Friday, 5 October 2018

Leeds Bradford

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Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Jamie K, Graham P, Nick P, Ross B, Matt B, Steven J, Mark D, Ade H, Ian S, James L, Del B

N590CD SR22 n/s
G-NHAA A365 n/s
G-MIND C404 n/s
G-SIRS C560 a0705 d1235 LNX56RS from/to Luton
G-LUKA BE58 a1000 d1800
G-OJER C560 a1030 d1155 GMA092/836 from Guernsey to Doncaster
CS-PHL E55P a1125 d1303 NJE773W/393N from Dublin to Farnborough
N220AD SR22 a1250 
G-HPIN B429 a1410 d1620 from Birmingham to Nun Monkton
2-TBMI TBM9 a1433 from Doncaster
G-JRSH S22T a1544 from Brighton

ZM??? G210 a1040 d1305 CWL58
ZE707 B461 a1427 d1533 RRR1905 from Lossiemouth to Northolt

ZE707  by Steven Jones

Other Based G/A
N425ST C550 a1958 from Southend
G-NBCA PC12 a2005 from Faro


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