Sunday, 8 April 2018

Leeds Bradford

Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark Butler, Jeff Hulme, Danny J, Ollie C, Jamie Kitson, Brian Flavell, Mark Dobson

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
G-BMUZ PA28 n/s
CS-LTD C68A d0810 NJE471C to Doncaster
G-ZNTH LJ75 d0835 BZE07A
9H-CLG CRJ a1512 AXY0801 fm Chambery
G-SASC B200 a1612 d1805 GMA05B/005B fm/to Glasgow
G-ISAR C421 a2105 d2140 fm Aberdeen to East Midlands

G-SASC by Brian Flavell

9H-CLG by Brian Flavell


Other Based G/A
2-GOLF C525 a1515 from Cannes

EI-FTS positioned in from DUB a1547 FR97 and back to DUB d2223 FR98
G-JZBI positioned in from STN a2136 EXS033E

Scheduled Departure

Scheduled Arrivals