Friday, 30 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

N556L SR22 n/s
G-KARE PC12 a0850 d1120
ZG998 BN2 a1505 d1610 RRR7940 fm/to Waddington
G-HPIN B429 a1555 d1620
G-XSTV C560 a1620 REN33
CS-DXH C560 a1910 NJE693N

Other based G/A
G-HNPN E550P a1616 FLJ53 fm Birmingham

G-CFLU positioned out to NWI d1029 EZE73H
G-MAJZ positioned in from HUY a1739 EZE14W
G-CELO positioned in from NCL a2317 EXS042A
G-CELK positioned out to NCL d2105 EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAW EI3390 DUB a0727/EI3391 DUB d0829
EI-FCZ EI3394 DUB a2030/EI3395 DUB d2111

G-LERE GR664 GCI a1306/GR665 GCI d1358

British Airways
G-EUPG BA1340 LHR a0842/BA1341 LHR d0943
G-EUPK BA1342 LHR a1344/BA1343 LHR d1439
G-EUPX BA1344 LHR a1837/BA1345 LHR d1921

G-CFLU T34702 ABZ a0955
G-CISK T34700 SOU d0755
G-MAJL T34706 ABZ a1647/T34706 SOU d1724/T34707 SOU a1956
G-MAJW T34711 ABZ d0720
G-MAJZ T34705 ABZ d1823

G-JECN BE731 BHD a1056/BE732 BHD d1143/BE737 BHD a1936/BE738 BHD d2005
G-JECZ BE733 BHD a1302/BE753 NQY d1348/BE754 NQY a1625/BE736 BHD d1741
G-JEDV BE729 BHD a0732/BE730 BHD d0810
G-LGND BE6984 GLA a1843/BE6985 GLA d1918

G-CELE LS471 SXF d0859/LS472 SXF a1323/LS431 BUD d1534/LS432 BUD a2124
G-CELF LS255 GRO d0648/LS256 GRO a1225/LS315 CDG d1355/LS316 CDG a1714/LS347 DUS d1815/LS348 DUS a2134
G-CELH LS201 AMS d0717/LS202 AMS a0948/LS241 NCE d1051/LS242 NCE a1601/LS247 FAO d1706/LS248 FAO a2344
G-CELK LS231 BCN d0852/LS232 BCN a1450/LS265 AGP d1556/LS266 AGP a2300
G-DRTA LS478 LPA a0129/LS343 VCE d0724/LS344 VCE a1237/LS465 LCA d1404
G-GDFB n/s
G-GDFG n/s
G-GDFS LS375 MAH d0814/LS376 MAH a1432/LS421 RHO d1552
G-JZHD LS185 AGP d0714/LS186 AGP a1359/LS475 DLM d1526
G-LSAA LS251 FAO d0807/LS252 FAO a1510/LS227 PMI d1704/LS227 PMI a2318
G-LSAD LS216 BJV a0101
G-LSAE LS218 ACE a0017/LS197 IBZ d0700/LS198 IBZ a1258/LS249 FUE d1442
G-LSAH LS271 ALC d0750/LS272 ALC a1427/LS273 ALC d1641/LS274 ALC a2304
G-LSAN LS257 PMI d0738/LS258 PMI a1339/LS223 TFS d1452

PH-EXD KL1551 AMS a2234 (night stop)
PH-EXF KL1541 AMS a1039/KL1542 AMS d1127
PH-EZS KL1540 AMS d0703
PH-EZY KL1549 AMS a1637

G-ZBAP ZB1276 NAP d0746/ZB1277 NAP a1413/ZB7504 TFS d1528
G-ZBAT ZB7582 MAH d0902/ZB7583 MAH a1514/ZB1254 BCN d1629/ZB1255 BCN a2140

EI-DHV FR2502 PSA a1437/FR2501 PSA d1530
EI-DPC FR5041 BTS d0708/FR5042 BTS a1206/FR2503 FAO d1548/FR2504 FAO a2217
EI-DWG FR156 DUB a1651/FR157 DUB d1748
EI-DYB FR1584 FUE d0628/FR1584 FUE a1532/FR2446 AGP d1653/FR2447 AGP a2323
EI-EBL FR2449 MLA a0845/FR2448 MLA d1001
EI-EBO FR2324 GRO a0743/FR2325 GRO d0847
EI-EBV FR153 DUB d0644/FR152 DUB a0857/FR9079 ALC d0956/FR9078 ALC a1610/FR2322 MJV d1709/FR2323 MJV a2308
EI-ENE FR5044 VNO a0735/FR5043 VNO d0834

C-FFPH TOM3550 CFU d0855/TOM3551 CFU a1604/TOM3506 MAH d1802/TOM3507 MAH a2356

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-CTZO TB20 a1415 d1525
N556L SR22 a2120 fm Barton

Other based G/A
2-GOLF a1914 fm Cannes
G-CFGB C680 a2025 d2045 fm La Rochelle
G-MFLT A365 d1610 to Ireland (change of owner - no longer based)

G-CELO positioned out to NCL d0814 EXS041A
G-CELV positioned in from NCL a1050 EXS042A
G-CELK positioned in from GLA a1107 EXS062J
G-MAJT positioned out to CWL d1341 EZE041P
G-CISK positioned in from CEG a2025 EZE276P
G-ZBAP positioned in from BHX a2235 MON582P
G-ZBAH positioned out to BHX d2327 MON237P

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3390 DUB a0824/EI3391 DUB d0904
EI-FAU EI3394 DUB a2019/EI3394 DUB d2058

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUPK BA1340 LHR a0837/BA1341 LHR d0925
G-EUPN BA1344 LHR a1846/BA1345 LHR d1945
G-EUPV BA1342 LHR a1339/BA1343 LHR d1425

G-CISK (see above)
G-MAJK T34711 ABZ d0716/T34702 ABZ a0940/T34702 SOU d1017/T34703 SOU a1247/T34704 SOU d1412/T34705 SOU a1644/T34705 ABZ d1742
G-MAJW T34700 SOU d0713/T34701 SOU a0950/T34701 ABZ d1027/T34706 ABZ a1648/T34706 SOU d1729/T34707 SOU a1958

G-ECOF BE731 BHD a1044/BE732 BHD d1125/BE733 BHD a1346/BE734 BHD d1427/BE735 BHD a1638/BE736 BHD d1721
G-JEDV BE729 BHD a0727/BE730 BHD d0806
G-LGNC BE6980 GLA a0803/BE6981 GLA d0850
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1830/BE6985 GLA d1924
G-PRPE BE737 BHD d1928/BE738 BHD d2007

G-CELE LS195 PRG d0720/LS196 PRG a1204/LS175 JER d1300/LS176 JER a1550/LS205 AMS d1653/LS206 AMS a1941
G-CELF LS297 REU d0653/LS298 REU a1229/LS315 CDG d1353/LS316 CDG a1720/LS347 DUS d1813/LS348 DUS a2114
G-CELH LS231 BCN d0853/LS232 BCN a1450/LS227 PMI d1634/LS228 PMI a2248
G-CELK (See above)
G-DRTA LS214 AYT a0022/LS331 FCO d0752/LS332 FCO a1351/LS477 LPA d1547
G-GDFB LS207 MJV d0839/LS208 MJV a1451/LS247 FAO d1646/LS248 FAO a2321
G-GDFG n/s
G-GDFS LS185 AGP d0709/LS186 AGP a1420/LS439 DBV d1536/LS440 DBV a2159
G-JZHD LS251 FAO d0801/LS252 FAO a1457/LS265 AGP d1628/LS266 AGP a2309
G-JZHG LS274 ALC a0928/LS273 ALC d1048
G-LSAA LS257 PMI d0648/LS258 PMI a1244/LS443 HER d1459/LS444 HER a2350
G-LSAD LS271 ALC d0748/LS272 ALC a1430/LS215 BJV d1558
G-LSAE LS197 IBZ d0701/LS198 IBZ a1307/LS217 ACE d1457
G-LSAH LS223 TFS d0939/LS224 TFS a1920
G-LSAN n/s

PH-EXB KL1541 AMS a0932/KL1542 AMS d1024
PH-EXC KL1540 AMS d0638
PH-EZM KL1549 AMS a1631/KL1550 AMS d1724
PH-EZS KL1551 AMS a2241 (night stop)

G-ZBAH ZB7509 LCA a0157/ZB1242 FAO d0734/ZB1243 FAO a1401/ZB1236 ALC d1541/ZB1237 ALC a2136
G-ZBAP (see above)
G-ZBAT ZB1212 AGP d0827/ZB1213 AGP a1523/ZB7516 PMI d1641/ZB7517 PMI a2226

EI-DHD FR2447 AGP a1836/FR2446 AGP d1934
EI-DPC FR2332 KRK d0658/FR2333 KRK a1234/FR2486 IBZ d1348/FR2487 IBZ a2353
EI-DWL FR153 DUB d0645 (Swapped for EI-DYB at Dublin)
EI-DYB FR152 DUB a0907/FR2326 PMI d0952/FR2327 PMI a1520/FR2203 WMI d1639/FR2204 WMI a2131
EI-EBV FR2328 LIG d0643/FR2329 LIG a1030/FR1503 GDN d1113/FR1504 GDN a1554/FR9079 ALC d1712/FR9078 ALC a2358
EI-EKG FR2047 ACE a1102/FR2048 ACE d1207
EI-EMI FR2535 LPA a1109/FR2536 LPA d1318
EI-FTP FR2504 FAO a1931/FR2503 FAO d2021
EI-FZN FR156 DUB a1715/FR157 DUB d1810

C-FFPH TOM3339 PFO a0259/TOM3432 PMI d0640/TOM3433 PMI a1309/TOM3446 FAO d1449/TOM3447 FAO a2139

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Ian Sutton

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

N272NR E55P a0756 d1435 CRX8B/8C fm Oxford
G-RSXP C560 d0825 VCG783
CS-DKJ GLF5 a0936 d1105 NJE699H/708R fm Dublin
G-TWOP C525 a1015 d1650 CLF339
G-CGEI C550 a1030 d1130 JTR01
G-XXEB S76 a1050 d1515 TQF1R
CS-DKH G550 a1520 d1740 NJE999L/697K

Other based G/A

G-GDFG positioned out to BFS d0223 EXS049A and back to Leeds from BFS a2127 EXS039E
G-CELE positioned out to BFS d0906 EXS44A and back to Leeds from BFS a1249 EXS045A

Couple of DSA diverts....
G-FBEN E190 a1425 d1525 BEE2PF/442A (Berlin-DSA)
G-FBJI E170 a1430 d1540 BEE1BC/443A (Jersey-DSA)

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3390 DUB a0822/EI3391 DUB d0917
EI-FAU EI3394 DUB a1820/EI3395 DUB d1904

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1304/GR665 GCI d1401

British Airways
G-EUOA BA1342 LHR a1332/BA1343 LHR d1432
G-EUPH BA1340 LHR a0855/BA1341 LHR d0950
G-EUPM BA1344 LHR a1816/BA1345 LHR d1913

G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0717/T34701 SOU a0946/T34701 ABZ d1041/T34706 ABZ a1643/T34706 SOU d1725/T34707 SOU a1958
G-MAJT n/s
G-MAJW T34711 ABZ d0719/T34702 ABZ a0930/T34702 SOU d1101/T34705 SOU a1649/T34705 ABZ d1749/T34716 ABZ a2035

G-JEDT BE731 BHD a1039/BE732 BHD d1120
G-JEDM BE737 BHD a1952/BE738 BHD d2033
G-JEDV BE729 BHD a0740/BE730 BHD d0819
G-LGNE BE6980 GLA a0759/BE6981 GLA d0855
G-LGNI BE6984 GLA a1827/BE6985 GLA d1917
G-PRPF BE733 BHD a1255/BE753 NQY d1341/BE754 NQY a1629/BE736 BHD d1739

G-CELE (see above)
G-CELF n/s
G-CELH LS269 LEI d0817/LS270 LEI a1506/LS347 DUS d1802/LS348 DUS a2119
G-CELI LS226 PUY a1352/LS225 PUY d1600
G-CELO LS251 FAO d0800/LS252 FAO a1459/LS205 AMS d1705/LS206 AMS a1949
G-DRTA LS478 LPA a0027/LS257 PMI d0656/LS258 PMI a1258/LS213 AYT d1424
G-GDFB LS462 VRN a2204
G-GDFG (see above)
G-GDFS LS271 ALC d0953/LS272 ALC a1620
G-GDFT LS185 AGP d0710/LS186 AGP a1405/LS461 VRN d1539 (Swapped to G-GDFB at Verona)
G-JZHD LS218 ACE a0101/LS253 EFL d0745/LS254 EFL a1604
G-LSAA LS366 KGS a0106/LS405 PFO d0940/LS406 PFO a1946
G-LSAD LS223 TFS d0936/LS224 TFS a1921
G-LSAE LS465 LCA d1001/LS466 LCA a2026
G-LSAH LS250 FUE a0213/LS447 ZTH d1131/LS448 ZTH a1935
G-LSAN n/s

PH-EXC KL1551 AMS a2224 (Night Stop)
PH-EZB KL1540 AMS d0630
PH-EZR KL1541 AMS a0943/KL1542 AMS d1036
PH-EZY KL1549 AMS a1651/KL1550 AMS d1756

G-ZBAH ZB1212 AGP d0724/ZB1213 AGP a1358/ZB7508 LCA d1545
G-ZBAT ZB1260 DLM d0621/ZB1261 DLM a1530/ZB1242 FAO d1709/ZB1242 FAO a2337

EI-DPC FR2496 CFU d0802/FR2497 CFU a1512/FR2482 RIX d1623/FR2483 RIX a2201
EI-DWG FR156 DUB a1823/FR157 DUB d1924
EI-DWL FR2492 TFS d0651/FR2493 TFS a1559/FR1503 GDN d1742/FR1504 GDN a2212
EI-EBV FR153 DUB d0642/FR152 DUB a0930/FR2326 PMI d1028/FR2327 PMI a1614/FR2446 AGP d1732/FR2447 AGP a2356
EI-EGA FR2504 FAO a1925/FR2503 FAO d2028
EI-ENY FR2502 PSA a2108/FR2501 PSA d2147
EI-FIL FR9078 ALC a0900/FR9079 ALC d0956

