Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Leeds Bradford 

D-HKTG A109 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
N781CD SR20 a0930 fm Leeds East
G-BFDI PA28 d1035
D-CKJE E55P a1620 d1720
G-FLYW BE200 a1920 PYN01
CS-DUB HS125 a1940 d2140 NJE151H/276P to Luton
D-ISTP E50P a1945 d2025 MHV100

ZK458 BE200 ILS 1510 CWL45

D-ISTP E50P by Claire Seed

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ BE9L d0738 APX5G to Birmingham
N89NB SR22 d0922 to Luton

TC-SEI XQ6311 BEY a0655/XQ6311 ADB d0955

TC-SEI SunExpress by Nigel Berry

G-CELO carried out a test flight d1200 a1254 EXS051B

Scheduled / Charter Movements

Aer Lingus
EI-FAS EI3390 DUB a0824/EI3391 DUB d0906
EI-FCZ EI3394 DUB a1823/EI3395 DUB d1857


British Airways
G-EUPM BA1344 LHR a1841/BA1345 LHR d1926
G-EUPN BA1342 LHR a1354/BA1343 LHR d1444
G-EUPX BA1340 LHR a0849/BA1341 LHR d0943

G-MAJB T34711 ABZ d0702/T34702 ABZ a0939/T34702 SOU d1018/T34705 SOU a1648/T34705 ABZ d1741/T34716 ABZ a2017
G-MAJJ T34700 SOU d0705/T34701 SOU a0942/T34701 ABZ d1023
G-MAJW T34706 ABZ a1639/T34706 SOU d1722/T34707 SOU a2001

G-JECM BE733 BHD a1249/BE753 NQY d1327/BE754 NQY a1624/BE736 BHD d1744
G-JECX BE731 BHD a1109/BE732 BHD d1144
G-LGNE BE6980 GLA a0826/BE6981 GLA d0918
G-LGNZ BE6984 GLA a1816/BE6985 GLA d1901
G-PRPJ BE737 BHD a1956/BE738 BHD d2026
G-PRPN BE729 BHD a0724/BE730 BHD d0805

G-CELE n/s
G-CELF LS269 LEI d0811/LS270 LEI a1451/LS205 AMS d1707/LS206 AMS a1949
G-CELH LS251 FAO d0808/LS252 FAO a1454/LS347 DUS d1747/LS348 DUS a2116
G-CELI LS226 PUY a1341/LS227 PUY d1538
G-CELO n/s
G-DRTA LS478 LPA a0019/LS253 EFL d0813/LS254 EFL a1608
G-GDFK n/s
G-GDFO LS185 AGP d0709/LS186 AGP a1400/LS461 VRN d1524/LS462 VRN a2035
G-GDFS LS218 ACE a0048/LS257 PMI d0659/LS258 PMI a1300/LS213 AYT d1419
G-JZHD LS224 TFS a0019/LS271 ALC d0902/LS272 ALC a1531
G-LSAA LS405 PFO d1048/LS406 PFO a2124
G-LSAC LS250 FUE a0150/LS465 LCA d0948 (Swapped to G-LSAH at LCA)
G-LSAD n/s
G-LSAE LS356 KGS a0055/LS447 ZTH d1131/LS448 ZTH a1953
G-LSAH LS466 LCA a2103
G-LSAK n/s

PH-EZI KL1540 AMS d0630
PH-EZS KL1551 AMS a2233 (night stop)
PH-EZV KL1549 AMS a1651/KL1550 AMS d1738
PH-EZX KL1541 AMS a1010/KL1542 AMS d1052

G-ZBAH ZB1260 DLM d0624/ZB1261 DLM a1541/ZB1242 FAO d1701/ZB1243 FAO a2329
G-ZBAT ZB7517 PMI a0009/ZB1212 AGP d0714/ZB1213 AGP a1348/ZB7508 LCA d1522

EI-DPC FR2496 CFU d0756/FR2497 CFU a1514/FR2482 RIX d1624/FR2483 RIX a2210
EI-DYB FR2492 TFS d0638/FR2493 TFS a1546/FR1503 GDN d1734/FR1504 GDN a2221
EI-EBA FR153 DUB d0631/FR152 DUB a0910/FR2326 PMI d0957/FR2327 PMI a1543/FR2446 AGP d1711/FR2447 AGP a2325
EI-EBO FR2504 FAO a1854/FR2503 FAO d1946
EI-EFO FR9078 ALC a0832/FR9079 ALC d0927
EI-FOP FR2502 PSA a1912/FR2501 PSA d1957
EI-FRM FR156 DUB a1709/FR157 DUB d1754

C-FEAK TOM3316 PMI d0750/TOM3317 PMI a1433/TOM3338 PFO d1632

Movement Credits: Scott S, Ian Sutton, Jeff Hulme, Pete Gibson. Dave E, Nigel Berry, Claire Seed