Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Leeds Bradford

Credit: Scott S, Dave E, Mark B, Danny J, Graham P, Jamie K, John W, Claire S, Roger O, Phil C

G-OLNT AS365 n/s
G-JETX B206 n/s
D-ISJP C525 d0716 EDC1C to Verona
OE-FGB C525 d0752
CS-DXO C56X a0834 d1005 NJE686Q/678Y fm London City to Newquay
OK-BII BE40 d0906 JBC267B to Lyon
G-BOKA P28B a1107 fm Fairoaks
D-CAWR C560 a1114 d1732 to/fm Hannover
N51VE GLF5 d1245 to San Francisco 
OE-FZC C510 a1245 d1410 GAC964J/853J 
G-BTDI R22 a1310 d1400
N2445V C182 a1410 d1810
G-FFMV DA42 d1600 FRA74 to Teeside
CS-LTE C68A a1805 d1904 NJE869F/028A fm Cork to Paris LBG
G-SCCA C510 d1900 GMA556 to Jersey
OE-FZC C510a 1936 GAC853K fm Brussels
D-ISJP C525 a1958 ECA1C fm Verona

XX202 Hawk ILS Approach 1115 Pirate22
ZM417 A400 a1430 d1625 Comet452  First Visit
ZZ176 C17 ILS approaches between 1415 - 1520 RRR822

ZZ176 C17 by Graham Perkin
ZM417 A400 by Roger Oldfield
ZM417 A400 by Claire Seed
ZM417 A400 by Claire Seed
XX202 Hawk by John Waite
ZM417 A400 by Phil Catleugh
ZM417 A400 by Phil Catleugh

Other Based G/A

C-GNCH B738 a0808 SWG9026 fm Dublin
G-PRPG DH8D d1406 BEE045D to Exeter
G-GDFN B733 a1924 EXS031E from Belfast
G-GDFL B733 d2010 EXS032E to Belfast

G-TCDH A321 by Graham Perkin
C-GNCH B738 by Graham Perkin

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals

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