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Last Updated: Tues 19/06 @ 0615

Sunday 17/06
G-JZHX B738 a2227 EXS035E fm Stansted
G-GDFG B733 a1702 EXS42A fm Newcastle

Monday 18/06
G-GDFH B733 a0010 EXS031E fm Newcastle
G-GDFO B733 d0118 EXS to Newcastle
G-JZHC B738 a1154 d1906 EXS041A/042A fm/to Manchester
G-LSAI swapped with G-LSAD at Ibiza (G-LSAI now based)
G-JZBA swapped with G-JZBK at Faro (G-JZBA now based)

G-CELE (Based since 11/06/18)
G-CELO (Based since 25/05/18)
G-CELY (Based since 15/06/18)
G-DRTA (Based since 11/06/18)

G-GDFG (Based since 17/06/18
G-GDFH (Based since 18/06/18)
G-GDFX (Based since 16/06/18)
G-GDFY (Based since 14/06/18)

G-JZBA (Based since 18/06/18)
G-JZHG (Based since 18/06/18)
G-JZHX (Based since 17/06/18)

G-LSAE (Based since 06/06/18)
G-LSAG (Based since 28/05/18)
G-LSAI (Based since 18/06/18)
G-LSAN (Based since 03/06/18)
G-POWH (Based since 25/05/18) - Leased from Titan

EI-EBV (Based since 07/06/18)
EI-FZA (Based since 23/05/18)
EI-FZX (Based since 08/06/18)


C-FEAK (Based since 28/05/18)

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