C-FFPH TOM3316 PMI 0748/TOM3317 PMI a1402/TOM3338 PFO d1716

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ian Sutton, Dave E

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-CMTO C525 a1430 d1530 VCG522
G-RSXP C560 a1800 VCG783

Other based G/A
G-HNPN E550P a1725

G-CELK positioned out to Alicante d1048 EXS042A
G-CELA departed to Kemble as EXS031E d1309 (for Scrap)

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAV EI3394 DUB a1906/EI3395 DUB d1937
EI-FNA EI3390 DUB a0909/EI3391 DUB d0957

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUPH BA1342 LHR a1458/BA1343 LHR d1549
G-EUPW BA1340 LHR a0859/BA1341 LHR d0955

G-CERY T34705 ABZ d1801
G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0753/T34701 SOU a1019/T34701 ABZ d1113/T34706 ABZ a1634/T34706 SOU d1749/T34707 SOU a2012
G-MAJT T34711 ABZ d0703/T34702 ABZ a0938/T34702 SOU d1017/T34703 SOU a1241/T34704 SOU d1400/T34705 SOU a1643
G-MAJW T34716 ABZ a2055

G-LGNE BE6980 GLA a0801/BE6981 GLA d0848
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1827/BE6985 GLA d1909
G-JEDU BE729 BHD a0724/BE730 BHD d0806/BE737 BHD a1958/BE738 BHD d2037
G-JEDV BE731 BHD a1041/BE732 BHD d1124/BE733 BHD a1345/BE734 BHD d1436/BE735 BHD a1646/BE736 BHD d1734

G-CELA out to Kemble (Scrap)
G-CELE n/s
G-CELF LS175 JER d1242/LS176 JER a1543/LS205 AMS d1640/LS206 AMS a1940
G-CELH LS297 REU d0734/LS298 REU a1352/LS207 MJV d1526/LS208 MJV a2200
G-CELO n/s
G-DRTA LS197 IBZ d0700/LS198 IBZ a1302/LS477 LPA d1443
G-GDFG LS367 PSA d0750/LS368 PSA a1318/LS245 SPU d1438/LS246 SPU a2048
G-GDFS LS214 AYT a0120/LS257 PMI d0658/LS258 PMI a1252
G-GDFT LS261 SKG d0710/LS262 SKG a1505/LS347 DUS d1742/LS348 DUS a2128
G-JZHD LS228 PMI a0014/LS185 AGP d0726/LS186 AGP a1427/LS217 ACE d1600
G-LSAA LS271 ALC d0730/LS272 ALC a1357/LS365 KGS d1556
G-LSAD LS422 RHO a0042/LS443 HER d0904/LS444 HER a1823
G-LSAE LS476 DLM a0055
G-LSAH LS251 FAO d0819/LS252 FAO a1449/LS249 FUE d1635
G-LSAN n/s

PH-EXA KL1549 AMS a1649/KL1550 AMS d1807
PH-EXB KL1541 AMS a0947/KL1542 AMS d1039
PH-EXF KL1540 AMS d0633
PH-EZB KL1551 AMS a2211 (night stop)

G-ZBAH ZB7502 TFS d0627/ZB7503 TFS a1552/ZB7516 PMI d1752/ZB7517 PMI a2337
G-ZBAT ZB1242 FAO d0745/ZB1243 FAO a1359/ZB1236 ALC d1510/ZB1237 ALC a2132

EI-DLY FR2780 AGP a1025/FR2781 AGP d1127
EI-DPC FR2484 TSF d0741/FR2485 TSF a1256/FR2446 AGP d1657/FR2447 AGP a2319
EI-DWG FR156 DUB a1654/FR157 DUB d1804
EI-DWL FR152 DUB a0911/FR2326 PMI d1003/FR2327 PMI a1547/FR1503 GDN d1746/FR1504 GDN a2224
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0642 (Swapped at Dublin for EI-DWL)
EI-EBA FR2476 CHQ d0707/FR2477 CHQ a1535/FR9079 ALC d1729 (swapped for EI-EBV at Alicante)
EI-EBV FR9078 ALC a2346
EI-EMK FR2047 ACE a1058/FR2048 ACE d1154
EI-ENS FR2333 KRK a1926/FR2332 KRK d2020

C-FFPH TOM3250 PMI d0822/TOM3251 PMI a2150

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Monday, 26 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

N95VB BE90 a1035 d1050
G-BLHR GA7 a1100 d1155 ADV35
M-YMCM B429 a1430 d1500

Other based G/A
G-CFGB C680 a1615 fm Palma de Mallorca

G-MAJD positioned in from HUY a1833 EXE16W
G-CELA positioned in from ALC a1515 EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3394 DUB a2009/EI3395 DUB d2048
EI-FAW EI3390 DUB a0821/EI3391 DUB d0900

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1309/GR665 GCI d1403

British Airways
G-EUOA BA1344 LHR a1814/BA1345 LHR d1914
G-EUPH BA1340 LHR a0850/BA1341 LHR d0940
G-EUPS BA1342 LHR a1329/BA1343 LHR d1429

G-CERY T34702 ABZ a0945/T34702 SOU d1025/T34705 SOU a1723
G-MAJD T34705 ABZ d1924
G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0717/T34701 SOU a0943/T34701 ABZ d1023/T34706 ABZ a1637/T34706 SOU d1721/T34707 SOU a1946
G-MAJT T34716 ABZ a2010
G-MAJZ T34711 ABZ d0720

G-ECOG BE731 BHD a1042/BE732 BHD d1117
G-JECF BE737 BHD a1948/BE738 BHD d2023
G-JEDV BE733 BHD a1304/BE753 NQY d1346/BE754 NQY a1612/BE736 BHD d1735
G-LGNE BE6984 GLA a1819/BE6985 GLA d1928
G-LGNI BE6980 GLA a0755/BE6981 GLA d0856
G-PRPF BE729 BHD a0731/BE730 BHD d0810

G-CELE LS273 ALC d1544/LS274 ALC a2214
G-CELF LS315 CDG d1413/LS316 CDG a1718/LS347 DUS d1816/LS348 DUS a2146
G-CELH LS201 AMS d0655/LS202 AMS a0959/LS241 NCE d1052/LS242 NCE a1558/LS471 SXF d1704/LS472 SXF a2135
G-CELK LS274 ALC a0046/LS231 BCN d0910/LS232 BCN a1523
G-CELO LS432 BUD a2218
G-DRTA LS224 TFS a0112/LS343 VCE d0728/LS344 VCE a1235/LS223 TFS d1434/LS224 TFS a2341
G-GDFG LS272 ALC a1400/LS265 AGP d1626/LS266 AGP a2305
G-GDFK LS255 GRO d0651/LS256 GRO a1212/LS431 BUD d1602 (Swapped at Budapest for G-CELO)
G-GDFO LS271 ALC d0738 (Swapped at Alicante for G-GDFG)
G-GDFS LS375 MAH d0804/LS376 MAH a1342/LS213 AYT d1532
G-GDFT n/s
G-JZHB LS276 ALC a1114/LS275 ALC d1219
G-JZHD LS478 LPA a0117/LS389 FNC d0825/LS390 FNC a1702/LS227 PMI d1826
G-LSAA LS218 ACE a0133/LS257 PMI d0648/LS258 PMI a1256/LS259 CFU d1437/LS260 CFU a2232
G-LSAD LS421 RHO d1459
G-LSAE LS406 PFO a0050/LS185 AGP d0710/LS186 AGP a1405/LS475 DLM d1530
G-LSAH LS218 ACE a0132/LS251 FAO d0801/LS252 FAO a1511/LS247 FAO d1623/LS248 FAO a2303
G-LSAK LS466 LCA a0128/LS197 IBZ d0714 (Swapped at Ibiza for G-LSAN)
G-LSAN LS198 IBZ a1410

PH-EXC KL1540 AMS d0635
PH-EXF KL1551 AMS a2210 (night stop)
PH-EZE KL1541 AMS a0956/KL1542 AMS d1037
PH-EZU KL1549 AMS a1654/KL1550 AMS d1807

G-ZBAH ZB1276 NAP d0741/ZB1277 NAP a1416/ZB1254 BCN d1620/ZB1255 BCN a2217
G-ZBAT ZB1260 DLM d0623/ZB1261 DLM a1537/ZB7584 MAH d1710/ZB7585 MAH a2243

EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0707/FR152 DUB a0924/FR2326 PMI d1012/FR2327 PMI a1551/FR2322 MJV d1645/FR2323 MJV a2235
EI-DPO FR2324 GRO a1247/FR2325 GRO d1408
EI-DWL FR156 DUB a1715/FR157 DUB d1801
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0644/FR2493 TFS a1558/FR9079 ALC d1725/FR9078 ALC a2328
EI-EBA FR2487 IBZ a0008/FR1584 FUE d0642/FR1585 FUE a1525/FR5041 BTS d1707/FR5042 BTS a2204
EI-EBD FR2504 FAO a1050/FR2503 FAO d1140
EI-ENI FR2447 AGP a2126/FR2446 AGP d2218
EI-ESY FR2449 MLA a0847/FR2448 MLA d0954
EI-EVB FR2502 PSA a1300/FR2501 PSA d1354
EI-EVX FR5044 VNO a0807/FR5043 VNO d0853

C-FFPH TOM3711 PMI a0058/TOM3172 IBZ d0619/TOM3173 IBZ a1942

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-GCRC LJ35 a1220 d1458 JEI373
CS-DKJ GLF5 a1319 d1450 NJE117M
CS-DVY E35L a1520 d2352 LMJ613
OE-GPS C55B a1855 d1943 fm Palma de Mallorca to Innsbruck TYW847S/848S

D-GCRC LJ35 by Ade Hairsine

CS-DKJ GLF5 by Ade Hairsine

CS-DVY E35L by Ade Hairsine

CS-DVY E35L by Ade Hairsine

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d1312 a1630 APX5G to Stanstead fm Farnborough
G-GZOO G200 a2030 fm Dole Jura

G-CELK positioned in from FAO a1711 EXS252A
G-CELK positioned out to ALC d1833 EXS273A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3394 DUB a2021/EI3395 DUB d2057
EI-FAW EI3392 DUB a1500/EI3393 DUB d1553

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1307/GR665 GCI d1400

British Airways
G-EUOG BA1342 LHR a1356/BA1343 LHR d1453
G-EUOH BA1340 LHR a0839/BA1341 LHR d0931

G-CDKB T34719 ABZ a1623/T34719 SOU d1701/T34718 SOU a1928/T34718 ABZ d2018
G-MAJK n/s
G-MAJZ n/s

G-ECOT BE754 NQY a1327/BE755 NQY d1436
G-JEDW BE731 BHD a0949/BE732 BHD d1031
G-PRPN BE735 BHD a1628/BE736 BHD d1720/BE737 BHD a1944/BE738 BHD d2022

EC-IDT LS228 PMI a1652/LS227 PMI d1805
G-CELE LS225 PUY d0654/LS226 PUY a1242/LS205 AMS d1341/LS206 AMS a1626/LS195 PRG d1742/LS196 PRG a2218
G-CELF LS375 MAH d0642/LS376 MAH a1232/LS315 CDG d1355/LS316 CDG a1713/LS347 DUS d1819/LS348 DUS a2128
G-CELH LS231 BCN d0923/LS232 BCN a1619/LS273 ALC d1729/LS274 ALC a2337
G-DRTA LS478 LPA a0104/LS439 DBV d0750/LS440 DBV a1433/LS223 TFS d1544
G-GDFK LS251 FAO d0811/LS252 FAO a1510/LS207 MJV d1631/LS208 MJV a2243
G-GDFO LS269 LEI d0814/LS270 LEI a1445/LS247 FAO d1641/LS248 FAO a2302
G-GDFS LS406 PFO a0324/LS331 FCO d0835/LS332 FCO a1539/LS265 AGP d1705/LS266 AGP a2344
G-GDFT n/s
G-JZHD LS271 ALC d0752/LS272 ALC a1415/LS477 LPA d1529
G-LSAA LS185 AGP d0714/LS186 AGP a1403/LS217 ACE d1557
G-LSAD n/s
G-LSAE LS444 HER a0120/LS197 IBZ d0717/LS198 IBZ a1322/LS405 PFO d1442
G-LSAK LS224 TFS a0015/LS257 PMI d0645/LS258 PMI a1320/LS465 LCA d1429

PH-EXC KL1551 AMS a2202 (night stop)
PH-EZA KL1541 AMS a0946/KL1542 AMS d1021
PH-EZU KL1540 AMS d0648
PH-EZZ KL1549 AMS a1645/KL1550 AMS d1733

G-ZBAH ZB7509 LCA a0206/ZB1212 AGP d0804/ZB1213 AGP a1447/ZB1236 ALC d1659/ZB1237 ALC a2310
G-ZBAT ZB1265 DLM a0020/ZB1242 FAO d0900/ZB1243 FAO a1541/ZB1254 BCN d1708/ZB1255 BCN a2240

EI-DPC FR9079 ALC d0758/FR9078 ALC a1353/FR2328 LIG d1513/FR2329 LIG a1901/FR157 DUB d1947/FR156 DUB a2152
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0637/FR152 DUB a0850/FR2326 PMI d0935/FR2327 PMI a1532/FR2203 WMI d1637/FR2204 WMI a2150
EI-EBA FR2482 RIX d0651/FR2483 RIX a1239/FR2486 IBZ d1419
EI-EKO FR2504 FAO a1851/FR2503 FAO d2001
EI-EMI FR2535 LPA a1048/FR2536 LPA d1145
EI-ENI FR2447 AGP a1837/FR2446 AGP d1924
EI-ENS FR2333 KRK a1955/FR2332 KRK d2047

