AXY1105  Fm Biggin Hill
D-CAWM  C560  a1115  d2330  Fm  To Luton
D-CHIC  E55P  a1218  d1430  AHO484L  Fm Zurich To Garcia Lorca
G-OWAP  PA28   a1230  d1400   Tayflight AP
G-RVNP   P68  a1300  d1510   RVR7NP
9H-JOY  CRJ2  a1328  d1420  AXY1110 / 1106  Fm Farnborough To Ibiza
G-BFDO   PA28  a1435
ZF287  TUCA   ILS 1515  LOP19

CRJ2 9H-JOY By Scott Spencer

9H-JOY By Scott Spencer

9H-JOY By Scott Spencer
D-CHIC Phenom By Scott Spencer

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0733 a0955  APX5GP
G-HNPN  E55P  d0950  a1635  FLJ51 / 54
G-OLNT   A365  a1705
G-CGMF  C560  a1730 
N425ST  C550  a2045  
Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EKY  FR2535/6  a1055  d1231  LPA
EI-EKM  FR2047/8  a1058  d1202  ACE
EI-DAE  FR156/7  a1712  d1800  DUB
EI-ENE  FR2447/6  a1827  d1918  AGP
EI-DLR  FR2504/3  a1853  d1951  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, DaveE

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

D-GVIP  DA42  d1446  Essen
D-CGGG  LJ31  d1202  JCL3  Umea
G-ZNTH  LJ75  a1031  d1250   BZE07A  I.O.M / Humberside
G-CGKC  G115  a1130  d1409  CWL90
G-SKYV  PA28  a1425  d1745  I.O.M / I.O.M
G-OJLD   RV7  a1505  d1600
CS-DXH  C560  a1720  NJE056W  Wroclaw
EI-GJL  A365 a2000

Other based G/A
N425ST  C550  d0635 
G-GZOO  G200  d0703  a1400  APX1CP  Manchester / Venice M.P
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0711  APX5G  Stansted
G-IFIT  PA31  d1815  a2025  Dublin

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DYL  FR9078/9  a0846  d0945  ALC
EI-FRM  FR156/7   a1645  d1740  DUB
EI-EVK  FR2502/1  a1857  d1937  PSA
EI-EFK  FR2504/3  a1900 d2000  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Perky, DaveE

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

ZK456   B200  ILS 1040  CWL80
ZK460   B200  a1310  d1435  CWL75
ZA548   Torn   ILS 1700  MRH79
CS-PHJ E55P  a1725  d1910  NJE680K / 983A  Le Bourget - East Midlands
D-GVIP  DA42  a1830
D-CGGG  LJ31  a2115  JCL3  Seville

Other based G/A

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DWJ  FR2480/2781  a1053  d1136  AGP
EI-EKM  FR2047/8  a1106  d1203  ACE
EI-FRE  FR156/7  a1654  d1752  DUB
EI-DAD  FR2333/2  a2002  d2047  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, DaveE

Monday, 8 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

N840CD  SR20  a1020  d1205
D-IOHL  C525  d1043  ECA333  Palma
D-IWIR  C525  a1143  d1240  ECA444  Luton / Palma
G-SASH  EXPL  a1310  
G-BLHR  GA7  a1350  d1535  ADV35
CS-PHG  E55P  a1415  d1600  NJE056E / 041C  Newcastle /Wroclaw
EI-GJL  A365 a1555  d1805

Other based G/A
G-IFIT  PA31  d1310  a1600

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-ENF  FR5044/3  a0747  d0826 VNO
EI-EBS  FR2449/8  a0909  d1009  MLA
EI-DLR  FR2504/3  a1055  d1145  FAO
EI-EFN  FR2324/5  a1310 d1409  GRO
EI-ENN  FR2502/1  a1321  d1405  PSA
EI-FID  FR156/7  a1701 d1741  DUB
EI-DCW  FR2446/7 a1841  d1926 AGP

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, DaveE

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

N147LK  SR20  d1240
D-IOHL  C525  a1643  ECA333  Baden Baden

Other based G/A
G-CFGB  C680  a1353  Stockholm Bromma

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EKY FR2535/6 a1042 d1138  LPA
EI-FOA FR2504/3  a1920   d2005  FAO
EI-DCW FR2447/6  a1839   d1926  AGP

