26th Jan ENT3158 B738 SP-ENZ ETA 1705 Enontekio
ETD 1800 Bournemouth

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Leeds Bradford

CS-DXH  C560 d0740  NJE772T  To Northolt
G-OCJZ  C525  a0715  d0805  CLF135  Fm Newcastle  To Cardiff
9H-CLG  CL85  a0910  AXY1105  Fm Biggin Hill
D-CAWM  C560  a1115  d2330  Fm  To Luton
D-CHIC  E55P  a1218  d1430  AHO484L  Fm Zurich To Garcia Lorca
G-OWAP  PA28   a1230  d1400   Tayflight AP
G-RVNP   P68  a1300  d1510   RVR7NP
9H-JOY  CRJ2  a1328  d1420  AXY1110 / 1106  Fm Farnborough To Ibiza
G-BFDO   PA28  a1435
ZF287  TUCA   ILS 1515  LOP19

CRJ2 9H-JOY By Scott Spencer

9H-JOY By Scott Spencer

9H-JOY By Scott Spencer
D-CHIC Phenom By Scott Spencer

Other based G/A
G-MOSJ  BE90  d0733 a0955  APX5GP
G-HNPN  E55P  d0950  a1635  FLJ51 / 54
G-OLNT   A365  a1705
G-CGMF  C560  a1730 
N425ST  C550  a2045  
Based Ryanair

Non Based Ryanair
EI-EKY  FR2535/6  a1055  d1231  LPA
EI-EKM  FR2047/8  a1058  d1202  ACE
EI-DAE  FR156/7  a1712  d1800  DUB
EI-ENE  FR2447/6  a1827  d1918  AGP
EI-DLR  FR2504/3  a1853  d1951  FAO

Scheduled / Charters - not based


Movement credits: Mark B, Danny, DaveE