C-FFPH TOM3647 RHO a0112/TOM3748 TFS d0710/TOM3749 TFS a1646/TOM3710 PMI d1853

G-HUET by Ade Hairsine

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ade Hairsine, Del Barrow

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-SONE C525 d0910 CLF267
D-AERO E35L a1052 d1250 AHO256G
CS-DXM C56X a1038 d1210 NJE956A/NJE879C

G-SIRO F900 by Mark Dobson

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d1102 a1516 APX5G to/fm Farnborough

Titan Airways
G-ZAPW AWC718Y STN a0649/ZT181 SZG d0800/ZT184 SZG a1916/AWC718W STN d2000

Trade Air
9A-BTD TDR242 AMS a1440/TDR9204 ZAG d1623

Balkan Holidays
LZ-BHG 8H5569 BOJ a1638/8H5570 BOJ d1757

G-GDFT positioned in from EDI a0055 EXS032E
G-LSAJ positioned to MAN d2157 EXS045A

9A-BTD Trade Air by Mark Dobson

9A-BTD Trade Air by Mark Dobson

LZ-BHG Balkan Holidays by Mark Dobson

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAW EI3390 DUB a0718/EI3391 DUB d0820

G-HUET GR662 GCI a0923/GR663 GCI d1013

British Airways
G-EUPH BA1340 LHR a0843/BA1341 LHR d0928
G-EUPL BA1342 LHR a1457/BA1343 LHR d1602

G-MAJK n/s
G-MAJZ n/s

G-PRPF BE735 BHD a1704/BE736 BHD d1801
G-PRPH BE754 NQY a0948/BE755 NQY d1057
G-PRPN BE729 BHD a0730/BE730 BHD d0817

G-CELE LS367 PSA d0734/LS368 PSA a1303/LS245 SPU d1409/LS246 SPU a2016
G-CELF LS235 EGC d0721/LS236 EGC a1129/LS175 JER d1240/LS176 JER a1532
G-CELH LS248 FAO a0001/LS247 FAO d1648/LS248 FAO a2323
G-CELK LS272 ALC a1710/LS273 ALC d1815
G-DRTA LS466 LCA a0043/LS185 AGP d0710/LS186 AGP a1350/LS477 LPA d1549
G-GDFK LS241 NCE d0700/LS242 NCE a1214/LS447 ZTH d1329/LS448 ZTH a2148
G-GDFO LS365 NAP d0807/LS366 NAP a1504/LS297 REU d1615/LS298 REU a2200
G-GDFS LS422 RHO a0025/LS239 MLA d0636/LS240 MLA a1430/LS405 PFO d1718
G-GDFT n/s
G-JZHD LS476 DLM a0052/LS375 MAH d0935/LS376 MAH a1516/LS265 AGP d1636/LS266 AGP a2316
G-LSAA LS251 FAO d0811/LS252 FAO a1500/LS227 PMI d1655/LS228 PMI a2315
G-LSAD n/s
G-LSAE LS271 ALC d0732/LS272 ALC a1353/LS443 HER d1558
G-LSAH LS197 IBZ d0704/LS198 IBZ a1305/LS217 ACE d1509
G-LSAJ LS250 FUE a0029 (positioned to MAN)
G-LSAK LS216 BJV a0124/LS257 PMI d0630/LS258 PMI a1249/LS223 TFS d1426

PH-EXA KL1541 AMS a0943/KL1542 AMS d1042
PH-EZC KL1549 AMS a1655/KL1550 AMS d1744
PH-EZT KL1540 AMS d0649
PH-EZU KL1551 AMS a2156 (night stop)

G-ZBAH ZB7512 PMI d0836/ZB7513 PMI a1421/ZB7508 LCA d1555
G-ZBAT ZB7505 TFS a0059/ZB1242 FAO d0725/ZB1243 FAO a1347/ZB1264 DLM d1513

EI-DPC FR2484 TSF d0707/FR2485 TSF a1151/FR9079 ALC d1325/FR9078 ALC a1918/FR157 DUB d2009/FR156 DUB a2209
EI-DWY FR2493 TFS a0956/FR2492 TFS d1104
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0654/FR152 DUB a0859/FR2326 PMI d0945/FR2327 PMI a1551/FR2446 AGP d1702/FR2447 AGP a2322
EI-EBA FR2476 CHQ d0716/FR2477 CHQ a1607/FR1503 GDN d1739/FR1504 GDN a2220
EI-EMA FR2047 ACE a1047/FR2048 ACE d1149
EI-ENS FR2333 KRK a1928/FR2332 KRK d2019

C-FFPH TOM3618 PMI d0814/TOM3619 PMI a1455/TOM3646 RHO d1611

C-FFPH Sunwing by Mark Dobson

Movement Credits: Scott S, Mark Dobson

Friday, 23 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

N95VB BE90 a1000 d1030
OE-HPH F2TH a1020 d1140 GDK23PH
CS-DRW H25B a1150 d1500 NJE447F/542G fm Farnborough
D-CEIS C680 a1259 d1320 EFD888 fm Olbia
G-UJET LJ45 a1415 d1745 EGL112 (is G-PFCT registered)
G-SONE C525 a1435 CLF267
M-YMCM B429 a1735 d1830

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L a0346 APX5G fm Leipzig
G-SIRO PA31 d0506 a0620 to/fm Newcastle d1313 a1536 to/fm Stanstead
G-SIRO F900 a1922

G-CHMR positioned to HUY d1510 EZE051P
G-CELO positioned to EDI d2206 EXS031E

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3394 DUB a2029/EI3395 DUB d2110
EI-FAX EI3390 DUB a0749/EI3391 DUB d0833

G-VZON GR664 GCI a1349/GR665 GCI d1438

British Airways
G-EUPE BA1342 LHR a1352/BA1343 LHR d1452
G-EUPL BA1344 LHR a1835/BA1345 LHR d1922
G-EUPU BA1340 LHR a0901/BA1341 LHR d0949

G-CHMR T34700 SOU d0814/T34703 SOU a1412
G-MAJK T34716 ABZ a2043
G-MAJW T34711 ABZ d0653/T34702 ABZ a0924/T34704 SOU d1427/T34705 SOU a1616/T34705 ABZ d1757
G-MAJZ T34706 ABZ a1649/T34706 SOU d1739/T34707 SOU a2001

G-FLBE BE731 BHD a1057/BE732 BHD d1136
G-LGNG BE6984 GLA a2022/BE6985 GLA d2056
G-PRPH BE737 BHD a1953/BE738 BHD d2031
G-PRPN BE729 BHD a0722/BE730 BHD d0811/BE733 BHD a1342/BE753 NQY d1446/BE754 NQY a1728/BE736 BHD d1812

G-CELE LS255 GRO d0646/FR256 GRO a1227/LS315 CDG d1402/LS316 CDG a1725/LS347 DUS d1825/LS348 DUS a2133
G-CELF n/s
G-CELH LS201 AMS d0657/LS202 AMS a0956/LS241 NCE d1053/LS242 NCE a1652/LS247 FAO d1754
G-CELO LS471 SXF d0912/LS472 SXF a1343/LS431 BUD d1442/LS432 BUD a2025
G-DRTA LS478 LPA a0115/LS343 VCE d0710/LS344 VCE a1231/LS465 LCA d1422
G-GDFK LS231 BCN d0900/LS232 BCN a1444/LS265 AGP d1639/LS266 AGP a2251
G-GDFO n/s
G-GDFS LS375 MAH d0758/LS376 MAH a1336/LS421 RHO d1522
G-JZHD LS185 AGP d0735/LS186 AGP a1451/LS475 DLM d1601
G-LSAA LS444 HER a0040/LS271 ALC d0732/LS272 ALC a1424/LS273 ALC d1642/LS274 ALC a2306
G-LSAD n/s
G-LSAE LS218 ACE a0019/LS257 PMI d0650/LS258 PMI a1251/LS223 TFS d1432/LS224 TFS a2350
G-LSAH LS251 FAO d0808/LS252 FAO a1454/LS227 PMI d1716/LS228 PMI a2315
G-LSAJ LS197 IBZ d0702/LS198 IBZ a1345/LS249 FUE d1502
G-LSAK LS216 BJV a0124

PH-EXD KL1540 AMS d0640
PH-EZT KL1551 AMS a2153 (night stop)
PH-EZS KL1549 AMS a1645/KL1550 AMS d1734

G-ZBAH ZB7582 MAH d0908/ZB7582 MAH a1450/ZB1254 BCN d1617/ZB1255 BCN a2200
G-ZBAT ZB1276 NAP d0719/ZB1277 NAP a1419/ZB7504 TFS d1535

EI-DPC FR2204 WMI a0042/FR5041 BTS d0659/FR5042 BTS a1207/FR2503 FAO d1557/FR2504 FAO a2155
EI-DPM FR156 DUB a1707/FR157 DUB d1749
EI-DWI FR2324 GRO a0751/FR2325 GRO d0840
EI-DYB FR2487 IBZ a0039/FR1584 FUE d0635/FR1585 FUE a1522/FR2446 AGP d1703/FR2447 AGP a2329
EI-EBA FR153 DUB d0643/FR152 DUB a0904/FR9079 ALC d1001/FR9078 ALC a1551/FR2322 MJV d1714/FR2323 MJV a2303
EI-ENE FR5044 VNO a0754/FR5043 VNO d0850
EI-ENO FR2449 MLA a0858/FR2448 MLA d1008
EI-FOP FR2502 PSA a1441/FR2501 PSA d1532

C-FEAK TOM3550 CFU d0856 (Swapped to C-FFPH at Corfu)
C-FFPH TOM3551 CFU a1615/TOM3506 MAH d1803/TOM3507 MAH a2345

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-FLYW BE200 d0441 to Glasgow
G-CALL PA27 a0940 d1550 fm/to Isle of Man
G-JANN PA34 a1100 d1715 to Newcastle
G-PCOP BE200 a1450 d1815 fm/to Glasgow
D-CFOR LJ35 a1525 d2005 AYY117
2-PLAY TBM7 a1730 d1820
P4-ANG H25B a2151 d2325

Other based G/A
G-IFIT PA31 a1250 fm Shannon
G-MOSJ BE9L d2037 APX5G to Leipzig

G-CHMR positioned in from CEO a2000 EZE276P
G-LSAJ positioned in from ZTH a1246 EXS041A
G-CDEA positioned to NWI d2118 EZS79H

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAV EI3390 DUB a0816/EI3391 DUB d0908
EI-FCZ EI3394 DUB a2032/EI3395 DUB d2121

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUOB BA1342 LHR a1408/BA1343 LHR d1514
G-EUPY BA1340 LHR a0836/BA1341 LHR d0940

G-CDEA T34716 ABZ a2053
G-MAJB T34700 SOU d0717/T34701 SOU a0946/T34701 ABZ d1028
G-MAJL T34702 ABZ a0956/T34702 SOU d1036/T34703 SOU a1310/T34704 SOU d1416/T34705 SOU a1659/T34705 ABZ d1749
G-MAJW T34711 ABZ d0714/T34706 ABZ a1648/T34706 SOU d1740/T34707 SOU a2007

G-FLBE BE731 BHD a1038/BE732 BHD d1127/BE733 BHD a1349/BE734 BHD d1425/BE735 BHD a1632/BE736 BHD d1728
G-LGNZ BE6980 GLA a0810/BE6981 GLA d0851/BE6984 GLA a1824/BE6985 GLA d1914
G-PRPH BE737 BHD a1935/BE738 BHD d2012
G-PRPN BE729 BHD a0726/BE730 BHD d0831

G-CELE LS231 BCN d0845/LS232 BCN a1458/LS347 DUS d1826/LS348 DYS a2134
G-CELF LS195 PRG d0723/LS196 PRG a1208/LS175 JER d1305/LS176 JER a1557/LS205 AMS d1653/LS206 AMS a1941
G-CELH LS297 REU d0643/LS298 REU a1224/LS315 CDG d1512/LS316 CDG a1829
G-CELK LS274 ALC a0943/LS273 ALC d1053
G-CELO n/s
G-DRTA LS331 FCO d0755/LS332 FCO a1411/LS477 LPA d1545
G-GDFK LS207 MJV d0839/LS208 MJV a1505/LS227 PMI d1655/LS227 PMI a2240
G-GDFO n/s
G-GDFS LS214 AYT a0016/LS185 AGP d0720/LS186 AGP a1422/LS439 DBV d1641/LS440 DBV a2333
G-JZHD LS251 FAO d0803/LS252 FAO a1524/LS265 AGP d1635/LS266 AGP a2302
G-LSAA LS257 PMI d0637/LS258 PMI a1258/LS443 HER d1432
G-LSAD n/s
G-LSAE LS197 IBZ d0659/LS198 IBZ a1345/LS217 ACE d1509
G-LSAH LS223 TFS d0935/LS224 TFS a2137
G-LSAK LS271 ALC d0732/LS272 ALC a1400/LS215 BJV d1601

PH-EXC KL1541 AMS a1008/KL1542 AMS d1107
PH-EXD KL1551 AMS a2227 (night stop)
PH-EZP KL1549 AMS a1753/KL1550 AMS d1842
PH-EZS KL1540 AMS d0646

G-ZBAH ZB1212 AGP d0813/ZB1213 AGP a1517/ZB7516 PMI d1638/ZB7517 PMI a2217
G-ZBAT ZB7509 LCA a0158/ZB1242 FAO d0735/ZB1243 FAO a1413/ZB1236 ALC d1604/ZB1237 ALC a2157

EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0640/FR152 DUB a0906/FR2326 PMI d0953/FR2327 PMI a1619/FR2203 WMI d1814
EI-DYB FR2332 KRK d0656/FR2333 KRK a1217/FR2486 IBZ d1446
EI-EBA FR2328 LIG d0647/FR2329 LIG a1050/FR1503 GDN d1220/FR1504 GDN a1702/FR9079 ALC d1756/FR9078 ALC a2352
EI-EFG FR2047 ACE a1104/FR2048 ACE d1210
EI-EMI FR2535 LPA a1044/FR2536 LPA d1151
EI-EMO FR2504 FAO a1900/FR2503 FAO d1958
EI-FIC FR156 DUB a1651/FR157 DUB d1746
EI-FTS FR2447 AGP a1841/FR2446 AGP d1929

