Thursday, 4 May 2017

Leeds Bradford Visitors
2-MSTG  C510  n/s
N372BG  G550  a1020  Manchester
F-HRSC  C525  a1055  Cannes
HB-VWA  C525  a1121  d1205  Avignon
ZJ196/ZJ223  H64   a1210   d1345  Gunship1+2
G-CEXO   PA28  a1615  d1905
9H-PAM   B737  a1755  MLT803F
C-FWGH B737  Op for TUI various times

C-FWGH By Micheal Storey

F-HRSC By Stewart Robertshaw
F-HRSC By Michael Storey

N372BG By Mark Dobson

HB-VWA By Stewart Robertshaw

N372BG By Michael Storey

Apaches By Michael Storey
By Michael Storey

By Michael Storey
Other based G/A
G-IFIT  PA31  d0946  a1400  Norwich

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EKY  FR2535/6  a1048   d1146  LPA
EI-EBZ  FR2047/8  a1058  d1155  ACE
EI-FZO  FR156/7  a1722  d1801  DUB
EI-ENJ  FR2447/6  a1832  d1923  AGP
EI-DLR FR2504/3  a1932  d2015  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based

G-JZHZ Made its first revenue servce from Manchester to Prague this morning.

Movement credits: Mark B, Dann, DaveE, Jamie,Dave Lowe

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