The Yorkshire Spotters google group is an email based group on the movements and news at airfields in Yorkshire. 

Please click the photo above to proceed directly to the google group and find out more information on how to join the group.

Airport Logs and Movements
Birmingham Airport Daily Movements -
Bristol Airport Spotting -
DSAF - Doncaster Sheffield Airport Forum -
Durham Tees Valley Movements -
East Midlands Airport Resources - or
Farnborough Movements Log -
Glasgow Airport Spotting Info -
Glasgow Airport Logs -
Heathrow and Gatwick Movements -
Luton Movements Log -
Prestwick Airport Movements -
Schipol Spotter -
South Wales Aviation Group -

Other Area Websites
South Hampshire Historical Aviation Society -

Spotters Hotels

RAF Base Logs and Movements
RAF Brize Norton Movements -
RAF Fairford Movements -
RAF Leeming (Friends of) -

Flickr Links
Alec Wilsons Flickr -
Craig Duffys Flickr -
James Ralphs Flickr -
John Coopers Flickr -
John Wickendens Flickr -
Kerry Taylors Flickr -
Mark McEwans Flickr -
Michael Rourkes Flickr -
Mike Illien Flickr -
Mike Powney Flickr -
Paul Nichols Flickr -
Robin Hunters Flickr -

Plane Base - Free plane logging software (updated regularly) -
Spotting Log - Web based application for aircraft logs and trip logs -

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