C-FEAK TOM3339 PFO a0225/TOM3432 PMI d0625/TOM3433 PMI a1305/TOM3446 FAO d1454/TOM3447 FAO a2123

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Pete Gibson

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
N781CD SR20 a0930 fm Leeds East
G-BFDI PA28 d1035
D-CKJE E55P a1620 d1720
G-FLYW BE200 a1920 PYN01
CS-DUB HS125 a1940 d2140 NJE151H/276P to Luton
D-ISTP E50P a1945 d2025 MHV100

ZK458 BE200 ILS 1510 CWL45

D-ISTP E50P by Claire Seed

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d0738 APX5G to Birmingham
N89NB SR22 d0922 to Luton

TC-SEI XQ6311 BEY a0655/XQ6311 ADB d0955

TC-SEI SunExpress by Nigel Berry

G-CELO carried out a test flight d1200 a1254 EXS051B

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3390 DUB a0824/EI3391 DUB d0906
EI-FCZ EI3394 DUB a1823/EI3395 DUB d1857


British Airways
G-EUPM BA1344 LHR a1841/BA1345 LHR d1926
G-EUPN BA1342 LHR a1354/BA1343 LHR d1444
G-EUPX BA1340 LHR a0849/BA1341 LHR d0943

G-MAJB T34711 ABZ d0702/T34702 ABZ a0939/T34702 SOU d1018/T34705 SOU a1648/T34705 ABZ d1741/T34716 ABZ a2017
G-MAJJ T34700 SOU d0705/T34701 SOU a0942/T34701 ABZ d1023
G-MAJW T34706 ABZ a1639/T34706 SOU d1722/T34707 SOU a2001

G-JECM BE733 BHD a1249/BE753 NQY d1327/BE754 NQY a1624/BE736 BHD d1744
G-JECX BE731 BHD a1109/BE732 BHD d1144
G-LGNE BE6980 GLA a0826/BE6981 GLA d0918
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1816/BE6985 GLA d1901
G-PRPJ BE737 BHD a1956/BE738 BHD d2026
G-PRPN BE729 BHD a0724/BE730 BHD d0805

G-CELE n/s
G-CELF LS269 LEI d0811/LS270 LEI a1451/LS205 AMS d1707/LS206 AMS a1949
G-CELH LS251 FAO d0808/LS252 FAO a1454/LS347 DUS d1747/LS348 DUS a2116
G-CELI LS226 PUY a1341/LS227 PUY d1538
G-CELO n/s
G-DRTA LS478 LPA a0019/LS253 EFL d0813/LS254 EFL a1608
G-GDFK n/s
G-GDFO LS185 AGP d0709/LS186 AGP a1400/LS461 VRN d1524/LS462 VRN a2035
G-GDFS LS218 ACE a0048/LS257 PMI d0659/LS258 PMI a1300/LS213 AYT d1419
G-JZHD LS224 TFS a0019/LS271 ALC d0902/LS272 ALC a1531
G-LSAA LS405 PFO d1048/LS406 PFO a2124
G-LSAC LS250 FUE a0150/LS465 LCA d0948 (Swapped to G-LSAH at LCA)
G-LSAD n/s
G-LSAE LS356 KGS a0055/LS447 ZTH d1131/LS448 ZTH a1953
G-LSAH LS466 LCA a2103
G-LSAK n/s

PH-EZI KL1540 AMS d0630
PH-EZS KL1551 AMS a2233 (night stop)
PH-EZV KL1549 AMS a1651/KL1550 AMS d1738
PH-EZX KL1541 AMS a1010/KL1542 AMS d1052

G-ZBAH ZB1260 DLM d0624/ZB1261 DLM a1541/ZB1242 FAO d1701/ZB1243 FAO a2329
G-ZBAT ZB7517 PMI a0009/ZB1212 AGP d0714/ZB1213 AGP a1348/ZB7508 LCA d1522

EI-DPC FR2496 CFU d0756/FR2497 CFU a1514/FR2482 RIX d1624/FR2483 RIX a2210
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0638/FR2493 TFS a1546/FR1503 GDN d1734/FR1504 GDN a2221
EI-EBA FR153 DUB d0631/FR152 DUB a0910/FR2326 PMI d0957/FR2327 PMI a1543/FR2446 AGP d1711/FR2447 AGP a2325
EI-EBO FR2504 FAO a1854/FR2503 FAO d1946
EI-EFO FR9078 ALC a0832/FR9079 ALC d0927
EI-FOP FR2502 PSA a1912/FR2501 PSA d1957
EI-FRM FR156 DUB a1709/FR157 DUB d1754

C-FEAK TOM3316 PMI d0750/TOM3317 PMI a1433/TOM3338 PFO d1632

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ian Sutton, Jeff Hulme, Pete Gibson. Dave E, Nigel Berry, Claire Seed

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
G-DEIA C56X a0900 d1510 BOO669
G-BOKA P28B a1127 d1325
G-BFDI PA28 a1630 fm Cumbernauld (Sherburn Diversion)
M-TSRI BE90 a1735 d1805 AAD920B/920C

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d0444 APX5GP to Stanstead
N347DC SR22 d1105 a1901 to/fm Gloucester

G-ZBAH positioned in from BHX a0209 MON945P
G-OZBL positioned in from BHX a1413 MON481P and back to BHX d2233 MON237P
G-LSAH positioned to MAN d0854 EXS041A
G-GDFF positioned to MAN d0735 EXS042A
G-LSAA positioned from MAN a2345 EXS49A
G-LGNI positioned to GLA d1210 LOG831F

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAV EI3390 DUB a0824/EI3391 DUB d0906
EI-FCY EI3394 DUB a1612/EI3394 DUB d1852

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUOG BA1342 LHR a1343/BA1343 LHR d1436
G-EUOH BA1340 LHR a0847/BA1341 LHR d0937
G-EUPG BA1344 LHR a1838/BA1345 LHR d1923

G-MAJB T34711 ABZ d0710/T34702 ABZ a0941/T34702 SOU d1024/T34703 SOU a1243/T34704 SOU d1415/T34705 SOU a1643/T34705 ABZ d1747/T34716 ABZ a2022
G-MAJJ T34700 SOU d0706/T34701 SOU a0940/T34701 ABZ d1021/T34706 ABZ a1635/T34706 SOU d1721/T34707 SOU a1955

G-JEDW BE729 BHD a0723/BE730 BHD d0812
G-KKEV BE731 BHD a1055/BE732 BHD d1132/BE733 BHD a1347/BE734 BHD d1426/BE735 BHD a1638/BE736 BHD d1719
G-LGNZ BE6980 GLA a0757/BE6981 GLA d0849/BE6984 GLA a1810/BE6985 GLA d1904
G-PRPJ BE737 BHD a1929/BE738 BHD d2005

G-CELE LS297 REU d0747/LS298 REU a1342/LS207 MJV d1526/LS208 MJV a2139
G-CELF LS175 JER d1252/LS176 JER a1550/LS205 AMS d1655/LS206 AMS a1942
G-CELH n/s
G-CELO n/s
G-DRTA LS198 IBZ a1319/LS477 LPA d1443
G-GDFK LS261 SKG d0714/LS262 SKG a1507/LS347 DUS d1742/LS348 DUS a2110
G-GDFO LS367 PSA d0745/LS368 PSA a1330/LS245 SPU d1431/LS246 SPU a2050
G-GDFS LS214 AYT a0113/LS186 AGP d0717/LS187 AGP a1408/LS217 ACE d1544
G-GDFZ LS197 IBZ d0656 (Swapped at IBZ for G-DRTA)
G-JZHD LS228 PMI a0003/LS257 PMI d0651/LS258 PMI a1309/LS223 TFS d1439
G-LSAA (positioned from MAN)
G-LSAC LS251 FAO d0809/LS252 FAO a1503/LS249 FUE d1622
G-LSAD LS443 HER d0902/LS444 HER a1835
G-LSAE LS476 DLM a0056/LS271 ALC d0740/LS272 ALC a1402/LS355 KGS d1523
G-LSAK LS422 RHO a0018

PH-EXE KL1541 AMS a1004/KL1542 AMS d1058
PH-EZE KL1540 AMS d0630
PH-EZI KL1551 AMS a2206 (night stop)
PH-EZU KL1549 AMS a1646/KL1550 AMS d1739

G-OZBL ZB1236 ALC d1519/ZB1237 ALC a2120
G-ZBAH ZB1242 FAO d1155/ZB1243 FAO a1815
G-ZBAT ZB7502 TFS d0720/ZB7503 TFS a1657/ZB7516 PMI d1830

EI-ELY FR2480 AGP a1035/FR2481 AGP d1129
EI-DPC FR2484 TSF d0742/FR2485 TSF a1227/FR1503 GDN d1745/FR1504 GDN a2118
EI-DYB FR2476 CHQ d0659/FR2477 CHQ a1335/FR2446 AGP d1653/FR2447 AGP a2304
EI-EBA FR153 DUB d0639/FR152 DUB a0908/FR2326 PMI d0952/FR2327 PMI a1543/FR9079 ALC d1716/FR9078 ALC a2318
EI-ESX FR156 DUB a1659/FR157 DUB d1754
EI-ESZ FR2047 ACE a1107/FR2048 ACE d1158
EI-FIG FFR2333 KRK a1945/R2332 KRK d2025

C-FEAK TOM3250 PMI d0821/TOM3251 PMI a2147

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Monday, 19 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
D-CKJE E55P a0610 d0655 LXG55JE fm Munster
N95VB BE90 a0845 d0900 to Elstree
M-WMWM C525 d0910
M-ONTE P180 a1010 d1420
D-CCCB LJ35 a1125 d1310 AMB314
G-OBSR P68 a1405 d1540 RVR7SR fm/to Liverpool

G-POLB EC135 ILS 1845 and 1855 UKP42

Other based G/A

G-GDFF positioned from MAN a1248 EXS041A
G-ZBAP positioned to BHX (tech probs Sunday) d1004 MON320P
G-LGNT positioned in from INV a2109 LOG815F after G-LGNI went tech after arrival earlier from Glasgow
G-OZBN positioned back to BHX d2258 MON432P

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3390 DUB a0815/EI3391 DUB d0910/EI3394 DUB a2026/EI3395 DUB d2112

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1302/GR665 GCI d1407

British Airways
G-EUOD BA1340 LHR a0847/BA1341 LHR d0943
G-EUOG BA1344 LHR a1834/BA1345 LHR d1923
G-EUPO BA1342 LHR a1335/BA1343 LHR d1456

G-CERZ T34702 ABZ a0940/T34702 SOU d1028/T34705 SOU a1721/T34706 ABZ d1833
G-MAJB T34716 ABZ a2102
G-MAJJ T34706 ABZ a1647/T34706 SOU d1743/T34707 SOU a1956
G-MAJL T34700 SOU d0957/T34701 SOU a1216/T34701 ABZ d1313
G-MAJY T34711 ABZ d0704

G-ECOF BE737 BHD a1944/BE738 BHD d2026
G-LGNI BE6984 GLA a1831 (gone tech - G-LGNT positioned from INV)
G-LGNT BE6985 GLA d2147
G-LGNZ BE6980 GLA a0819/BE6981 GLA d0905
G-JEDW BE729 BHD a0644/BE730 BHD d0802
G-KKEV BE731 BHD a1049/BE732 BHD d1132
G-PRPE BE733 BHD a1251/BE753 NQY d1340/BE754 NQY a/BE736 BHD d1740

G-CELE LS231 BCN d0843/LS232 BCN a1428/LS431 BUD d1553/LS432 BUD a2210
G-CELF LS276 ALC a0934/LS241 NCE d1101/LS242 NCE a1559/LS471 SXF d1706/LS472 SXF a2136
G-CELH n/s
G-CELK LS201 AMS d0711/LS202 AMS a0958/LS275 ALC d1104
G-CELO n/s
G-GDFF LS265 AGP d1622/LS266 AGP a2250
G-GDFK LS343 VCE d0721/LS344 VCE a1238/LS315 CDG d1358/LS316 CDG a1715/LS347 DUS d1827/LS348 DUS a2132
G-GDFM LS271 ALC d0733 (swapped with G-GDFO at ALC)
G-GDFO LS272 ALC a1434/LS273 ALC d1539/LS274 ALC a2209
G-GDFS LS478 LPA a0104/LS375 MAH d0754/LS376 MAH a1337/LS213 AYT d1518
G-GDFZ LS224 TFS a0143/LS255 GRO d0654/LS256 GRO a1223/LS223 TFS d1411/LS224 TFS a2346
G-JZHD LS389 FNC d0822/LS390 FNC a1637/LS227 PMI d1803
G-LSAC LS406 PFO a0052/LS251 FAO d0813/LS252 FAO a1505/LS247 FAO d1629/LS248 FAO a2305
G-LSAD LS257 PMI d0639/LS258 PMI a1244/LS259 CFU d1500/LS260 CFU a2241
G-LSAE LS466 LCA a0109/LS185 AGP d0716/LS186 AGP a1400/LS475 DLM d1532
G-LSAH n/s
G-LSAK LS218 ACE a0048/LS197 IBZ d0701/LS198 IBZ a1330/LS421 RHO d1503

PH-EXD KL1549 AMS a1716/KL1550 AMS d1806
PH-EXE KL1540 AMS d0643
PH-EZE KL1551 AMS a2204 (night stop)
PH-EZV KL1541 AMS a1028/KL1542 AMS d1108

G-OZBN ZB1255 BCN a0350/ZB1276 NAP d0835/ZB1277 NAP a1516/ZB1254 BCN d1619/ZB1255 BCN a2157
G-ZBAP n/s (tech problems - to BHX)
G-ZBAT ZB1260 DLM d0632/ZB1261 DLM a1536/ZB7584 MAH d1655/ZB7585 MAH a2242

