Friday, 19 June 2020


Credits for all movements and photos that are supplied on the blog pages go to each of our kind members on the YS email group.

Until things improve it is our intention to summarise the week in a basic bullet point format owing to the low level of activity at the airport, we still appreciate every input from our members and this will be added to this page as the week unfolds. Thank you as ever for your continued support. Stay safe Mark & Danny

Monthly review in motion 2020 selected highlights only

Friday 19th - PA28 G-TKHE left for North Weald  at 1530 after arriving on Tuesday this week.

Saturday 20th - Our first commercial traffic today saw E170 G-CIXW EZE973 ferry from Humberside arriving at 1215 and departing with Leeds United aboard at 1405 EZE9731. Citation 550 G-SPRE SYG2 arrived from Valencia at 1305 and left at 1400 for Oxford.

Sunday 21st - Ryanair sent B738 EI-EKD RYR6YB on the inaugural  Alicante  it landed at 0815 and departed as RYR6YR at 0918. This is the first Ryanair example to visit Leeds Bradford since lockdown began as both the previous based aircraft (EI-DPO & EI-EKN)  departed for Prestwick on the 24th of March. A winless Leeds united returned from Cardiff onboard G-CIXW at 1635 (EZE9732) the aircraft then posiioned back to Humberside around 30 minutes later EZE732.

Monday 22nd - Just a couple of Jet2 movements as G-GDFR left at 1000 as EXS052B for Birmingham and in return they sent us G-DRTR EXS053B landing shortly after 1330.

Tuesday 23rd - A hive of activity as French C525 F-HBTV  (ASJ585) was first to arrive at 0850 from Le Bourget it returned there leaving LBA at 1225. C177 N177SA was next to arrive from Newcastle at 1000 this stayed on the ground until 1130 when it departed for Biggin Hill. AS365 Helicopter EI-GJL popped in at 1020 and remianed here until mid afternoon making its way back to Northallerton from whence it came at 1415. Netjets supplied C680 Lattitude CS-LTH (NJE225Q) as a visitor from Stockholm landing at 1120, it later departed to Sion as (NJE383Q) taking to the skies at 1255.

Wednesday 24th - C172 G-DUVL arrived from Blackbushe at 1050 this morning. After conducting numerous survey legs over South and West Yorkshire King Air 90 2-MAPZ called in for fuel at 1235 an hour later it took off once more to conduct further surveys in North Yorkshire. The Aircraft itself originated from Oxford. PA28 G-KIKI arrived from Elstree at 1300 and was joined by anoter PA28 G-BEXW aariving from Blackbushe at 1335. G-KIKI departed at 1625 and G-BEXW at 1720. Jet2 B738 G-DRTZ which has been re-engined finally conducted an air test today as EXS057B departing Leeds at 1422 and returning at 1620. Ryaniar sent EI-DAS on todays run from and back to Alicante FR9078 arrived 1528 and it departed as FR9079 at 1618.

Thursday 25th - Citation C550 CS-DVZ was an arrvial from East Midlands this morning as TES141 at 0925 it later departed to Malaga at 1100 as TES142. Jet2 cab PA31 G-IFIT left for Belfast at 0950 and returned at 1545. King Air 90 2-MAPZ visited once more from Aerial survey work spending time at Multiflight from 1245 until 1450. 
Some of the lighter visitors through the day included the following:

G-JRXV  Bell 505  arrived 0950 from Cumbernauld
N624CS SR22 arrived  1010 - departed 1535 to/from Blackbushe
G-DUVL C172  departed 1350 to White Waltham.
G-SACX Aero AT3 conducted a go around only at 1110 

A fair bit of Jet2 737 shuffling took place through the day as follows:
G-DRTB Dep 1003 to Glasgow EXS52
G-GDFN Dep 1130 / Arr 1221 EXS902B Air Test
G-JZBC Arr 1258 EXS53 from Glasgow
G-GDFO Dep 1405 /  Arr  1441 EXS77V Air Test

Jet2 Status at Leeds Arrival date recorded
G-DRTZ   07/12/19   not in service
G-GDFB  15/03/20
G-GDFN  16/03/20
G-GDFO  17/03/20
G-GDFK  19/03/20
G-GDFM  21/03/20
G-JZHT   21/03/20
G-DRTC  21/03/20
G-GDFT  21/03/20
G-JZHK  23/03/20
G-LSAJ  21/03/20
G-GDFL 26/05/20
G-JZHV  03/06/20
G-GDFR 03/06/20 Departed 22/6/20
G-JZBD  11/06/20
G-DRTB  12/06/20 Departed 26/6/20
G-JZHE   16/06/20
G-DRTR  22/06/20
G-JZBC  25/06/20