Monday, 5 March 2018

Leeds Bradford

Movement credits: Scott S, Dave E

N369AL SR20 n/s
EI-GJL AS365 n/s
G-OLNT AS365 n/s
N203CD SR20 n/s
G-XAVB C510 a1345 GMA240


Other Based G/A

G-JZHU positioned out to BHX d1846 EXS077W
G-DRTA positioned in from DSA a1138 EXS076W
G-CFLU positioned in from ABZ a1902 EZE013P
G-CDKB positioned in from MME a1820 EZE66L
EI-FRB positioned in from DUB a1228 FR5
G-LSAE positioned in from DSA a1244 EXS074W
G-GDFM positioned in from MAN a1320 EXS75W
G-JZHM positioned in from MAN a1709 EXS072W

Extra Flights
EI-ENN FR4471 fm WMI a1627/FR4479 to WMI d1720
EI-EBA FR5766 fm FUE a1949
G-LSAE LS41 to ACE d1527

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Arrivals

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