Sunday, 16 April 2017

Leeds Bradford 


G-PRPD DH8D BE731/2 a0937 d1018
N719EL BE40  a1140  d1210  Gamston / Grenoble
G-ZVIP  BE20  a1445  d1535  EGL10  Rennes / Exeter
G-MAJT J41 T3071P d1658 to Norwich
G-JZHL B738 EXS031E a2105 from Birmingham

Other based G/A

G-CGMF C560 APX4CP d0740 to Cardiff
G-BE90 APX5GP d0755  a1040   Manchester / Newcastle
G-CFGB  C680  d1225  to Newquay

Based Ryanair 

Non Based Ryanair

EI-DLC FR2504/3 a1058 d1151
EI-DYX FR2535/6 a1052 d1153
EI-FIS FR2447/6 a1851 d1938
EI-DPX FR2333/2 a1943 d2025

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, Perky

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