EI-DCK FR2502 PSA a1305/FR2501 PSA d1427
EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0657/FR152 DUB a0857/FR2326 PMI d0947/FR2327 PMI a1526/FR2322 MJV d1634/FR2323 MJV a2224
EI-DYB FR2487 IBZ a0001/FR1584 FUE d0647/FR1585 FUE a1527/FR5041 BTS d1712/FR5042 BTS a2201
EI-EBA FR2492 TFS d0707/FR2493 TFS a1626/FR9079 ALC d1721/FR9078 ALC a2307
EI-EBL FR2449 MLA a0859/FR2448 MLA d1013
EI-EVW FR2447 AGP a1828/FR2446 AGP d1916
EI-EVX FR5044 VNO a0758/FR5043 VNO d0854
EI-EXF FR156 DUB a1710/FR157 DUB d1808
EI-FRG FR2324 GRO a1311/FR2325 GRO d1417
EI-FTP FR2504 FAO a1048/FR2503 FAO d1208
C-FEAK TOM3173 IBZ a2007
C-GNCH TOM3711 PMI a0057/TOM3172 IBZ (Swapped with C-FEAK at IBZ)

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ian Sutton, Dave E

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
M-WMWM C525 n/s
G-KVIP BE20 d0945 EGL10
G-WCCP BE20 a1738 d1936 BR003/BR003P to Doncaster

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d1621 a2038 APX5GP to Manchester fm Shannon


Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3390 DUB a0723/EI3391 DUB d0905/EI3392 DUB a1513/EI3393 DUB d1628
EI-FAW EI3394 DUB a2014/EI3395 DUB d2144

G-VCON GR664 GCI a1439/GR665 GCI d1537

British Airways
G-EUOD BA1340 LHR a0835/BA1341 LHR d0932
G-EUPA BA1342 LHR a1345/BA1343 LHR d1432

G-CFLU T34719 ABZ a1846/T34719 SOU d1928/T34718 SOU a2141/T34718 ABZ d2219
G-MAJL n/s
G-MAJY n/s

G-ECOD BE754 NQY a1307/BE754 NQY d1436
G-JECO BE735 BHD a1646/BE736 BHD d1722/BE737 BHD a1931/BE738 BHD d2016
G-JEDT BE731 BHD a0945/BE732 BHD d1025

EC-IDT LS228 PMI a1653/LS227 PMI d1807
G-CELE LS347 DUS d1827/LS348 DUS a2142
G-CELH LS208 MJV a2236
G-CELO LS375 MAH d0632/LS376 MAH a1224/LS315 CDG d1352/LS316 CDG a1716
G-CELY LS231 BCN d0859/LS232 BCN a1501/LS207 MJV d1613 (Swapped at Murcia)
G-GDFK LS225 PUY d0656/LS226 PUY a1232/LS205 AMS d1339/LS206 AMS a1644/LS196 PRG d1742/LS197 PRG a2221
G-GDFM LS269 LEI d0808/LS270 LEI a1504/LS247 FAO d1636/LS248 FAO a2303
G-GDFS LS271 ALC d0741/LS272 ALC a1404/LS477 LPA d1526
G-GDFZ LS478 LPA a0122/LS439 DBV d0724/LS440 DBV a1354/LS223 TFS d1605
G-JZHD LS406 PFO a0235/LS331 FCO d0839/LS332 FCO a1459/LS265 AGP d1633/LS266 AGP a2317
G-LSAC LS198 IBZ a1320/LS405 PFO d1441
G-LSAD LS444 HER a0135/LS251 FAO d0814/LS252 FAO a1448/LS273 ALC d1652/LS274 ALC a2318
G-LSAE LS224 TFS a0014/LS257 PMI d0644/LS258 PMI a1315/LS465 LCA d1429
G-LSAI LS218 ACE a0010/LS197 IBZ d0701 (Swapped at Ibiza)
G-LSAK LS185 AGP d0720/LS186 AGP a1359/LS217 ACE d1548

PH-EXE KL1551 AMS a2209 (night stop)
PH-EXD KL1540 AMS d0626
PH-EXF KL1541 AMS a0939/KL1542 AMS d1019
PH-EZU KL1549 AMS a1649/KL1550 AMS d1732

G-ZBAP ZB1265 DLM a0024/ZB1242 FAO d0903/ZB1243 FAO a1551 (Landing gear problems)
G-ZBAT ZB7509 LCA a0146/ZB1212 AGP d0805/ZB1213 AGP d1456/ZB1236 ALC d1704/ZB1237 ALC a2333

EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0640/FR152 DUB a0901/FR2326 PMI d0940/FR2327 PMI a1533/FR2203 WMI d1639/FR2204 WMI a2137
EI-DYB FR2482 RIX d0649/FR2483 RIX a1235/FR2486 IBZ d1411
EI-EBA FR9079 ALC d0802/FR9078 ALC a1348/FR2328 LIG d1518/FR2329 LIG a1904/FR157 DUB d1940/FR156 DUB a2157
EI-EBD FR2504 FAO a1856/FR2503 FAO d1949
EI-EVS FR2535 LPA a1044/FR2536 LPA d1144
EI-FIG FR2333 KRK a1937/FR2332 KRK d2029
EI-FTS FR2447 AGP a1821/FR2446 AGP d1916

C-GNCH TOM3647 RHO a0108/TOM3748 TFS d0705/TOM3749 TFS a1641/TOM3710 PMI d1848

Movement Credits: Scott S

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
M-WMWM C525 n/s
CS-GLG GLEX d0940 a2100 to/fm Nice NJE178R/NJE069K
D-EGDC AA5 d1540
G-KVIP BE20 a1951 EGL10 fm Palma de Mallorca

Other based G/A


Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3390 DUB a0723/EI3391 DUB d0905

G-LERE GR662 GCI a0912/GR663 GCI d1011

BH Air
LZ-BHG 8H5569 BOJ a1649/8H5570 BOJ d1808

British Airways
G-EUPP BA1340 LHR a0837/BA1341 LHR d0927
G-EUPZ BA1342 LHR a1706/BA1343 LHR d1804

G-MAJL n/s
G-MAJY n/s

G-JECO BE736 BHD a1641/BE736 BHD d1723
G-PRPJ BE729 BHD a0727/BE730 BHD d0815
G-ECOP BE754 NQY a0941/BE755 NQY d1106

G-CELE LS367 PSA d0741/LS368 PSA a1316
G-CELF LS274 ALC a1713/LS273 ALC d1814
G-CELK LS245 SPU d1410/LS246 SPU a2030
G-CELY LS235 EGC d0721/LS236 EGC a1141/LS175 JER d1238/LS176 JER a1530/LS247 FAO d1638/LS248 FAO a2322
G-GDFK LS298 REU a2144
G-GDFM LS241 NCE d0705/LS242 NCE a1216/LS447 ZTH d1337/LS448 ZTH a2158
G-GDFS LS466 LCA a0043/LS239 MLA d0633/LS240 MLA a1432/LS265 AGP d1629/LS266 AGP a2257
G-GDFT LS365 NAP d0829/LS366 NAP a1525/LS297 REU d1636
G-GDFZ LS476 DLM a0105/LS375 MAH d0803/LS376 MAH a1354/LS477 LPA d1522
G-JZHD LS422 RHO a0031/LS185 AGP d0725/LS186 AGP a1406/LS405 PFO d1652
G-LSAD LS197 IBZ d0657/LS198 IBZ a1313/LS443 HER d1655
G-LSAE LS257 PMI d0639/LS258 PMI a1254/LS223 TFS d1422
G-LSAH LS251 FAO d0810/LS252 FAO a1457/LS227 PMI d1710/LS227 PMI a2318
G-LSAI LS224 TFS a0016/LS217 ACE d1455
G-LSAK LS250 FUE a0009/LS271 ALC d0735/LS272 ALC a1419

PH-EZW KL1549 AMS a1715/KL1550 AMS d1759
PH-EZV KL1540 AMS d0636
PH-EXD KL1551 AMS a2202 (night stop)
PH-EZX KL1541 AMS a0951/KL1542 AMS d1030

G-ZBAP ZB7505 TFS a0101/ZB1242 FAO d0718/ZB1243 FAO a1351/ZB1264 DLM d1516
G-ZBAT ZB7512 PMI d0813/ZB7512 PMI a1428/ZB7508 LCA d1537

EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0646/FR152 DUB a0903/FR2326 PMI d0953/FR2327 PMI a1545/FR2446 AGP d1658/FR2447 AGP a2326
EI-DYB FR2476 CHQ d0715/FR2477 CHQ a1548/FR1503 GDN d1733/FR1504 GDN a2206
EI-EBA FR2484 TSF d0654/FR2485 TSF a1140/FR9079 ALC d1258/FR9078 ALC a1855/FR157 DUB d1939/FR156 DUB a2139
EI-EKZ FR2493 TFS a1007/FR2492 TFS d1109
EI-EMB FR2333 KRK a1925/FR2332 KRK d2010
EI-ESZ FR2047 ACE a1103/FR2048 ACE d1200

C-GNCH TOM3507 MAH a0023/TOM3618 PMI d0807/TOM3619 PMI a1439/TOM3646 RHO d1620

Titan Airways
G-POWC AWC718Y STN a0643/ZT181 SZG d0759/ZT184 SZG a1906/AWC718W STN d2013

Movement Credits: Scott S

Friday, 16 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 n/s
M-TSRI BE90 a0815 d1635 AAD916A/916B fm/to Chester
G-RSXP C560 d0830 VCG794 to Corsica
G-NWEM EC135 a1010 d1145 HMD72E
M-WMWM C525 a1335  
D-EGDC AA5 a1655
CS-GLG GLEX a1730 fm Farnborough NJE038N

Other based G/A
2-GOLF C525 d0701
G-CFGB C680 a1713 fm Bristol


Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3390 DUB a0730/EI3391 DUB d0914
EI-FCY EI3394 DUB a2018/EI3394 DUB d2059

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1306/GR665 GCI d

British Airways
G-EUOC BA1344 LHR a1832/BA1345 LHR d1920
G-EUPB BA1340 LHR a0847/BA1341 LHR d0930
G-EUPM BA1342 LHR a1338/BA1343 LHR d1429

G-CERY T34700 SOU d0752/T34703 SOU a1325/T34703 ABZ d1631
G-MAJB T34711 ABZ d0659
G-MAJL T34706 ABZ a1702/T34706 SOU d1749/T34707 SOU a2011
G-MAJK T34702 ABZ a0933/T34704 SOU d1629/T34705 SOU a1903/T34705 ABZ d1944
G-MAJY T34716 ABZ a2237

G-FLBE BE731 BHD a1045/BE732 BHD d1125/BE733 BHD a1331/BE753 NQY d1421/BE754 NQY a1706/BE736 BHD d1742/?/BE738 BHD d2049
G-JEDV BE729 BHD a0721/BE730 BHD d0811
G-LGNS BE6984 GLA a1910/BE6985 GLA d1954

G-CELE LS343 VCE d0704/LS344 VCE a1302/LS315 CDG d1400/LS316 CDG a1717/LS347 DUS d1817/LS348 DUS a2123
G-CELY LS471 SXF d0904/LS472 SXF a1328/LS431 BUD d1457/LS432 BUD a2118
G-GDFF LS255 GRO d0656
G-GDFM LS201 AMS d0718/LS202 AMS a1002/LS241 NCE d1102/LS242 NCE a1601/LS247 FAO d1715/LS248 FAO a2349
G-GDFS LS256 GRO a1235/LS465 LCA d1355
G-GDFT LS231 BCN d0850/LS232 BCN a1442/LS265 AGP d1559/LS266 AGP a2246
G-GDFZ LS478 LPA a0141/LS185 AGP d0707/LS186 AGP a1405/LS475 DLM d1528
G-JZHD LS375 MAH d0805/LS376 MAH a1352/LS421 RHO d1512
G-LSAD LS251 FAO d0814/LS252 FAO a1500/LS227 PMI d1659/LS227 PMI a2314
G-LSAE LS257 PMI d0713/LS258 PMI a1341
G-LSAH LS216 BJV a0205/LS271 ALC d0744/LS272 ALC a1415/LS271 ALC d1637/LS272 ALC a2310
G-LSAI LS223 TFS d1436
G-LSAK LS218 ACE a0038/LS197 IBZ d0710/LS198 IBZ a1312/LS249 FUE d1445

PH-EZM KL1540 AMS d0653
PH-EZV KL1541 AMS a1021/KL1542 AMS d1057/KL1551 AMS a2216 (night stop)
PH-EZX KL1549 AMS a1657/KL1550 AMS d1736

G-ZBAP ZB1276 NAP d0741/ZB1277 NAP a1410/ZB7504 TFS d1539
G-ZBAT ZB7582 MAH d0910/ZB7583 MAH a1454/ZB1254 BCN d1614/ZB1255 BCN a2203

EI-DPC FR5041 BTS d0716/FR5042 BTS a1212/FR2503 FAO d1548/FR2504 FAO a2150
EI-DYB FR1584 FUE d0636/FR1585 FUE a1536/FR2446 AGP d1648/FR2447 AGP a2323
EI-EBA FR153 DUB d0643/FR152 DUB a0852/FR9079 ALC d0946/FR9078 ALC a1556/FR2322 MJV d1709/FR2323 MJV a2257
EI-EFK FR156 DUB a1706/FR157 DUB d1753
EI-EGC FR5044 VNO a0749/FR5043 VNO d0842
EI-ENO FR2449 MLA a0907/FR2448 MA d1005
EI-FOR FR2502 PSA a1433/FR2501 PSA d1524
EI-FTH FR2324 GRO a0753/FR2325 GRO d0855

C-GNCH TOM3550 CFU d0901/TOM3551 CFU a1627/TOM3506 MAH d1849

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
N590CD SR22 a1025 fm Sherburn
SP-EAR C680 a1205 d1305 JDI90W
G-RSXP C560 a1650 VCG707
CS-DXP C560 a1710 d1815 NJE748G/034T

