Monday, 9 October 2017

Leeds Bradford 

G-FRYL PRM1 a0745 d0905 BOO725
G-FBKG C510 d0805 BKK7G
G-XAVB C510 a0945 d1100 GMA738/729
G-CGOA C550 a1050 d1150 XJC59A
CS-PHJ E55P a1340 d1430 NJE104T/692M
G-SPRE C550 a1610 d1650 XJC2


Other based G/A
G-NBCA PC12 a1750 d1814 fm Knock to Biggin Hill
2-GOLF C525 a1857 fm Chester

Repatriation flights for stranded Monarch passengers.

Blue Panorama
EI-FSJ AWC568P MAH d1700/ZT585 MAH a2305

TC-FHC FH1261 DLM a1549/FH1260 DLM d1711

G-CELV positioned in from EDI a0225 EXS032E
G-DRTA positioned out to MAN d0056 EXS041A
G-GDFF positioned in from MAN a1426 EXS41A and back to MAN d2059 EXS043A
G-MAJB positioned out to NCL d1738 T34705

Monarch - all outbound flights due to Company going into Administration

Eastern - T34705 ABZ d1725

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Perky