Friday, 26 June 2020


Credits for all movements and photos that are supplied on the blog pages go to each of our kind members on the YS email group.

Until things improve it is our intention to summarise the week in a basic bullet point format owing to the low level of activity at the airport, we still appreciate every input from our members and this will be added to this page as the week unfolds. Thank you as ever for your continued support. Stay safe Mark & Danny

Monthly review in motion 2020 selected highlights only

Friday 26th -Lets start the summary with Jet2 for a change which includes some photography. G-JZHE departed for Edinburgh at 0902 as EXS78BT. At 1040 G-DRTZ  EXSwent for a tour of the Yorkshire Dales and North Pennines air test leaving Leeds at 1040 and returning at 1115. B733 G-GDFB left LBA at 1025 as EXS1TD this morning to meet its fate at Lasham on retirement. G-DRTA positioned in from Edinburgh as EXS75AD landing at 1230. For the second time today G-DRTZ departed at 1344 as EXS044E down to East Midland for paintwork. General movements included the arrival of DA42 G-FFMV at 1010 as FRA74 from Bournemouth.
A couple of Buisiness Jet movements next and first up was Phenom 2-EMBR c/s ORT45B landed from Glasgow at 1155 and at 1205 Beech 400 OK-JFA c/s TIE365J touched down from Prague. SR22 N220AM touched down from Sherburn at 1235 almost immediately after at 1240 Phenom G-HNPN made a welcome return to Leeds as FLJ361 at 1240 from East Midlands. Departures this afternoon includedOK-JFA to Riga at 1320 and 2-EMBR at 1450 to Biggin Hill. To round the day off Bell 50 G-JRXV departed to Cumbernauld at 1640.

B733 G-GDFB minus Jet2 Holiday titles prior to departure to Lasham for scrapping By Harry Harwood.
G-DRTZ returning from Air Test By Mark Dobson

By Mark Dobson

Saturday 27th -Nil

Sunday 28th -Bit of an odd one this. Ryanair sent two 738s into Leeds this morning. EI-DHR positioned in at 0805 from Manchester as RYR9999. The scheduled Alicante flight operated by EI-EBA then arrived at 0810 and departed at 0855 using RYR1221 & 1222 respectively. EI-DHR still remains on the ground. Wether this was a positioning flight with crew or a technical back up aircraft if something had indicated as faulty on EI-EBA and might have taken some time to fix is unclear. Any information greatfully recieved.

Monday 29th - Today saw the visit of Netjet Phenom CS-PHM arriving as NJE683G from Aberdden at 1450 and departing at 1545 as NJE556G to Oslo. Jet2 sent G-JZHV EXS7LL on a  quick local circuit in the zone around 1640 landing back around 10 minutes later.

Tuesday 30th -A brace of visits from Falcon 7X M-GGBL today as it first arrived at 0810 from Bigin Hill and departed at 0840 to Chester Hawarden. It returned from there at 1705 before heading back to to Biggin at 1735. RAF BAE146 ZE701 made an appearance at 1730 and departed at 1820 back to Northolt as NOH14. Jet2 movements included G-GDFT on an air test at 0925 as EXS653 returning at 1050. PA31 G-IFIT left Leeds for Belfast at 1120 and returning at 1615. Boeing 752 G-LSAJ departed at 1130 on an air test and landed over the Pennines at Manchester. G-GDFM was another example on air test at 1218 EXS2EB and returned at 1257.

Wednesday1st - German Phenom D-IAAD was first to arrive as AZE49WU from Zweibrucken at 0920 and depart agan at 1055 to Nice as 41WU. Citation 560 G-OJER arrived at 1000 and stayed most of the day until 1610 going back to Jersey from where it came C/S both legs GMA965. At Lunchtime Cessna 510 Mustang OE-FNP  arrived from Genava at 1205 GAC602D and departed to Biggin Hill as 363D at 1255. AS365 G-MFLT departed at 1550 to Biggin Hill. The Leeds based Rayanair B738 EI-DHR carried out the Dublin service leaving at 0640 and returning here at 0843. Wroclaw based B738 SP-RSP carreid out the FR4108 landing at  0858 and returning to Poland at 0953 as FR4107.
Thursday 2nd - Beechjet400 SP-TAT made a welcome visit at 1135 from Krakow staying until 1315 and heading off to Barcelona c/s for flights SAH26P.
King Air G-SASC of the Scottish air Ambulance arrived at 1735 from Glasgow as GMA834 and made the return flight at 1810. EC155 EI-XHI  popped in (time unknown) for some local activity and headed back south at 1710 to Elstree c/s EXH01.

Todays Ryanair offerings as follows
Non Based
B738  SP-RSE A0747  RYR9QU  D0933  RYR55LH Warsaw
B738  EI-EMO A0750 RYR2327  D0853  RYR2326  Palma
B738  SP-RSX A2011  RYR36J   D2057 RYR1503 Gdansk

B738  EI-DHR D0912 RYR695A  A1245 RYR64XC Limoges
B738  EI-DHR D1349 RYR27GD A2315 RYR33V   Ibiza

Jet2 Status at Leeds Arrival date recorded
G-DRTZ   07/12/19   Dep 26/06/20
G-GDFB  15/03/20
G-GDFN  16/03/20
G-GDFO  17/03/20
G-GDFK  19/03/20
G-GDFM  21/03/20
G-JZHT   21/03/20
G-DRTC  21/03/20
G-GDFT  21/03/20
G-JZHK  23/03/20
G-LSAJ  21/03/20 Departed 30/06/20
G-GDFL 26/05/20
G-JZHV  03/06/20
G-JZBD  11/06/20
G-JZHE   16/06/20 Dep 26/06/20
G-DRTR  22/06/20
G-JZBC  25/06/20
G-DRTA 26/06/20