SP-EAR C680 by Mike Storey

SP-EAR C680 by Mike Storey

Other based G/A
G-IFIT PA31 d0805 a1614 to Southampton fm Kemble
G-HNPN E55P d1100 a 1755 to/fm Birmingham FLJ56/59
G-HPIN B429 a1745 d1805


Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3394 DUB a2012/EI3395 DUB d2051
EI-FAX EI3390 DUB a0822/EI3391 DUB d0900

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUPE BA1342 LHR a1403/BA1343 LHR d1502
G-EUPO BA1344 LHR a1917/BA1345 LHR d2002
G-EUPT BA1340 LHR a0851/BA1341 LHR d0943

G-CERY T34716 ABZ a2115
G-MAJB T34706 ABZ a1642/T34706 SOU d1747/T34707 SOU a2014
G-MAJL T34700 SOU d0713/T34701 SOU a1013/T34701 ABZ d1104
G-MAJZ T34711 ABZ d0702/T34702 ABZ a0930/T34702 SOU d1018/T34703 SOU a1241/T34704 SOU d1414/T34705 SOU a1658/T34705 ABZ d1755

G-JECO BE733 BHD a1358/BE734 BHD d1429/BE735 BHD a1630/BE736 BHD d1722
G-LGNI BE6980 GLA a0800/BE6981 GLA d0849
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1835/BE6985 GLA d1912
G-PRPA BE731 BHD a1054/BE732 BHD d1143
G-PRPH BE737 BHD a1934/BE738 BHD d2012
G-PRPK BE729 BHD a0725/BE730 BHD d0805

G-CELE LS195 PRG d0707/LS196 PRG a1158/LS175 JER d1308/LS176 JER a1551/LS205 AMS d1653/LS206 AMS a1949
G-CELF LS273 ALC d1100
G-CELK LS274 ALC a0941
G-CELO LS231 BCN d0846/LS232 BCN a1439
G-CELY LS297 REU d0635/LS298 REU a1207/LS315 CDG d1354/LS316 CDG a1717/LS347 DUS d1811/LS348 DUS a2121
G-GDFF LS186 AGP d0719/LS187 AGP a1408/LS439 DBV d1557/LS440 DBV a2228
G-GDFM LS207 MJV d0836/LS208 MJV a1454/LS227 PMI d1622/LS228 PMI a2252
G-GDFT n/s
G-GDFZ LS214 AYT a0028/LS331 FCO d0749/LS332 FCO a1356/LS477 LPA d1549
G-JZHD LS251 FAO d0814/LS252 FAO a1531/LS265 AGP d1647/LS266 AGP a2313
G-LSAD LS257 PMI d0640/LS258 PMI a1258/LS443 HER d1426/LS444 HER a2347
G-LSAE LS271 ALC d0817/LS272 ALC a1447
G-LSAH LS215 BJV d1655
G-LSAI LS223 TFS d0935/LS224 TFS a1923
G-LSAK LS197 IBZ d0700/LS198 IBZ a1316/LS217 ACE d1500

PH-EXD KL1540 AMS d0625
PH-EZM KL1551 AMS a2202 (night stop)
PH-EZS KL1541 AMS a0959/KL1542 AMS d1047
PH-EZT KL1549 AMS a1646/KL1550 AMS d1735

G-ZBAP ZB7509 LCA a0203/ZB1242 FAO d0730/ZB1243 FAO a1412/ZB1236 ALC d1536/ZB1237 ALC a2144
G-ZBAT ZB1212 AGP d0819/ZB1213 AGP a1442/ZB7516 PMI d1610/ZB7517 PMI a2211

EI-DCM FR2447 AGP a1843/FR2446 AGP d1927
EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0655/FR152 DUB a0901/FR2326 PMI d0948/FR2327 PMI a1543/FR2203 WMI d1639/FR2204 WMI a2149
EI-DYB FR2332 KRK d0710/FR2333 KRK a1213/FR2486 IBZ d1343/FR2487 IBZ a2327
EI-EBA FR2328 LIG d0638/FR2329 LIG a1035/FR1503 GDN d1118/FR1504 GDN a1602/FR9079 ALC d1719/FR9078 ALC a2319
EI-EFG FR2047 ACE a1057/FR2048 ACE d1201
EI-EVS FR2535 LPA a1107/FR2536 LPA d1206
EI-FTP FR2504 FAO a1916/FR2503 FAO d1959
EI-FZX FR156 DUB a1705/FR157 DUB d1750

C-GNCH TOM3339 PFO a0321/TOM3432 PMI d0644/TOM3433 PMI a1253/TOM3446 FAO d1457/TOM3447 FAO a2136

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Mike Storey

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
CS-DXP C560 a0840 d1010 NJE957C/876R
LX-LAB PC12 a1045 d1525 JFA83F/84F to/fm Oxford
G-RACO PA28 a1125 d1147 fm/to Blackpool
N95VB BE90 a1625 d1650

95-00123 UC-35A ILS 1520 Duke01 Geilenkirchen
ZH901 Chinook Low Level Pass (4000ft) 1730

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d0808 a1518 APX5G to/fm Shannon d2012 axxxx APX5G Belfast
G-OCCH DA40 d1025 a1443 to/fm Oxford
G-CFGB C680 a1525 APX4CP
G-ZAZU DA42 d1013 a1125 d1242 a1343 d1950 to Humberside a2120 fm Humberside
G-BSHP P28A d1956 to Humberside

G-LSAA positioned to MAN d0826 EXS045A
G-CELF performed a test flight d1118 a1157 EXS051B
G-GDFB positioned to EDI d1321 EXS042A
G-LSAD positioned in from MAN a1455 EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3394 DUB a1858/EI3395 DUB d1937
EI-FAX EI3390 DUB a0804/EI3391 DUB d0850

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1318/GR665 GCI d1408

British Airways
G-EUOE BA1342 LHR a1404/BA1343 LHR d1457
G-EUPM BA1344 LHR a1834/BA1345 LHR d1920
G-EUPU BA1340 LHR a0852/BA1341 LHR d0944

G-MAJL T34700 SOU d0714/T34701 SOU a0942/T34701 ABZ d1028/T34706 ABZ a1632/T34706 SOU d1732/T34707 SOU a1959
G-MAJZ T34711 ABZ d0708/T34702 ABZ a0939/T34702 SOU d1031/T34705 SOU a1652/T34705 ABZ d1752/T34716 ABZ a2018

G-ECOR BE737 BHD a1941/BE738 BHD d2016
G-LGNG BE6980 GLA a0801/BE6981 GLA d0843
G-LGNI BE6984 GLA a1819/BE6985 GLA d1913
G-JECE BE729 BHD a0722/BE730 BHD d0811
G-PRPJ BE731 BHD a1036/BE732 BHD d1122
G-PRPK BE733 BHD a1254/BE753 NQY d1332/BE754 NQY a1617/BE736 BHD d1741

G-CELE LS269 LEI d0816/LS270 LEI a1503/LS205 AMS d1706/LS206 AMS a1955
G-CELF LS347 DUS d1820/LS348 DUS a2125
G-CELI LS226 PUY a1346/LS225 PUY d1552
G-CELO LS251 FAO d0805/LS252 FAO a1500
G-CELY LS185 AGP d0711/LS186 AGP a1351/LS461 VRN d1544/LS462 VRN a2058
G-GDFF LS224 TFS a0014/LS271 ALC d0919/LS272 ALC a1546
G-GDFM n/s
G-GDFB n/s
G-GDFT n/s
G-GDFZ LS218 ACE a0039/LS257 PMI d0652/LS258 PMI a1303/LS213 AYT d1425
G-JZHD LS253 EFL d0741/LS254 EFL a1539
G-LSAA n/s
G-LSAE LS356 KGS a0049/LS465 LCA d0951/LS466 LCA a2041
G-LSAH n/s
G-LSAI LS250 FUE a0205/LS405 PFO d0923/LS406 PFO a2005
G-LSAK LS447 ZTH d1349/LS448 ZTH a2146

PH-EXD KL1551 AMS a2156 (night stop)
PH-EZF KL1541 AMS a1010/KL1542 AMS d1054
PH-EZM KL1540 AMS d0642
PH-EZP KL1549 AMS a1645/KL1550 AMS d1735

G-ZBAP ZB1212 AGP d0718/ZB1213 AGP a1358/ZB7508 LCA d1536
G-ZBAT ZB1260 DLM d0630/ZB1261 DLM a1559/ZB1242 FAO d1714/ZB1243 FAO a2322

EI-DLG FR9078 ALC a0833/FR9079 ALC d0935
EI-DPC FR2496 CFU d0758/FR2497 CFU a1555/FR2446 AGP d1659/FR2447 AGP a2308
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0649/FR2493 TFS a1602/FR1503 GDN d1738/FR1504 GDN a2217
EI-EBA FR153 DUB d0644/FR152 DUB a0855/FR2326 PMI d0947/FR2327 PMI a1541/FR2482 RIX d1640/FR2483 RIX a2210
EI-EBH FR2504 FAO a1854/FR2503 FAO d1946
EI-FOR FR2502 PSA a1903/FR2501 PSA d1957
EI-FZX FR156 DUB a1649/FR157 DUB d1749

C-GNCH TOM3316 PMI d0753/TOM3317 PMI a1418/TOM3338 PFO d1620

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Perky

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
G-FRYL PRM1 d0820 BOO633
EI-GJL AS365 a1220
G-SKBD BE40 a1804 d1835 fm Alicante CBM56

Other based G/A
N347DC S22T d1036 a1850 to/fm Guernsey
N89NB SR22 a1052 fm High Wycombe
G-MOSJ BE9L d0751 a1131 fm Shannon APX5GP
G-ZAZU DA42 d1224/a1334/d1711/a1900
G-IFIT PA31 d1641 a1918 to/fm Stanstead
G-MFLM C152 a1743 fm Darlington d1933 a2006

G-GDFT positioned from EDI a1825 EXS041A
G-GDFZ positioned to AGP d0710 EWS85G

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3390 DUB a0816/EI3391 DUB d0909
EI-FAW EI3394 DUB a1758/EI3395 DUB d1856

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUOE BA1340 LHR a0847/BA1341 LHR d0938
G-EUPP BA1342 LHR a1347/BA1343 LHR d1432
G-EUPU BA1344 LHR a1756/BA1345 LHR d1909

G-MAJB T34700 SOU d0703/T34701 SOU a0925/T34701 ABZ d1020
G-MAJL T34706 ABZ a1637/T34706 SOU d1723/T34707 SOU a1950
G-MAJZ T34711 ABZ d0720/T34702 ABZ a0950/T34702 SOU d1033/T34703 SOU a1251/T34704 SOU d1440/T34705 SOU a1706/T34705 ABZ d1745/T34716 ABZ a2014

G-ECOR BE737 BHD a1935/BE738 BHD d2005
G-JECL BE731 BHD a1038/BE732 BHD d1118/BE733 BHD a1333/BE734 BHD d1435
G-LGNZ BE6980 GLA a0808/BE6981 GLA d0853
G-PRPA BE729 BHD a0726/BE730 BHD d0800/BE735 BHD a1747/BE736 BHD d1828

G-CELA LS255 GRO d0655
G-CELE LS175 JER d1243/LS176 JER a1535/LS205 AMS d1656/LS206 AMS a1956
G-CELF n/s
G-CELO LS367 PSA d0743/LS368 PSA a1329/LS245 SPU d1437/LS246 SPU a2056
G-CELY LS297 REU d0737/LS298 REU a1339/LS207 MJV d1519/LS208 MJV a2135
G-GDFF LS197 IBZ d0656/LS198 IBZ a1326/LS223 TFS d1443
G-GDFM LS261 SKG d0713/LS262 SKG a1510/LS347 DUS d1735/LS348 DUS a2059
G-GDFB n/s
G-GDFX LS214 AYT a0118/LS257 PMI d0707/LS258 PMI a1323/LS477 LPA d1446
G-GDFZ LS186 AGP a1354/LS217 ACE d1538
G-JZHD LS670 LPA a2334 (div from EMA)
G-LSAA n/s
G-LSAE LS422 RHO a0028/LS271 ALC d0739/LS272 ALC a1350/LS355 KGS d1525
G-LSAH LS247 FAO d1631/LS248 FAO a2307
G-LSAI LS251 FAO d0809/LS252 FAO a1455/LS249 FUE d1632
G-LSAK LS476 DLM a0058/LS443 HER d0906/LS444 HER a1829

PH-EZF KL1549 AMS a1703/KL1550 AMS d1741
PH-EZG KL1540 AMS d0647
PH-EZM KL1551 AMS a2200 (night stop)
PH-EZP KL1541 AMS a1006/KL1542 AMS d1106

G-ZBAP ZB7502 TFS d0622/ZB7503 TFS a1627/ZB7516 PMI d1729/ZB7517 PMI a2309
G-ZBAT ZB1242 FAO d0724/ZB1243 FAO a1405/ZB1236 ALC d1513/ZB1237 ALC a2117

EI-DPC FR2484 TSF d0746/FR2485 TSF a1229/FR1503 GDN d1738/FR1504 GDN a2211
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0639/FR152 DUB a0841/FR2326 PMI d0948/FR2327 PMI a1559/FR9079 ALC d1717/FR9078 ALC a2306
EI-EBA FR2476 CHQ d0700/FR2477 CHQ a1553/FR2446 AGP d1653/FR2447 AGP a2311
EI-EFG FR2047 ACE a1111/FR2048 ACE d1202
EI-EMN FR156 DUB a1705/FR157 DUB d1751
EI-ESV FR2480 AGP a1034/FR2481 AGP d1124
EI-FIG FR2333 KRK a1945/FR2332 KRK d2026

C-GNCH TOM3250 PMI d0831/TOM3251 PMI a2155

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Monday, 12 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
G-FBKH C510 a1240 d1340 BKK8H
G-FRYL PRM1 a1320 BOO176 fm Verona
G-SCCA C510 a1545 d1640 GMA110

ZJ125 Merlin "Junglie446" 1640 Low Level Pass

Other based G/A
N89NB SR22 a1052 fm High Wycombe
G-MOSJ BE9L a1759 APX5G fm Edinburgh
2-GOLF C525 d1610 to Palma de Mallorca

