Saturday, 13 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

G-BFDO   PA28  d1440

Other based G/A
G-CGMF  C560  d0724  APX4C

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-DWH  FR2493/2 a1006 d1124  TFS
EI-EBH  FR2047/8 a1106  d1159  ACE
EI-FRV  FR2333/2 a1940  d2020  KRK

Scheduled / Charters - not based

G-PRPN DH8D of Flybe made its first visit to Leeds on the Newquay service
a0949  d1105

Due to a bomb scare and airport evacuation late last night a total of 6 flights
4 x Jet2 , 1 KLM and 1 Rynair diverted away from the airport. All but 1  of the
Jet2 (G-GDFB) returned to Leeds between midnight and 2 am

Diversions away
G-GDFB Manchester
G-GDFM East Midlands
G-GDFD  Newcastle
G-CELE  East Midlands
EI-DYF Liverpool
PH-EZG  East Midlands

Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Jamie, PC,Ross, Scott, Ian S