Scheduled / Charters - not based
EC-IDT  B737  a1720  d1844  PMI Ops for Jet2
C-FWGH B737  Op for TUI various times


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Perky

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

D-CXLS   C560 d1255  AHO737K
D-CAWM  C560  a1045 d1940   Oxford
N147LK  SR20  a1220
C-FWGH B737  Op for TUI various times
G-ZAPX  B757 a0703  d1643 Stansted - Ops for Jet2 T/F Faro

Other based G/A
G-GZOO  G200 a1355  APX1CP

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DWH FR2493/2 a1002 d1109  TFS
EI-EBZ FR2047/8 a1057 d1202  ACE
EI-DAD FR2333/2 a1920 d2011

Scheduled / Charters - not based
OM-GTD  B737  a2249  d2350  MLT804 / 804T Perpignan / Bratislava

G-LSAJ Returned from Amsterdam this lunchtime following problems and
subsequent shut down of the right hand engine on 2nd May on the return
flight from Corfu to Leeds.

G-LSAI returned to Manchester from Alicante after suffering a tail strike on
the 10th of April. Initial reports suggested a write off, but for information the
aircraft returned transiting at FL100 and the return flight nearly 4 hours.

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Perky

Friday, 5 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

G-ISAR  C421  a0535 d0645  Inverness 
N372BG  G550 d0900
N781CD  SR20  a0945  d1230
F-HRSC  C525  d ????
G-SCIP  TB20  a1020  d1435
ZK456  B200  ILS 1100 & 1110   CWL71  To Humberside
9H-PAM   B737 d1115 Lasham
CS-DXF   C560  a1530  d1710   NJE525Q/880F  Humberside / Dublin
D-CXLS   C560  a1540  AHO672V  Florence
CS-PHC   E55P  a1625  d1725  NJE049C/427E  Catania / Jersey
G-BLHR  GA7  ILS 1700 & 1825  ADV35  To Sherburn
G-SKBH   A109  a1950  d2035   Solway04  F/T Ripley Castle
C-FWGH B737  Op for TUI various times

9H-PAM By Stewart Robershaw

OM-GTD By Stewart Robertshaw

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0830  a1410  APX5G
G-CFGB  C680  d0853  Stockholm Bromma
G-GZOO G200 d1415  APX1CP
2-GOLF  C525  d1740
G-IFIT  PA31  d1901  a2300 Amsterdam

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-ENF FR5044/3 VNO a0733 d0846
EI-DAO FR2324/5 GRO a0751 d0858
EI-EVD FR2448/9 MLA a0913 d1012
EI-FRG  FR2502 PSA  a1602  d1739
EI-FZG  FR156/7 DUB  a1711  d1810

Scheduled / Charters - not based
OM-GTD  B734  a1020 d1310  MLT803F/ 803  Bratislava / Perpignan


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Jamie, Ian, PC, Neil, DaveE

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Leeds Bradford Visitors
2-MSTG  C510  n/s
N372BG  G550  a1020  Manchester
F-HRSC  C525  a1055  Cannes
HB-VWA  C525  a1121  d1205  Avignon
ZJ196/ZJ223  H64   a1210   d1345  Gunship1+2
G-CEXO   PA28  a1615  d1905
9H-PAM   B737  a1755  MLT803F
C-FWGH B737  Op for TUI various times

C-FWGH By Micheal Storey

F-HRSC By Stewart Robertshaw
F-HRSC By Michael Storey

N372BG By Mark Dobson

HB-VWA By Stewart Robertshaw

N372BG By Michael Storey

Apaches By Michael Storey
By Michael Storey

By Michael Storey
Other based G/A
G-IFIT  PA31  d0946  a1400  Norwich

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EKY  FR2535/6  a1048   d1146  LPA
EI-EBZ  FR2047/8  a1058  d1155  ACE
EI-FZO  FR156/7  a1722  d1801  DUB
EI-ENJ  FR2447/6  a1832  d1923  AGP
EI-DLR FR2504/3  a1932  d2015  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based

G-JZHZ Made its first revenue servce from Manchester to Prague this morning.

Movement credits: Mark B, Dann, DaveE, Jamie,Dave Lowe