Thursday, 5 October 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-HPIN B429 a0835 d0955
G-CALL PA27 a1130 d1720
G-CJDB C525 a1730 d1835
G-YAAC H145 ILS 2135 HLE98


Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE90 d0612 a0822 APX5G

Repatriation flights for stranded Monarch passengers.

Blue Panorama
EI-FSJ AWC7509 LCA a0201/AWC242P FAO d0731/AWC1243 FAO a1405/AWC516P FAO d1706/ZT7517 PMI a2301

Travel Service
OM-GTF AWC522P LEI d0720 (for MAN & BHX  Repat Ops)

EI-ENY swapped with EI-EFK at PMI (EI-ENY now based PMI)

Monarch - all outbound flights due to Company going into Administration

Jet2 news
The next B738 to become G-JZBA seen at Renton a few days ago, c/n 63157

                                    Credit Puget Sound Blogspot and Jeff Smith

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals
Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E