Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-CEFE  C525  a0925  d1500  EFD444
CS-DXL  C560 d1235  NJE556H
CS-PHG   E55P  d1315  NJE269G

Netjets C560 CS-DXL By Ade Hairsine

Other based G/A
G-CGMF  C560  a1505  APX4CP
2-GOLF  C525  d1530

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EBK  B738  a1135  d1228  ACE

Scheduled / Charters - not based

KLM E175  PH-EXK made its first visit on the KL1545/6  a0922/ d1008
G-ZBAH is the new based Monarch A320
KLM E175 PH-EXK on first visit By Ade Hairsine
G-JZHS on Departure By Ade Hairsine
EI-EBK B738 of Ryanair arriving By Ade Hairsine

Movement credits MarkB, Del, 

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