Spotting Guide - Humberside

Humberside is a quiet regional airport with only 2 regular daily scheduled destinations, Aberdeen and Amsterdam. Eastern Airways are based here but only fly daily flights to Aberdeen. KLM are the other main airline serving the airport with 3 daily arrivals and departures.

Much of the daily traffic here is in fact rotary, Helicopters coming and going to North Sea gas platforms are fairly regular. Bristow Helicopters are now based here with the S.92 Coastguard helicopters, having taken over from the RAF at Leconfield.

There are also plenty of GA movements as well as a couple of summer charter flights.

Spotters please be aware if you are viewing from any of the locations, these locations aren’t necessarily official locations and you may be moved on by airport security. These locations are here simply to give an indication as to where photographs of the aircraft can be obtained, and to this day no problems have been reported spotting at any of the locations.

This location is very good for aircraft parked on the stands. Best shots can be taken of aircraft on stands 1-4. You should park in the airport car park 1, which is free for up to 15 minutes, there is a charge of £4.50 for an hour. Don't hang around for too long but there normally shouldn't be a problem. Do NOT park on any of the airport roads as you WILL be fined.


 If runway 20 is in use, you can get close to the approach lights by driving past the end of the runway and turning left, then left again onto Forty Foot Lane. As this is a private road you cannot park here, I would suggest using the Layby in Location 3 and walking up.


After you enter Croxton Road from the A18 make an immediate right turn into a small paved lay-by. You can sit here as long as you want and shouldn’t be disturbed here by airport security. There is a good view of arrivals on 20 and departures from 02. You cannot see ground movements very well due to obstructions. In Summer there are crops growing resulting in an obstructed view--


This location is very good for arrivals from runway 20 and departures from runway 02. Departures from runway 20 can be seen if the aircraft backtracks. Park in car park 1 and walk to the end of the car park towards the hire car area. There is a possibility airport security will move you on from this location. 

Park up on Croxton Road. You will need to walk along a small track and around the edge of a field to get to this spot. Please respect the field around the area and walk around the edges, not through the field. Photo opportunities are excellent of all traffic, including ground movements. Photos of aircraft on stands can also be obtained.


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