G-JZHN positioned to MAN d0042 EXS031E

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAV EI3394 DUB a2014/EI3395 DUB d2056
EI-FSK EI3390 DUB a0815/EI3391 DUB d0907

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1315/GR665 GCI d1408

British Airways
G-EUOH BA1340 LHR a0853/BA1341 LHR d0956
G-EUPW BA1342 LHR a1344/BA1343 LHR d1429
G-EUPY BA1344 LHR a1847/BA1345 LHR d1931

G-CFLU T34711 ABZ d0658/T34702 ABZ a0928/T34702 SOU d1025/T34705 SOU a1659/T34705 ABZ d1750
G-MAJB T34700 SOU d0717/T34701 SOU a0949/T34701 ABZ d1031/T34706 ABZ a1635/T34706 SOU d1735/T34707 SOU a1952
G-MAJZ T34716 ABZ a2007

G-ECOR BE733 BHD a1253/BE753 NQY d1337/BE754 BHD a1618/BE736 BHD d1740?
G-JECE BE731 BHD a1055/BE732 BHD d1135
G-JEDV BE737 BHD a1942/BE738 BHD d2019
G-LGND BE6980 GLA a0802/BE6981 GLA d0840
G-LGNG BE6984 GLA a1824/BE6985 GLA d1909
G-PRPA BE729 BHD a0721/BE730 BHD d0804

G-CELA LS255 GRO d0655
G-CELE LS231 BCN d0851/LS232 BCN a1459/LS431 BUD d1552/LS432 BUD a2206
G-CELF n/s
G-CELO LS256 GRO a1231/LS215 CDG d1356/LS216 CDG a1715/LS347 DUS d1803/LS348 DUS a2126
G-CELY LS271 ALC d0728/LS272 ALC a1359/LS273 ALC d1558/LS274 ALC a2215
G-GDFE LS276 ALC a0946/LS275 ALC d1052
G-GDFF LS389 FNC d0820/LS390 FNC a1648/LS227 PMI d1807/LS228 PMI a2357
G-GDFM LS265 AGP d1637/LS266 AGP a2300
G-GDFB LS201 AMS d0711/LS202 AMS a0954/LS241 NCE d1047/LS242 NCE a1604/LS471 SXF d1706/LS472 SXF a2141
G-GDFX LS478 LPA a0046/LS375 MAH d0759/LS376 MAH a1351/LS213 AYT d1522
G-GDFZ LS224 TFS a0117/LS343 VCE d0714/LS344 VCE a1238/LS223 TFS d1405/LS224 TFS a2341
G-LSAA LS251 FAO d0825/LS252 FAO a1459
G-LSAE LS406 PFO a0053/LS197 IBZ d0703/LS198 IBZ a1327/LS421 RHO d1505
G-LSAH LS247 FAO d1631/LS248 FAO a2307
G-LSAI LS218 ACE a0120/LS257 PMI d0650/LS258 PMI a1258/LS259 CFU d1432/LS260 CFU a2200
G-LSAK LS466 LCA a0122/LS185 AGP d0724/LS186 AGP a1402/LS475 DLM d1527

PH-EZP KL1550 AMS d0645
PH-EZG KL1551 AMS a2211 (night stop)
PH-EXC KL1549 AMS a1639/KL1550 AMS d1731
PH-EXW KL1541 AMS a1010/KL1542 AMS d1107

G-ZBAP ZB1260 DLM d0625/ZB1261 DLM a1539/ZB7584 MAH d1710/ZB7585 MAH a2247
G-ZBAT ZB1276 NAP d0747/ZB1277 NAP a1416/ZB1254 BCN d1626/ZB1255 BCN a2158

EI-DAL FR156 DUB a1702/FR157 DUB d1756
EI-DPC FR153 DUB d0706/FR152 DUB a0914/FR2326 PMI d1013/FR2327 PMI a1605/FR9079 ALC d1738/FR9078 ALC a2359
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0639/FR2493 TFS a1550/FR2322 MJB d1651/FR2323 MJV a2243
EI-DYL FR2449 MLA a0903/FR2448 MLA d1008
EI-EBA FR2487 IBZ a2347/FR1584 FUE d0642/FR1585 FUE a1554/FR5041 BTS d1718/FR5042 BTS a2209
EI-EGA FR2504 FAO a1045/FR2503 FAO d1143
EI-EKK FR2502 PSA a1253/FR2501 PSA d1335
EI-EPE FR2447 AGP a1907/FR2446 AGP d2010
EI-EVX FR5044 VNO a0845/FR5043 VNO d0935
EI-FTH FR2324 GRO a1310/FR2323 GRO d1411

C-GNCH TOM3711 PMI a0049/TOM3172 IBZ d0611/TOM3713 IBZ a1945

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
CS-PHC E55P a1124 d1504 NJE571R / 184H  fm to Dublin

Other based G/A
N89NB SR22 d0858 to High Wycombe
G-BSHP P28A d1013
G-HNPN E55P d1055 a1800 FLJ53 to/fm Dublin
G-GZOO G200 a1554 APX1C


G-GDFF positioned in from MAN a1300 EXS032E
G-CERZ positioned to Humberside d1813 EZE072P

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAU EI3394 DUB a2010/EI3395 DUB d2058
EI-FAX EI3392 DUB a1514/EI3393 DUB d1556

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1301/GR665 GCI d1401

British Airways
G-EUOF BA1340 LHR a0845/BA1341 LHR d0935
G-EUOG BA1344 LHR a1842/BA1345 LHR d1928
G-EUPR BA1342 LHR a1355/BA1343 LHR d1451

G-CDEA T37419 ABZ a1604/T37419 SOU d1657/T34718 SOU a1925/T34718 ABZ d2052
G-CERZ n/s
G-MAJB n/s

G-ECOM BE754 NQY a1316/BE755 NQY d1432
G-JEDV BE735 BHD a1619/BE736 BHD d1721/BE737 BHD a1942/BE738 BHD d2033
G-PRPI BE731 BHD a0946/BE732 BHD d1036

EC-IDT LS228 PMI a1649/LS227 PMI d1804
G-CELA LS231 BCN d0843/LS232 BCN a1449/LS207 MJV d1604/LS208 MJV a2224
G-CELE LS375 MAH d0632/LS376 MAH a1224/LS315 CDG d1359/LS316 CDG a1719/LS347 DUS d1818/LS348 DUS a2131
G-CELF LS225 PUY d0710 (returned to LBA)
G-CELY LS226 PUY a1424/LS195 PRG d1749/LS196 PRG a2237
G-GDFF LS205 AMS d1341/LS206 AMS a1633
G-GDFM n/s
G-GDFB LS269 LEI d0823/LS270 LEI a1446/LS247 FAO d1641/LS248 FAO a2306
G-GDFX LS271 ALC d0813/LS272 ALC a1413/LS477 LPA d1523
G-GDFZ LS406 PFO a0305/LS439 DBV d0727/LS440 DBV a1404/LS223 TFS d1548
G-JZHN LS478 LPA a0045/LS331 FCO d0852/LS332 FCO a1508/LS265 AGP d1651/LS266 AGP a2344
G-LSAA n/s
G-LSAE LS197 IBZ d0714/LS198 IBZ a1312/LS405 PFO d1438
G-LSAH LS186 AGP d0730/LS251 FAO d0805/LS252 FAO a1441/LS273 ALC d1654/LS274 ALC a2315
G-LSAI LS444 HER a0106/LS185 AGP d0730/LS186 AGP a1417/LS217 ACE d1608
G-LSAK LS287 PMI d0649/LS288 PMI a1307/LS465 LCA d1429

PH-EXA KL1541 AMS a0943/KL1542 AMS d1030
PH-EXB KL1540 AMS d0626
PH-EXD KL1549 AMS a1646/KL1550 AMS d1746
PH-EZP KL1551 AMS a2207 (night stop)

G-ZBAP ZB1265 DLM a0033/ZB1212 AGP d0830/ZB1213 AGP a1511/ZB1236 ALC d1659/ZB1237 ALC a2312
G-ZBAT ZB7509 LCA a0238/ZB1242 FAO d0910/ZB1243 FAO a1606/ZB1254 BCN d1717/ZB1255 BCN a2304

EI-DPC FR9079 ALC d0817/FR9078 ALC a1421/FR2328 LIG d1536/FR2329 LIG a1923/FR157 DUB d2024/FR156 DUB a2221
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0647/FR152 DUB a0848/FR2326 PMI d0938/FR2327 PMI a1544/FR2203 WMI d1638/FR2204 WMI a2201
EI-EBA FR2482 RIX d0655/FR2483 RIX a1244/FR2486 IBZ d1423
EI-EMO FR2504 FAO a1911/FR2503 FAO d2002
EI-EPE FR2447 AGP a1829/FR2446 AGP d1935
EI-FEE FR2535 LPA a1035/FR2536 LPA d1200
EI-FIG FR2333 KRK a2005/FR2332 KRK d2103

C-GNCH TOM3647 RHO a0131/TOM3748 TFS d0736/TOM3749 TFS a1714/TOM3710 PMI d1854

Movement Credits: Scott S

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 


D-HKTG A109 n/s
CS-LAU  C68A a0906 d1035  NJE735A / 433N  fm Farnborough to Southampton

Other based G/A

2-GOLF C525 a0759


G-GDFF positioned to MAN d0010 EXS044A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAW EI3390 DUB a0719/EI3391 d0850

G-HUET  GR664 GCI a0918/GR665 GCI d1018

BH Air
LZ-BHG BGH5569 BOJ a1653/BGH5570 BOJ d1802

British Airways
G-EUPE  BA1340 LHR a0857 BA1341 d0954
G-EUPB BA1342 LHR a1509BA1343 d1602

G-CERZ EZY9634 PGF d0917 EZY9635 a2301
G-MAJB n/s

G-PRPA BE729 BHD a0721 /BE730 d0818
G-PRPC BE754 NQY a0939/BE755 NQY d1107
G-PRPI BE735 BHD a1628/BE736 BHD d1713

G-CELA LS241 NCE d0702 LS242 a1215 / LS447 ZTH d1332 LS448 a2150
G-CELE LS235 EGC d0724 LS236 a1150 / LS175 JER d1257 LS176 a1546 / LS247 FAO d1642 LS248 a2318
G-CELF n/s
G-CELY LS248 FAO a0032 / LS367 PSA d0739  LS368 a1310 / LS245 SPU d1407 LS246 a2033
G-GDFE LS274 ALC a1731 LS273 d1826
G-GDFM n/s
G-GDFT LS365 NAP d0844 LS366 a1518 / LS297 REU d1620
G-GDFB LS298 REU a2208
G-GDFX LS476 DLM a0105 / LS185 AGP d0709 LS186 a1335 / LS265 AGP d1633 LS266 a2251
G-GDFZ LS422 RHO a0036 / LS239  MLA d0641 LS240 a1456 / LS405 PFO d1707
G-JZHN LS466 LCA a0103 /LS375 MAH d0821 EXS376 a1405 / LS477 LPA d1526
G-LSAA LS224 TFS a0001 / LS197 IBZ d0704 LS198 a1313 / LS217 ACE d1451 LS218 a2357
G-LSAE LS250 FUE a0007 / LS257 PMI d0636 LS258 a1245 / LS223 TFS d1429 LS224 a2352
G-LSAH LS251 FAO d0810 LS252 a1446 / LS227 PMI d1711 LS228 a2319
G-LSAI  LS443 HER d1552
G-LSAK LS271 ALC d0745  LS272 a1439

PH-EZF KL1540 AMS d0644
PH-EXD KL1541 AMS a0949 KL1542 d1101
PH-EZP KL1549 AMS a1651 KL1550 d1733
PH-EXB KL1551 a2200

G-ZBAP ZB7505 TFS a0054 / ZB1242 FAO d0730 ZB1243 a1343 / MON1264 DLM d1522
G-ZBAT ZB7512 PMI d0848 ZB7513 a1453 / MON7508 LCA d1626

EI-DPC RYR2484 TSF  d0652/ RYR2485 a1145 / RYR9079 ALC d1312 RYR9078 a1952 / RYR157 DUB d2038 RYR156 a2245
EI-DYB RYR153 DUB d0714 RYR152  a0937 / FR2326 PMI d1033 RYR2327 a1646 / RYR1503 GDN d1739 RYR1504 a2212
EI-EBA RYR2476 CHQ d0727 RYR2477 a1604 / RYR2446 AGP d1717 RYR2447 a2340
EI-EKV RYR2493 TFS a1004 RYR2492 d1115
EI-EFG RYR2047 ACE a105 RYR2048 d1157
EI-FIG RYR2333 KRK a1939  RYR2332 d2025

G-POWC  ZT718Y STN a0633 ZT181 SZG  d0826

C-GNCH TOM3507 MAH a0001/ TOM3618 PMI d0836 TOM3619 a1418 / TOM6346 RHO d1624

Movement Credits: Scott S

Friday, 9 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
G-EGLS PA28 a0930 d1335
N89NB SR22 a0940 fm Rotterdam
N627JW GL5T d0945
G-FRYL PRM1 a1000 d1128 BOO176
D-CEXP LJ35 a1410 d1650 AYY110
G-BOKA PA28 d1500

D-CEXP LJ35 by Arthur Procter

Other based G/A
G-CFGB C680 d0924
G-HNPN E55P a1250 FLJ53
N928SK SR22 a1839 fm Swansea

G-SCAR CL35 a1107 APX2GP

G-GDFF positioned from MAN a1330 EXS041A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3394 DUB a2026/EI3395 DUB d2105
EI-FCY EI3390 DUB a0740/EI3391 DUB d0919

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1328/GR665 GCI d1420

British Airways
G-EUOG BA1340 LHR a0845/BA1341 LHR d0949
G-EUPC BA1344 LHR a1835/BA1345 LHR d1924
G-EUPU BA1342 LHR a1627/BA1343 LHR d1723

