Saturday, 10 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 


D-HKTG A109 n/s
CS-LAU  C68A a0906 d1035  NJE735A / 433N  fm Farnborough to Southampton

Other based G/A

2-GOLF C525 a0759


G-GDFF positioned to MAN d0010 EXS044A

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAW EI3390 DUB a0719/EI3391 d0850

G-HUET  GR664 GCI a0918/GR665 GCI d1018

BH Air
LZ-BHG BGH5569 BOJ a1653/BGH5570 BOJ d1802

British Airways
G-EUPE  BA1340 LHR a0857 BA1341 d0954
G-EUPB BA1342 LHR a1509BA1343 d1602

G-CERZ EZY9634 PGF d0917 EZY9635 a2301
G-MAJB n/s

G-PRPA BE729 BHD a0721 /BE730 d0818
G-PRPC BE754 NQY a0939/BE755 NQY d1107
G-PRPI BE735 BHD a1628/BE736 BHD d1713

G-CELA LS241 NCE d0702 LS242 a1215 / LS447 ZTH d1332 LS448 a2150
G-CELE LS235 EGC d0724 LS236 a1150 / LS175 JER d1257 LS176 a1546 / LS247 FAO d1642 LS248 a2318
G-CELF n/s
G-CELY LS248 FAO a0032 / LS367 PSA d0739  LS368 a1310 / LS245 SPU d1407 LS246 a2033
G-GDFE LS274 ALC a1731 LS273 d1826
G-GDFM n/s
G-GDFT LS365 NAP d0844 LS366 a1518 / LS297 REU d1620
G-GDFB LS298 REU a2208
G-GDFX LS476 DLM a0105 / LS185 AGP d0709 LS186 a1335 / LS265 AGP d1633 LS266 a2251
G-GDFZ LS422 RHO a0036 / LS239  MLA d0641 LS240 a1456 / LS405 PFO d1707
G-JZHN LS466 LCA a0103 /LS375 MAH d0821 EXS376 a1405 / LS477 LPA d1526
G-LSAA LS224 TFS a0001 / LS197 IBZ d0704 LS198 a1313 / LS217 ACE d1451 LS218 a2357
G-LSAE LS250 FUE a0007 / LS257 PMI d0636 LS258 a1245 / LS223 TFS d1429 LS224 a2352
G-LSAH LS251 FAO d0810 LS252 a1446 / LS227 PMI d1711 LS228 a2319
G-LSAI  LS443 HER d1552
G-LSAK LS271 ALC d0745  LS272 a1439

PH-EZF KL1540 AMS d0644
PH-EXD KL1541 AMS a0949 KL1542 d1101
PH-EZP KL1549 AMS a1651 KL1550 d1733
PH-EXB KL1551 a2200

G-ZBAP ZB7505 TFS a0054 / ZB1242 FAO d0730 ZB1243 a1343 / MON1264 DLM d1522
G-ZBAT ZB7512 PMI d0848 ZB7513 a1453 / MON7508 LCA d1626

EI-DPC RYR2484 TSF  d0652/ RYR2485 a1145 / RYR9079 ALC d1312 RYR9078 a1952 / RYR157 DUB d2038 RYR156 a2245
EI-DYB RYR153 DUB d0714 RYR152  a0937 / FR2326 PMI d1033 RYR2327 a1646 / RYR1503 GDN d1739 RYR1504 a2212
EI-EBA RYR2476 CHQ d0727 RYR2477 a1604 / RYR2446 AGP d1717 RYR2447 a2340
EI-EKV RYR2493 TFS a1004 RYR2492 d1115
EI-EFG RYR2047 ACE a105 RYR2048 d1157
EI-FIG RYR2333 KRK a1939  RYR2332 d2025

G-POWC  ZT718Y STN a0633 ZT181 SZG  d0826

C-GNCH TOM3507 MAH a0001/ TOM3618 PMI d0836 TOM3619 a1418 / TOM6346 RHO d1624

Movement Credits: Scott S

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