Thursday, 27 April 2017

Leeds Bradford 

CS-DXH  C560  d0915 a1830  NJE181B / NJE098N  Cork
G-KVIP   B200  d0925  EGL04  Exeter
M-WATJ  BE20  a1050  d1625   AAD227A/227B  Caernarfon
G-OSCC  PA32  a 1130   d1225
G-FSEU  BE20  d1309  BRO33P  Wick
ZK460  BE20  ILS 1330  CWL72    
M-OLLY  C525  d1510  Luxembourg
F-GVLD  TB20  a1710
F-HPIX  BN2  a2030
ZM412  A400  2345 ILS  RRR496
Other based G/A

Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-FEI  FR2535/6  a1059   d  LPA
EI-ESS  FR2047/8  a1125  d  ACE
EI-FZH  FR156/7  a1701  d  DUB
EI-EVL  FR2447/6  a2115  d2211  AGP (after initial diversion to Liverpool)
EI-DPJ  FR2504/3  a1935  d  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny,DaveE, Ade

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