G-CERZ T34700 SOU d0721/T34703 SOU a1408/T34703 ABZ d1456/T34706 ABZ a1721/T34706 SOU d2057/T34707 SOU a2255
G-MAJB n/s
G-MAJD T34705 ABZ d1752

G-JEDV BE733 BHD a1259/BE753 NQY d1341/BE754 NQY a1617/BE736 BHD d1737
G-PRPA BE729 BHD a0722/BE730 BHD d0810
G-PRPC BE737 BHD a1950/BE738 BHD d2028
G-PRPI BE731 BHD a1059/BE732 BHD d1144

G-CELA LS471 SXF d0913/LS472 SXF a1324/LS431 BUD d1445/LS432 BUD a2038
G-CELE n/s
G-CELF LS256 GRO a1553/LS347 DUS d1814/LS348 DUS a2130
G-CELG LS255 GRO d0653
G-CELY LS201 AMS d0724/LS202 AMS a1000/LS241 NCE d1147/LS242 NCE a1712/LS247 FAO d1830
G-GDFF LS265 AGP d1605/LS266 AGP a2246
G-GDFM LS231 BCN d0903/LS232 BCN a1504
G-GDFT LS315 CDG d1602/LS316 CDG a1922
G-GDFX LS185 AGP d0711/LS186 AGP a1418/LS475 DLM d1546
G-GDFZ LS375 MAH d0808/LS376 MAH a1358/LS421 RHO d1520
G-JZHN LS478 LPA a0139/LS343 VCE d0717/LS344 VCE a1250/LS465 LCA d1415
G-LSAA LS257 PMI d0643/LS258 PMI a1312/LS223 TFS d1437
G-LSAB LS218 ACE a0019/LS251 FAO d0814
G-LSAE LS249 FUE d1448
G-LSAH LS252 FAO a1522/LS227 PMI d1703/LS228 PMI a2328
G-LSAI LS271 ALC d0754/LS272 ALC a1423/LS273 ALC d1643/LS274 ALC a2318
G-LSAK LS216 BJV a0109/LS197 IBZ d0656/LS198 IBZ a1451

PH-EZF KL1551 AMS a2205 (night stop)
PH-EZP KL1549 AMS a1640/KL1550 AMS d1729
PH-EZU KL1541 AMS a1023/KL1542 AMS d1110
PH-EZY KL1540 AMS d0714

G-ZBAP ZB1276 NAP d0744/ZB1277 NAP a1428/ZB7504 TFS d1548
G-ZBAT ZB7582 MAH d0915/ZB7583 MAH a1506/ZB1254 BCN d1612/ZB1255 BCN a2146

EI-DPC FR5041 BTS d0659/FR5042 BTS a1158/FR2503 FAO d1555/FR2504 FAO a2152
EI-DYB FR152 DUB a0910/FR9079 ALC d1008/FR9078 ALC a1613/FR2446 AGP d1714/FR2447 AGP a2333
EI-DYP FR5044 VNO a0750/FR5043 VNO d0935
EI-EBA FR1584 FUE d0630/FR1585 FUE a1524/FR2322 MJV d1727/FR2323 MJV a2314
EI-EBL FR2449 MLA a0857/FR2448 MLA d1005
EI-EBM FR2502 PSA a1442/FR2501 PSA d1544
EI-EKJ FR156 DUB a1652/FR157 DUB d1802
EI-FIN FR2324 GRO a0755/FR2325 GRO d0848
EI-FZS FR9078 ALC a0126/FR153 DUB d0650

C-GNCH TOM3550 CFU d0840/TOM3551 CFU a1617/TOM3506 MAH d1810

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ian Sutton, Dave Lowe, Andrew Procter, Dave E

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
N627JW GL5T n/s
N176HS GL5T a0815  d2315 fm Teterboro to Luton
G-CALL PA27 a0905 d0942 fm Isle of Man to Chester
G-BOKA P28B a1149
G-SASD BE20 a1247 d1538 GMA264 fm/to Glasgow
G-RABB PC12 a1350 d1444 fm Jersey to Biggin Hill
M-ABJA LJ45 a1426 d1605 fm Stansted
SE-DJG E35L a1518 d2323 EUW9196 fm Farnborough to Luton
G-SKYV PA28 a1610 d1630 fm/to Isle of Man
G-CMTO C25M a1938 d2045 VCG520 fm/to Palma de Mallorca

ZA612 Tornado MRH018 1543 Low Approach/Go Around

M-ABJA LJ45 by John Hyland

Tornado ZA682 by Andrew Easby

Tornado ZA682 by Andrew Easby

Other based G/A
G-HNPN E55P  d0510  FLJ51 
2-GOLF C25A a0915 fm Jersey
G-GZOO G200 d1147
G-MOSJ BE9L d2210 APX5CP to Gatwick



Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FCY EI3394 DUB a2038/EI3395 DUB d2115
EI-FMK EI3390 DUB a0836/EI3391 DUB d0919

None Booked

British Airways
G-EUPD BA1344 LHR a1840/BA1345 LHR d1929
G-EUPO BA1340 LHR a0844/BA1341 LHR d0939
G-EUPV BA1342 LHR a1344/BA1343 LHR d1440

G-CERZ T34706 ABZ a1625/T34706 SOU d1736/T34716 ABZ a2031
G-MAJB T34700 SOU d0657/T34701 SOU a0924/T34702 SOU d1013/T34703 SOU a1231/T34704 SOU d1418/T34705 SOU a1653/T34707 SOU a2013
G-MAJK T34701 ABZ d1024

G-ECOJ BE729 BHD a0744/BE730 BHD d0821/BE737 BHD a1953
G-JECR BE731 BHD a1045/BE732 BHD d1118/BE733 BHD a1335/BE734 BHD d1431/BE735 BHD a1633/BE736 BHD d1710

G-CELA LS274 ALC a0933/LS175 JER d1300/LS176 JER a1549/LS205 AMS d1649/LS206 AMS a1944
G-CELE LS195 PRG d0710/LS196 PRG a1505
G-CELG LS297 REU d0646/LS298 REU a1215/LS315 CDG d1351/LS316 CDG a1714
G-CELY LS231 BCN d0856/LS232 BCN a1442/LS227 PMI d1631/LS228 PMI a2233
G-GDFE LS273 ALC d1058
G-GDFM LS207 MJV d0839/LS208 MJV a1453/LS347 DUS d1809/LS348 DUS a2120
G-GDFT n/s
G-GDFX LS214 AYT a0010/LS185 AGP d0730/LS186 AGP a1429/LS439 DBV d1557/LS440 DBV a2224
G-GDFZ LS251 FAO d0816/LS252 FAO a1525/LS265 AGP d1637/LS266 AGP a2305
G-JZHN LS331 FCO d0750/LS332 FAO a1438/LS477 LPA d1600
G-LSAA LS257 PMI d0643/LS258 PMI a1306/LS443 HER d1435/LS444 HER a2357
G-LSAB LS217 ACE d1458
G-LSAE LS197 IBZ d0701/LS198 IBZ a1338
G-LSAI LS223 TFS d0936/LS224 TFS a1948
G-LSAK LS271 ALC d0745/LS272 ALC a1422/LS215 BJV d1554

PH-EXB KL1540 AMS d0638
PH-EZA KL1541 AMS a1010/KL1542 AMS d1051
PH-EZW KL1549 AMS a1656/KL1550 AMS d1744
PH-EZY KL1551 AMS a2209 (night stop)

G-ZBAP ZB7509 LCA a0157/ZB1212 AGP d0819/ZB1213 AGP a1502/ZB7516 PMI d1622
G-ZBAT ZB1242 FAO d0726/ZB1243 FAO a1418/ZB1236 ALC d1545/ZB1237 ALC a2140

EI-DHA FR156 DUB a1701/FR157 DUB d1754
EI-DPC FR2328 LIG d0627/FR2329 LIG a1019/FR1503 GDN d1124/FR1504 GDN a1605/FR2203 WMI d1659/FR2204 WMI a2153
EI-DYB FR153 DUB d0649
EI-EBA FR2332 KRK d0704/FR2333 KRK a1353/FR2486 IBZ d1612/FR2487 IBZ a2322
EI-EFG FR2047 ACE a1057/FR2048 ACE d1205
EI-ESV FR2447 AGP a1832/FR2446 AGP d1931
EI-FEF FR2535 LPA a1048/FR2536 LPA d1155
EI-FIE FR2504 FAO a1907/FR2503 FAO d1951
EI-FZS FR152 DUB a1002/FR2326 PMI d1051/FR2327 PMI a1803/FR9079 ALC d1922

C-GNCH TOM3339 PFO a0248/TOM3432 PMI d0632/TOM3433 PMI a1309/TOM3446 FAO d1451/TOM3447 FAO a2124

Movement Credits: Scott S, John Hyland, Andrew Easby, Dave E

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
OE-GPS C55B d0957 TYW848S to Innsbruck
ZG998 BN2 a1002 d1350 RRR7949 to/fm Waddington
XX246 Hawk  a1156 d1720 Pirate07 to Leeming
XX284 Hawk  a1159 d1725 Pirate21 to Leeming
CS-GLA GL6T a1341 d1605 NJE214N / 210G  fm Farnborough to Nice
G-LFBD C525 a1346  d1428 CLF222 / 245 fm Palma de Mallorca to Manchester
G-RABB  PC12  a1431 d1543  fm Biggin Hill to Jersey
G-ZNTH LJ75 a1640 d1745 BZE07A/07B
N627JW GL5T a1725
ZA682 H47 a2150 d2305 SHF592 to/fm Odiham

XX246 Hawk by Andrew Easby

XX284 Hawk by Andrew Easby

N627JW GL5T by Mark Dobson

ZA682 Chinook by Andrew Easby

Other based G/A
2-GOLF d0700 to Guernsey
G-CGMF C560 d1425  APX4CP
G-GZOO GALX APC1CP a2030 fm Liverpool

G-GZOO GALX by Mark Dobson


G-LSAA arrived back from a test flight a0052 EXS52B
G-CELG positioned to EMA d1307 a1627 EXS300T
G-GDFS positioned to MAN d0914 EXS013R
G-LSAB performed a test flight d1706 a1725 EXS053B
G-LSAJ positioned to MAN d2250 EXS031E

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAT EI3390 DUB a0804/EI3391 DUB d0900
EI-FMK EI3394 DUB a1757/EI3395 DUB d1848

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1304/GR665 GCI d1400

British Airways
G-EUOH BA1340 LHR a0850/BA1341 LHR d0953
G-EUPU BA1344 LHR a1840/BA1345 LHR d1920
G-EUPZ BA1342 LHR a1344/BA1343 LHR d1436

G-MAJB T34702 SOU d1121/T34705 SOU a1655/T34705 ABZ d1733/T34716 ABZ a2056
G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0716/T34701 SOU a0951/T34701 ABZ d1043/T34706 ABZ a1641/T34706 SOU d1715/T34707 SOU a1941

G-ECOM BE737 BHD a2006/E738 BHD d2042
G-ECOJ BE733 BHD a1255/BE753 NQY d1335/BE754 NQY a1618/BE736 BHD d1730
G-JECI BE731 BHD a1038/BE732 BHD d1125
G-LGNK BE6980 GLA a0755/BE6981 GLA d0843
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1817/BE6985 GLA d1900
G-PRPG BE729 BHD a0721/BE730 BHD d0809

G-CELE n/s
G-CELG (test flight to EMA and back)
G-CELI LS226 PUY a1339/LS225 PUY d1539
G-CELY LS269 LEI d0816/LS270 LEI a1504/LS205 AMS d1712/LS206 AMS a2027
G-GDFE LS251 FAO d0822/LS252 FAO a1458/LS347 DUS d1739/LS348 DUS a2122
G-GDFM n/s
G-GDFN LS185 AGP d0713/LS186 AGP a1408/LS461 VRN d1520 (Swapped at VRN with G-GDFT)
G-GDFS LS478 LPA a0040 (positioned to MAN)
G-GDFT LS462 VRN a2051
G-GDFX LS218 ACE a0049/LS257 PMI d0649/LS258 PMI a1312/LS213 AYT d1421
G-GDFZ LS224 TFS a0045/LS253 EFL d0738/LS254 EFL a1524
G-JZHN LS271 ALC d0907/LS272 ALC a1538
G-LSAA LS447 ZTH d1119/LS448 ZTH a1930
G-LSAB LS250 FUE a0215
G-LSAE n/s
G-LSAI n/s
G-LSAJ LS465 LCA d1113/LS466 LCA a2129
G-LSAK LS356 KGS a0025/LS405 PFO d0948/LS406 PFO a2018

PH-EZN KL1540 AMS d0651
PH-EXA KL1549 AMS a1657/KL1550 AMS d1720
PH-EXB KL1541 AMS a1020/KL1542 AMS d1107/KL1551 AMS a2222 (night stop)

G-ZBAP ZB1212 AGP d0724/ZB1213 AGP a1355/ZB7508 LCA d1529
G-ZBAT ZB1260 DLM d0621/ZB1261 DLM a1547/ZB1242 FAO d1701/ZB1243 FAO a2227

EI-DPC FR152 DUB a0858/FR2326 PMI d1002/FR2327 PMI a1600/FR2446 AGP d1709/FR2447 AGP a2338
EI-DWO FR9078 ALC a0709/FR9079 ALC d0945
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0635/FR2493 TFS a1544/FR1503 GDN d1736/FR1504 GDN a2211
EI-DYF FR153 DUB d0643
EI-EBA FR2496 CFU d0819/FR2497 CFU a1527/FR2482 RIX d1645/FR2483 RIX a2212
EI-EBH FR2504 FAO a1854/FR2503 FAO d1943
EI-ESY FR2502 PSA a1923/FR2501 PSA d2005
EI-FZH FR156 DUB a1649/FR157 DUB d1745

C-GNCH TOM3316 PMI d0744/TOM3317 PMI a1420/TOM3338 PFO d1632

Movement Credits: Scott S, David Lowe, Ian Sutton, Dave E, Andrew Easby, Mark Dobson