Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Leeds Bradford 

N721EE E550 n/s
9H-ILY CRJ2 n/s
G-EGAG TB20 n/s
G-WCCP BE200 a0605 d0620 a1900 d1920 BRO031P/031/032/032P
M-ONTE P180 a0825 d1425
G-CJDB C525 a0835
OO-SKY C525 d0919
G-LUKA BE58 a1050
D-AOLG F100 a1131 d2130 ATV901G/902G Klagenfurt
N781CD SR20 d1615
SE-RMC CL30 a2035 Jet4
OO-FPE C525 a2205 FYG15R

G-CJDB by Mark Dobson

9H-ILY by Mark Dobson

D-AOLG by John Hyland

D-AOLG by John Hyland

D-AOLG by John Hyland
Other based G/A
2-GOLF C525 a1950

G-MAJT positioned out to HUM d1045 EZE034P
G-MAJU positioned in from HUM a1207 EZE4702
G-GDFG positioned out to BHD  d1509 EXS031R

Eastern - T34711 ABZ d0645
Eastern - T34702 ABZ a0930
Eastern - T34701 ABZ d1015
Eastern - T34706 ABZ a1640

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3390 DUB a0808/EI3391 DUB d0905
EI-FAU EI3394 DUB a1807/EI3395 DUB d1904

G-HUET GR664 GCI a1535/GR665 GCI d1718

British Airways
G-EUOC BA1340 LHR a0847/BA1341 LHR d0946
G-EUPT BA1342 LHR a1344/BA1343 LHR d1433

G-MAJK T34700 SOU d0753/T34701 SOU a1019/T34702 SOU d1220/T34705 SOU a1648/T34705 ABZ d1751
G-MAJU T34706 SOU d1727/T34707 SOU a1958
G-MAJW T34716 ABZ a2033

G-KKEV BE731 BHD a1052/BE732 BHD d1122/BE737 BHD a1944/BE738 BHD d2018
G-LGNK BE6980 GLA a0841/BE6981 GLA d0955
G-LGNP BE6984 GLA a1854/BE6985 GLA d1932
G-PRPH BE729 BHD a0724/BE730 BHD d0806
G-PRPO BE733 BHD a1252/BE753 NQY d1340/BE754 NQY a1629/BE736 BHD d1801

G-CELF LS271 ALC d0730/LS272 ALC a1553
G-CELG LS207 MJV d1527/LS208 MJV a2201
G-CELH LS461 VRN d1536
G-CELK LS269 LEI d0824/LS270 LEI a1502/LS265 AGP d1627/LS266 AGP a2325
G-CELY LS185 AGP d0727/LS186 AGP a1406/LS225 PUY d1540
G-GDFD LS259 CFU d0828/LS260 CFU a1554
G-GDFG LS226 PUY a1337 (see above)
G-GDFH LS447 ZTH d1119/LS448 ZTH a1956
G-GDFK LS462 VRN a2114 (Swapped from G-CELH at VRN)
G-GDFJ LS274 ALC a0952/LS273 ALC d1056
G-GDFS LS224 TFS a0027/LS253 EFL d0709/LS254 EFL a1456/LS227 PMI d1650/LS228 PMI a2257
G-GDFX LS478 LPA a0025/LS251 FAO d0817/LS252 FAO a1459/LS197 IBZ d1621/LS198 IBZ a2253
G-JZHD LS390 FNC a2013
G-LSAA LS250 FUE a0203/LS405 PFO d0924/LS206 PFO a1937
G-LSAC LS218 ACE a0057/LS465 LCA d0958/LS466 LCA a2023
G-LSAD LS257 PMI d0735/LS258 PMI a1351
G-LSAH LS356 KGS a0045/LS213 AYT d1506

PH-EXG KL1551 AMS a2210 (Night Stop)
PH-EXN KL1540 AMS d0605
PH-EZN KL1541 AMS a0944/KL1542 AMS d1034
PH-EZV KL1549 AMS a1651/KL1550 AMS d1739

G-OZBW ZB1212 AGP d0744/ZB1213 AGP a1403/ZB7508 LCA d1546
G-ZBAT ZB1260 DLM d0623/ZB1261 DLM a1519/ZB1242 FAO d1659/ZB1243 FAO a2333

EI-DCK FR156 DUB a1656/FR157 DUB d1748
EI-DCL FR153 DUB d0639/FR152 DUB a0903/FR2326 PMI d1002/FR2327 PMI a1601/FR2446 AGP d1656/FR2447 AGP a2329
EI-EBC FR2492 TFS d0631/FR2493 TFS a1538/FR1503 GDN d1742/FR1504 GDN a2209
EI-EKC FR2504 FAO a1902/FR2503 FAO d1952
EI-EMR FR9078 ALC a0851/FR9079 ALC d0937
EI-EVY FR2496 CFU d0757/FR2497 CFU a1525/FR2482 RIX d1624/FR2483 RIX a2201
EI-FOI FR2502 PSA a0854/FR2501 PSA d0949

C-FEAK TOM3316 PMI d0818/TOM3317 PMI a1426/TOM3338 PFO d1631

Movement Credits: Scott S, Dave E, Perky, Danny Jones, Jeff Hulme, Mark Dobson, John Hyland

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